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Habitat School Al Jurf, Ajman, UAE – About, Fee Structure and Reviews

Habitat School Al Jurf, Ajman, UAE – About, Fee Structure and Reviews

This beautiful city Ajman is the 5th largest city of UAE and is also known as its smallest emirate. And this city has the best education to offer. Every area of Ajman has the best schools working day and night to provide quality education to its students. Today, we will give you all the details and honest reviews about a school located in Al Jurf, which is Habitat School Al Jurf. This school built a few years ago got the attention mainly because of its academic performance and is situated between the residential areas. Habitat Private School of Ajman has most of its students living in areas like Al Rashidiya, Al Jurf, Al Rawada 2, 3.

All of us admit it to the core that schooling makes or breaks a person. This phase of life plays a significant role in one’s character and career-building, and after school curriculum, teachers, parents, and the students themselves are the part of growth. Here, we understand how you get confused when there are so many options to select a school that matches your child’s personality. Today, we will give you detailed information and the reviews of parents and teachers on Habitat Private School, Ajman.

So let’s get started.


The Habitat School, Al Jerf, Ajman, UAE, was established in 2014, and it is owned by H.H. Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqer Al Nuaimi. The principal of this English medium school is Mr. Bala Reddy Ambati. He has gained parents’ trust in such a short period by providing quality Indian education, offering a long list of extracurricular activities, day boarding, other facilities, and following strict protocols during the pandemic.

Kindergarten to grade 12, the dedication of school faculty has shown how much they are concerned with students’ future, and they are following their core values in every step. Habitat Private School is a co-educational school, but the classes are separate from Grade 5 and above. We have mentioned the general information in the table below to make it easily understandable for you.

General Information
School NameHabitat School
Principal NameBala Reddy Ambati
School TypePrivate
Grades/YearsClass KG 1 – Class Xll
ManagementHabitat School Trust
Total Number of Teachers282


This English medium school follows the Indian curriculum for all grades, and the secondary classes curriculum is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE. The set of subjects vary from Grade to Grade, as in kindergarten, students are prepared to learn more social, verbal, and motor skills. Teachers make the students learn these skills in an organic and applied manner, which gives them a better understanding of concepts.

From primary grade 1 to 5, they focus mainly on computer and information technology skills. Islamic studies, Arabic, and UAE social studies are the mandatory subjects and the students with religious differences like Non-Muslims one have to study Moral sciences. Other than this, core subjects and the co-scholastic subjects are the same for all.


From grade 6 to grade 8, the curriculum is designed so that students get prepared for the secondary level grades. Habitat private schools focus more on subjects like Chemistry, Biology, History, Physics, Geography, and Political life in these grades. Moreover, they have a set of ci scholastic subjects too offered by the school.

Habitat school believes that in higher secondary grades 9 and 10, students must be taught so that they become well prepared about their subject choices and the career they have to pursue later. They have made four groups with five subjects each for their students. Then they arrange orientation on these subjects so that the student gets the complete information. Such a categorized curriculum helps the students work on their higher education ambition more efficiently. You can visit their website to learn more about the subject’s names.


Habitat School, Al Jurf, has a long list of indoor and outdoor facilities to offer to their staff and students. The school campus has covered acres of land of the emirate. Here we are going to give detailed information about the facilities it has to offer.

Starting from the academic facilities, the infrastructure of this school is designed in a way that it has 6 computer labs and one lab each for Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Biology. Habitat school has digital classrooms that show they do not compromise on the quality of education. It has an extensive library and a home-like day boarding for the interested ones.

They have different scholastic and non-scholastic societies and clubs, and students can join any of them of their interest. Moreover, they have an indoor and an outdoor play area where students can play various sports and games under the supervision of a game or sports teacher and be a part of competitions and fun activities.

Habitat School got the attention of parents because of its greenhouse on the campus. They have taken the initiative of cultivating plants by their students to teach them the fundamental values of organic farming.


Another facility provided by Habitat Private School is their transportation. They have their buses, and they have mentioned all the guidelines, rules, buses routes, and timings on their website. They have ensured the safety and security of their students.


The Application form and the Registration fee of the school are AED 100 and AED 200, respectively. And the transport fee varies according to areas and should be submitted along with the tuition fee. The Resource Fee should be paid once a year as per the school requirements. And the Habitat school, Ajman – fee structure 2021 to 2022 is given below:

GradesAnnual Fee
KG l / KGIIAED 5300
Grade 1 to Grade 4AED 5800
Grade 5 to Grade 8AED 6300
Grade 9 to Grade 10AED 7300
Grade 11 and Grade 12AED 8300


Collectively teachers reviewed have shown that the school is a home for their teachers and students. Its management has done justice to its name, meaning that it is ‘Habitat: Home.’ While talking about their work experience in this school, most teachers said they had learned a lot from organic environments. They have groomed a lot because of their interaction with different cultural staff members.

Furthermore, Habitat School has a discount policy on tuition fees for its faculty and other staff children.


Parents have said that when a kid starts looking forward to the next day of school, it means the school has done their work because sometimes kids get bored of their learning environment, and their growth stops. In this case, Habitat Private school, AL Jurf campus have done their job perfectly. They said that the teachers are of vibrant personalities and are always ready to help. Kids love to be a part of activities and competitions held by the school. Also, parents are happy because this school has held a digital fest that made their kids learn a lot about advanced technology. Overall, parents are fully satisfied by the school management, faculty, infrastructure, and other facilities as it has helped their kids grow mentally, physically, and academically.


We have made a comparison table of Habitat Private School, Ajman, with other private schools of Ajman to make you understand the school criteria way more clearly. Before heading to the comparison table, note that this is not to rank the school; it’s just a general comparison of how Habitat Private School differs from other schools in Ajman.

ParametersHabit School, Al JurfAjman American Private SchoolBloomington Academy
GradesKG to Grade 12KG to Grade 12KG to Grade 12
CurriculumCBSEArabic, American, IslamicBritish
Annual FeesAED 53,00 – 8,300AED 17,000-30,000
PrincipalMr. Bala Reddy AmbatiMs. Samantha BatemanMs. Hussaina Begum Noor Sherieff


Follow the table to know the complete contact details of Habit School, Al Jurf, Ajman, UAE.

LocationP.O. BOX 3322, Al Jurf, Ajman, United Arab Emirates


The purpose of Habitat School Al Jurf, Ajman, UAE, and then the reviews from parents and teachers were to assure you about the quality of education and the healthy home like the environment they have. You can tap on the school website given by us to learn more about the school because we understand, no parent wants to compromise on their kid’s learning years. So select one of the best schools of Ajman and greet your kids with “happy schooling” from our side.

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