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Identify the plural form of the word "sheep" from the option given below:
  1. Sheep
  2. Sheeps
  3. Sheepes
  4. Sheepen

The word ‘sheep’ remains the same in the plural and singular form; the same form of the word could be used in both situations:Singular: The sheep was kept as a...

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What is the past tense of the word hunt?

Hunt is the infinitive form of the verb.Meaning:To hunt involves searching for someone or something carefully or thoroughly.Hunt used as a verb:Example 1: A for...

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Form the plural form of the noun:
  1. deer
  2. Deers
  3. Dears
  4. Deeres
  5. Deer

The plural of deer is deer.Example 1: Deer are found in all continents except Antarctica and Australia.Example 2: Deer are excellent jumpers and swimmers.The wo...

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What is a semantic field?

Semantic (or sometimes called lexical) fields are a technique often used by writers to keep a certain image persistent in their readers' mind.They are a collect...

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What is the difference between assonance sibilance and alliteration?

All three are types of aural imagery which is probably the most prominent type of imagery as it is easily identified by reading out the text. It is spread into...

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What is the effect of sibilance?

Sibilance is a literary device that works to add an additional touch to the explicit meaning of the text’s words. In contrast to the direct meaning of the words...

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Describe and explain the structure of Carol Ann Duffy's "War Photographer".

The ‘War Photographer’ is an extremely deep and interesting piece of work. The poet was inspired to write it after getting inspired through spending a portion o...

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What is a caesura in poetry and what effect can it have?

The concept of Caesura is applied by poets to create a certain effect in their poetry, without which the words wouldn’t meet the desired purpose and would run i...

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How do poetic techniques (or sound devices) emphasise the poet's message?

There exist a variety of poetic devices that can be adopted by poets across their message in a smooth manner. However, in order for the students to do well on t...

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What is Iambic Pentameter in Shakespeare's work?

The term Iambic Pentameter refers to a special and particular style of poetry writing. It’s a line of poetry’s verse with five metrical feet where an unstressed...

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