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Prove the identity (sin2x)/(1+(tanx)^2) = 2sinx(cosx)^3

For this question you need to be aware of some of the trigonometric identities, which include the pythagorean identities and the double angle identities.Since w...

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Show that the derivative of ln(x) = 1/x

Derivative of ln (x) =  1/xGiven (d(ex)/dx=exeln(x)=x using implicit differentiation:y = ln (x)eln(x)=x ey = eln(x)=x,y=ln (x) Differen...

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How do I differentiate sin^2(x)?

In order to understand the differentiation of this function, it is advised to use the Chain Rule. Why Chain Rule? Because Chain Rule allows you to break down th...

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integrate (2x^4 - 4/sqrt(x) + 3)dx

⌠ydx= ⌠(2x⁴-4/√x +3)dxIn integration, we basically add 1 to each power of the given variable and then divide the term by the new power.Hence 2x⁴ will become 2x⁵...

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