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TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a widely accepted and popular English Language Assessment Test in the world. This test is a necessity if you want to move to your dream country for academic, work, or immigration purposes. Clearing TOEFL is what makes your dream come true! This test is specifically for assessing the English speaking, writing, listening, and understanding skills of non-native applicants. People can take two types of TOEFL tests: the TOEFL General Training Test and the TOEFL Academic Test. The TOEFL General Training Test is for people who are planning to immigrate from their workplace to another English-speaking country. While on the other hand, the academic test is for people or students willing to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in an English-speaking country. You can take the TOEFL exam in both paper format and computer-based form. Both of these formats will have the same structure and questions. However, the fees and result dates differ.

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TOEFL Test Format

The TOEFL test has 4 sections; writing, listening, speaking, and reading. All the four sections are designed to analyze and assess the English language skills of the candidates. The reading, writing, and listening tests are conducted in one day, and the speaking test is held on another day. The total time duration of the reading, writing, and listening tests is 2 hours 45 minutes; 60 minutes for reading and writing each, and the rest of the time for listening. The speaking test is done in 15 to 20 minutes, and it is a face-to-face test with the examiner. You will have to take proper classes and training sessions to score the best and highest bands in TOEFL. At MTS, our team of highly qualified, diverse, and skilled TOEFL tutors will help you with that! They will prepare and train you to score at least 8 bands in the exam!

Why Choose My Tutor Source (MTS) for TOEFL Preparation?

MTS (My Tutor Source) is a renowned and recognized online tutoring platform. We have a team of highly experienced, professional and certified TOEFL tutors on team to properly train the students. All our TOEFL tutors on board are equipped with 7 - 8 bands in the exam, and they will coach you for all the test sections like a PRO! Doesn’t matter if you are planning to move to the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, or Canada, our tutors will help you achieve all the scoring targets! All you need to do is take a TOEFL preparation course from certified MTS tutors and get exceptional results in the exam!

TOEFL Writing Section

In the first task of the writing section, you will be asked to explain, elaborate, or describe some given data. The data can be diagrams, graphs, tables, or charts with information. In the second task, you will have to write an essay on a given topic. The MTS TOEFL tutors will prepare you for these by polishing your writing skills.

TOEFL Reading Section

This section examines your English Reading skills like in-depth reading, understanding argumentative, logical, and analytical text, and identifying the gist of a written material. Our professional TOEFL tutors at MTS will polish your reading skills and prepare you for this test!

TOEFL Listening Section

MTS has designed the test preparation course by keeping the original TOEFL test sections in mind. Our tutors will make you listen to voice recordings in native and non native speakers’ accents in the listening training classes. Doing this will prepare your mind for the final listening test.

TOEFL Speaking Section

Again, our expert and certified tutors will help you prepare using the original TOEFL format for the speaking test. They will try to boost your English speaking confidence, work on your fluency and accent, and help you score the best in the speaking interview.


he TOEFL score is valid for two (2) years, starting from the day you took the exam.

There is no maximum age limit for attempting TOEFL. However, the minimum age is 16 years.

The TOEFL exam fee is different for every country. So, it would be best to go through the country’s official TOEFL website and learn about the fee structure.

TOEFL centers are in different cities of every country. You can look at the list and choose one according to your feasibility and convenience.

Yes, you can retake the TOEFL test as many times as you want until you achieve your desired score and bands.

Yes, you can reschedule your TOEFL exam, but with some specific terms and conditions.

The process is quite easy; go to MTS tutor’s profiles and book a session with a tutor you think is right for the job. After booking, the MTS administration will arrange a free introductory session for you and the tutor before the actual classes begin.