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What are the 3 main types of chemical bonding? Give definitions of them.

The three main types of chemical bonding are:

  1. Ionic Bond:

An ionic bond is a bond that forms between cations and anions, as a result of electrostatic forces of attraction between oppositely charged ions. This bond formation involves a complete transfer of electron(s) from an element with low electronegativity-metals- to the elements having high electronegativity, that is, non-metals. 

  1. Covalent Bond:

A covalent bond is formed between two elements whose electronegativity difference is relatively small, so no electron transfer takes place. Instead, the atomic orbitals of two atoms overlap, to produce a molecular orbital, containing a shared pair of electrons. 

  1. Coordinate Covalent Bond:

In a coordinate covalent bond, a covalent bond is formed again, except that both of the electrons in a shared pair are donated by one specie (a nucleophile).

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