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What is the pH of 0.10^(-3) sodium hydroxide solution, NaOH?

The pH is a determinant to acidity and basicity of its solution. The pH is calculated as a negative log of concentration of Hydrogen ions in solution. 

pH= -log (H+)

We can find pH of Sodium Hydroxide solution as follows:

  1. Concentration of Hydroxide Ion:

For a strong base, we expect complete dissociation of molecules so concentration is equivalent to NaOH concentration.

(OH+)= 0.1 mol/dm3

  1. Concentration of Hydrogen Ion:

For any solution, the product of concentration of hydrogen ions, adn concentration of hydroxide ions is equal to ion product of water=

                                (H20)= (H+)(OH-)

                               1.00 x 10-14 = (H+)(0.1)

                                (H+)=1.00 x 10-13

  1. Calculate the pH:

                     pH = - log10[1.00 x 10-13


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