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The full form of IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. As the name indicates, it is an official testing system to assess the language proficiency of a person. Several organizations, educational institutions and business platforms all over the world accept the results of IELTS to offer people permits to study, work or live in a foregn land.

Whether you have plans to study, work or to move somewhere in the world where English Language proficiency is required, then IELTS is your way forward towards the future of your has been estimated that almost 3 million individuals take the language test annually. Usually the countries that require IELTS results need to make sure that you will not have any communication barriers due to a weak grip over the language skills while you are staying there. So they set a certain band or score level that you have to reach in your result in order to prove your proficiency over the language.

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IELTS Test Format

During a total time slot of 3 hours, the IELTS test is taken in four different portions. It includes the speaking test, listening test, reading test and writing test. So that all skills related to the English Language could be assessed during the given time period. Only the speaking test is taken prior to other parts. It is taken almost a week before the rest of the test.

Time duration for the test varies as well. The reading and writing part of the tests extends for an hour, the listening part goes up to half an hour whereas the speaking part lasts for 15 minutes. Usually the band result of 6-9 is considered a good result for IELTS.

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This is the part of the test where you are required to read 3-4 pages with different forms of reading material provided in almost a total of 40 questions.


There are two subdivisions of this part. First one includes a graphical representation which you will have to explain and the second one includes writing an essay.


During this part, you will be required to discuss some given topic with the IELTS instructor during the given time slot.


During this part, the candidate is asked almost 40 questions related to the 4 audio clips that are played for them.


Your IELTS result will be valid for a time period of 2 years.

Although there is no maximum age limit for taking the test, people below 16 can not take the test.

The fee structure for the test differs from country to country.

Find an IELTS center close to you, then go there to take the test.

There are no limitations for retaking the test. You can retake the test as many times as you like.

Although some terms and conditions apply, it is possible for you to cancel or reschedule your IELTS exam.

It will take almost 5 day for the computer based IELTS result to be delivered and two weeks for the paper based IELTS result. A hard copy will be sent to your preferred address.

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