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How can you convert benzene to N-phenylethanamide in 3 steps?

Following are the steps to convert Benzene to N-phenylethanamide:

  1. Nitration of Benzene:

The nitration of benzene is an electrophilic substitution reaction. The nitrate group is introduced when Nitric Acid is heated under reflux with Benzene. Sulfuric Acid is used as a catalyst.

  1. Reduction of Nitrobenzene:

Nitrobenzene is reduced to an amine group, by heating under reflux with Hydrochloric Acid. Tin is used as a catalyst. 

  1. Reaction of PhenylAmine with Acyl Chloride:

This is a vigorous organic reaction, and produces a substituted amide. To produce N-phenylethanamide, ethanoyl chloride is used.

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