Apply as a tutor to teach students online from anywhere in the world.


Apply as a tutor to teach students online from anywhere in the world.


10 Types of Private Tuition and Why You Should Consider Them

Types of Private Tuition

Private tuition has a wide variety, from SEN tuition to mainstream online lessons. Private tutors enable academic success or can also help students learn new skills, like art or musical instruments. Tuition is completely customizable, so the variety is wholesome. But we have explained the 10 major tuition types below.

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10 Common Types of Private Tuition

Online tuition

This type is very similar to face-to-face tuition - except it’s online. Online tuition is usually the first choice for busy students, boarding school students, and foreigners because it offers more freedom than in-person tuition.

Here are some perks of digital tuition:

  • Online tutors teach students from anywhere and anytime. Whether you prefer to study in a cozy cafe, just got back from a hectic day at school, only have time during long commutes, or don’t want to get dressed to physically meet a face-to-face tutor, online sessions occur at your convenience and chosen hours. Both parties just need a stable internet connection, a device, and a set of headphones as a bonus.
  • Online tuition removes the time and expense spent on commuting. Say goodbye to traffic and public transport! It’s a win-win situation for everyone!
  • As technology keeps progressing, online tuition is becoming more advanced and fun. You can have unlimited access to learning resources, many of which are not available in a face-to-face session.
  • Online tuition is equally effective for young and adult students since it serves as a flexible alternative to in-person tuition. Adults with plenty of responsibilities and busy schedules can opt for online tuition. Whether you want to improve your knowledge, polish up your computing skills for a promotion, or want to learn a new skill, an online tutor is a great option.

A great example of an online learning tool is an interactive whiteboard. Online tutors use it to visually explain topics in a verbal and straightforward way, such as making math solutions easier.

Group Tuition

This form of tuition consists of a small group of students led by a tutor. Group tuition is meant for collaborative learning and engagement with peers. By interacting with other students, one share new perspectives and ideas. 

This type of tuition is particularly helpful if you need discussions to learn more about a subject, such as social science or literature. Students develop their communication and teamwork skills. Moreover, group tuition is cheaper than one-on-one lessons.

Multi-Sensory Tuition

As the name suggests, this tuition uses different senses to teach students. Multi-sensory tuition respects all learning styles, like kinesthetic, auditory, or visual. By fulfilling a student’s learning preferences, they end up engaging with the subject and gaining its knowledge. This tuition type boosts understanding and retention. It also leads to inclusive education.

Face-to-face tuition

Tuition started off with face-to-face interaction between the student and the teacher. Tutors can arrive at either the student’s home or any other location, such as a local library. This form of tuition is also somewhat flexible as you can decide the amount of lessons. A face-to-face tutor will mold them into what their tutee needs to succeed. 

Subject-Specific Tuition

This tuition type focuses on a specific subject for students who are weak in it and require extra support for better grades. Subject-specific tutors bring sufficient expertise and knowledge in the subject matter and can offer targeted instruction. These tutors exist for all subjects to bridge knowledge gaps.

Accelerated Learning Tuition

This tuition is for students who want to increase their skills and knowledge quickly. Accelerated learning tutoring is usually opted for by intelligent students who are searching for academic challenges to further learn their best subjects. 

These tutors bring advanced content, promote independent research, and engage students in subject-related skills, like critical thinking. 

Peer Tuition

Peer tutoring is when students guide and teach fellow students. Peer tutoring creates a supportive and collaborative environment. Students are encouraged to rely on and learn from each other. 

Tutors offer extra explanations, remove doubts, and strengthen concepts. Peer tutoring builds communication and social skills. It benefits the students and tutors.


The first two options we discussed are excellent options to consider for full-time education students who require some extra help in their weak subjects. However, owing to the scarce resources and big class strengths, many parents are deciding to leave the traditional educational system and carry out homeschooling instead.

Some parents who are capable enough take their children’s homeschooling into their own hands. However, the majority of parents hire the help of a homeschooling tutor to make sure that they are receiving high-quality education without having to follow the curriculum or school routine restrictions.

A homeschooling tutor closely works with children and develops a personalized study plan that works for them. Homeschooling can be done part-time or full-time. This depends on the school they are or used to study at. 

A lot of studies have proven that homeschooling tuition boosts a student’s academic performance. This is because homeschooling tutors invest all their energy, time, and resources into a few students rather than a big class. In this way, students reach their full potential.

