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About the SAT

The Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is a standardized test to assess the knowledge level of students. The test is organized by the college board and the results are requested by many colleges along with other requirements in the admissions process. The result requirements vary from college to college. Some colleges prioritize SAT results over everything while some consider other things like interviews, college essays and previous results.

Students need to prepare for their SAT to attain good results. This will be helpful for them to get into the college of their choice.

What is the SAT exam?

This exam is taken in many countries around the world but mainly it is used in the USA and Canada. With the results of SAT, colleges assess student’s math, writing and reading related skills.

Why hire an MTS SAT tutor?

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SAT format

The SAT is divided into parts that includes writing, reading, math (with calculator) and math without calculator. On the particularly selected dates, SAT is taken as a paper based exam. Soon it is expected to go computerized as well but for now the students can only take the exam in the traditional paper based way. This is the main format for the exam.

Time slot for the exam

The time varies based on your choice of attempting the essay part. Although the time period for the test is 3 hours 50 minutes, if you choose not to attempt the optional essay part in the end, then the time slot cuts down to 3 hours. There are a total 154 questions that you have to solve during this time. Other than the essay part, all questions are given in the form of multiple choice questions.

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Scoring in SAT

The scoring in SAT is done in such a way that there is no negative marking on wrong answer marked. So if you are taking a wrong guess in an answer, you might not be rewarded with a positive score but you won’t have a negative score on that either. Total marks for the test is 1600 and out tutors can help you achieve a high score overall.

Eligibility criteria

There is no particular criteria like age limit or a defined result to be eligible to take the SAT. On the other hand colleges have different criteria upon accepting the SAT results.

Fee and application process

For the students residing in the US, the fee is $55 where for students living elsewhere, the fee structure varies. In order to submit the fee you can choose paypal, card, money order or cheque submission.

Difference between SAT I & II

The main difference between both parts of the test is that in order to assess the thorough and overall knowledge SAT I is used whereas when the purpose is to assess the knowledge based on a particular topic, then SAT II is used. Knowledge is examined through SAT and SAT II gives an assessment of logical reasoning.

How to apply for the exam?

There are two ways through which you can apply for the SAT exam; the traditional method of applying through the mail and applying through the official website of the college board with conditions applicable in both ways.

How to prepare for the SAT exam?

With good results in the SAT exam, you can start the career of your dreams. A tutor can be a perfect choice to help you with all the preparation for the exam. From the study material to exam attempting technique, get all the help from a certified tutor at MTS.

With a fee of $25, you will be able to cancel or reschedule your SAT exam.

The officials have announced that soon students will be able to take the SAT online as well.

You can score up to 1600 for a good result or come down to 1068 for an average one.

During registration, you are asked to add four locations for your result to be delivered free of cost. You can add your desired location there. It is sent in 10 days and you have the option to change the mentioned location within 9 days.

It can take a few weeks for the result to come out. You will be needing your login credentials to check the result on the college board website.

Although it is totally up to you. We recommend that if you are good with essay writing, do attempt the part. We can help you practice for it as well.

A good SAT result cna help you get a scholarship. Many colleges offer scholarships on a certain level of score.

You can simply visit the SAT tutors section on our website to hire certified tutors at MTS.

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