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Differentiate between Xylem and phloem.

Xylem and phloem are plant tissues that are involved in transport. Together the two of them are referred to as vascular bundles.

Xylem forms a pipeline along the plant body that extends from the roots to leaves. It is involved in transport of water and mineral ions.

Phloem is involved in transport of food.


Xylem cells join end to end to form a pipeline.

End walls between cells degenerate

Phloem cells however have perforated end walls.
Xylem cells are dead cells with no nucleus.
Phloem cells are living with no nucleus.
Cell wall has cellulose and strong lignin
Cell wall has cellulose
Transports water and ions from roots to leaves.
Transports food(sucrose) from source(site of production) to sink(site of use).

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