Tuition for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Disabled students demand great care and a unique way of teaching that not all tutors are capable of. A SEN tutor is fit to deal with special needs students because they have learned the techniques and tools to improve the student’s confidence and grades. 

SEN tutors recognize concepts that their students are weak in and create a study plan that considers all the factors that affect a student’s retention and learning ability. In simple words, SEN tutors serve to make sure that their disabled students actually succeed inside and outside the classroom. 

Experienced SEN tutors also follow specialized teaching methods to solve the learning challenges of students and unlock their full potential.

Residential tuition

Usually known to serve in the historical position of a ‘governess,’ a residential tutor gives personal and academic support while living with the family they are hired from.

Residential tutors can either accompany the family on their travels or live with them in their home. So, even if you are spending a full summer in a foreign country or just visiting it for a few weeks, a residential tutor offers top-notch services to make sure that you are on the right path, greedy to learn, and inspired.

Aside from offering a personalized tuition program, residential tutors can also hold and monitor creative, sports, and recreational activities to guarantee that their students are successful in all aspects. By living with the student or traveling with them, close proximity is formed between the two parties, which further helps with studies.

Tuition for Every Age and Level

All types of private tuition can guide students from any curriculum or grade. Let’s discuss the most common tutors for every educational level.

GCSE tutor

GCSEs are the initial set of critical exams taken by students, which is why they are overwhelming and stressful. GCSE students are often poor in confidence, grades, motivation, or a mix of all three. At the GCSE level, you won’t just learn numerous subjects simultaneously. 

Students have to make a balance between their extracurricular activities and very hectic social life, aside from investing maximum time in their studies. GCSE students are expected to learn much more independently and witness a great increase in workload and difficulty levels.

So, hiring a GCSE tutor is the best way to remain right on track, motivated, and optimistic. GCSE tutors cause a huge decrease in student’s worries by giving customized tuition services that target their weak areas and specific needs. 

Confused about algebra? Hire a math tutor and be a pro at it in no time. Struggling with biochemistry? A capable chemistry tutor will develop the right skills needed to ace the subject.

Not only this, a GCSE tutor can also prepare you for the next step in your education. Students can easily transition to A-level with their help.

Primary tutor

Everyone knows that the primary stages in a student’s education are critical as they develop their minds. In this early stage, students learn important skills, gain a knowledge base, and realize their preferences. This formative stage deserves one-to-one attention to make sure that students develop the required skills and understanding to move forward.

A reliable primary tutor can make sure that students understand all concepts, especially math and English.

A-Level tutor

A-levels and their equivalent qualifications are very critical, particularly because it is a major factor in making sure whether a student will be accepted by their preferred university. Even if you don’t wish to enter any university, A-level grades will have a big effect on getting you hired later in life.

Even though students take fewer subjects as compared to the GCSEs, their curriculum and concepts are far tougher and more detailed. A private A-level tutor closely works with students to improve their subject knowledge, essay-writing skills, and exam preparation. 

These tutors also work tirelessly to make sure that you are developing personal skills like organization, time management, analysis, and communication. These skills are demanded by universities and employers as well.

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University Tutor

University tutors allow students to easily settle and adjust to degree-level education after leaving college or school. This means that these tutors offer higher support aside from top-notch academic guidance. Often, university students struggle with the lack of time, low motivation levels, inability to balance social life and workload, and difficulty with lectures.

Degree-level education is tough as you will have to bear a much bigger workload. In most cases, you will also have to adapt to a new city, environment, and learning style. Regardless of your needs, weaknesses, strengths, and goals, a private university tutor is the secret ingredient for academic success.

A university tutor will show you how to be independent, manage time for all tasks, give proper exam answers, and write compelling essays. These skills will lead to high grades. A university tutor is an investment that can help all students who have so much on the line for their future. 

Tutor for adult learners  

From improving their chances of promotion to learning a new skill, adult students decide to pick up their studies again for many different reasons. Adult students also take tuition to learn a foreign language, improve their confidence, or get advice regarding any academic aspect. However, with so many adult life responsibilities, it is hard to learn on your own or achieve a qualification. 

For this purpose, a private tutor helps adult learners succeed in their diverse goals. Such tutors deliver sessions at whatever time adults are comfortable to accommodate their busy schedules. 

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