11 Best Nurseries in Dubai

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11 Best Nurseries in Dubai
We all know how much we love our precious kids,

especially when they are in their formative years and are vulnerable to bad influence.

Research shows that nursery learning is an extremely crucial step in a child’s upbringing. The main purpose of a kids’ nursery is to acquaint the child with an intellectually and mentally stimulating environment in which they feel safe to explore and think.

The key to nursery education is to provide children with a warm, safe environment where they feel comfortable exploring.

And it's through exploring that a child will learn.

That means talking to children, teaching them songs, and reading books, stories, and motivational to them. 

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11 Best Nurseries in Dubai

If you have recently moved to Dubai and you are looking for some friendly and highest-rated nurseries or daycares in Dubai for your kids, you have come to the right place. Down below, we have compiled a list of nurseries in Dubai that will be fitting to your and your little one’s needs. Choosing a nursery school is an anxiety-inducing experience, and with this list of nursery schools in Dubai, we wish to ease this process for you a little.

1. Future International Nursery, Al Warqaa

Future International Nursery, Al Warqaa

The first kid's nursery on our list today is Future International Nursery from Al Warqaa. Future International Nursery is a well-established nursery that is duly certified by ISO/OSAS. The program and the curriculum of this best nursery in Dubai focus on the education and development of kids from 0-4 years. Why do we love it so much? Well, good of you to ask. We love everything about this establishment. Our favorite thing about this nursery in Dubai is that it incorporates a bilingual mode of instruction. It makes use of both English and Arabic languages. This way, your children will be able to learn their native and one international language as well. 

Apart from its up-to-date mode of instruction, the nursery has some other appealing features as well. We fell in love with the establishment with our first sight of the sweet little swimming pool, surrounded by giant toadstools to the huge outdoor and indoor play areas and spacious classrooms. The whole atmosphere was literally a treat for every kid in this world. However, the most impressive thing about this nursery is the incredible leadership and team and the huge investments that were obviously being made during the development. All in all, it is undoubtedly one of the top nurseries in Dubai, and we highly recommend Future International Nursery for your little one.  

2. Dovecote Nursery, Repton Al Barsha School Campus

Dovecote Nursery, Repton Al Barsha School Campus

The second on our list of nurseries in Dubai is Dovecote Nursery. Dovecote Nursery is owned and run by Evolvence Knowledge Investments. It is a well-known Education corporation that also owns and operates Repton Dubai and Repton Abu Dhabi alongside Repton Al Barsha School and Dovecote. In short, the nursery has a well-known, famous, and trustworthy background. Dovecote nursery was established in the Jumeirah location in 2012. However, owing to its growth, the team moved to new premises in 2020. What we like the most about this nursery is that it has retained all of its staff for the past 6 years, which speaks volumes about its expertise and uncompromising attitude toward quality education. If it is a great place for the staff, it will be pleasurable for children too.

3. The Wonders Years Nursery, branches in Dubai Sports City and Remraam

The Wonders Years Nursery

Just like Future International Nursery, The Wonders Years nursery caters to the ages from 0-4 years as well. It is governed by Interstar Advisory Services, which owns a bunch of other nurseries and private schools all over the world. This enables the students of the nursery to benefit from the close relationships with these establishments which gives them an early head start in life.  On our visits, we learned that in both nurseries, strong relationships form the basis of their practice and curriculum.  We highly recommend it as one of the best nurseries in Dubai. 

4. IDEA Early Learning Center, Dubai Sports City

IDEA Early Learning Center

Guardians should take note of the qualification between a nursery and an Early Learning Center like IDEA ELC. An Early Learning Center is authorized by the KHDA (rather than the Ministry of Education, which licenses nurseries) and can oblige kids as long as six years old. This alternative is regularly interesting to families who feel their youngsters will profit by deferring their beginning at a 'large school' or to families in Dubai for simply a brief timeframe and who may wish to keep youthful kin together. Whatever the explanation, IDEA Early Learning Center offers an elevated expectation of Early Years training in a well-resourced, reason-fabricated structure.

5. Kangaroo Kids Nursery, Al Safa

Kangaroo Kids Nursery Al Safa

Governed by Laura Barton Toyne, an exceptionally talented and highly experienced leader of early years education, Kangaroo Kids Nursery is located on a quiet residential street in Al Safa.  The nursery is housed in a repurposed residential villa and benefits from a huge, green garden with cleverly thought out areas such as a sensory trail, mini-amphitheater, and swimming pool. These features enable students to explore themselves and life in a small, minimalist environment that nurtures their sensory and motor nervous systems. 

6. Creative Nest Nursery

Creative Nest Nursery

Creative Nest Nursery must be quite possibly the most excellent nurseries we have at any point visited. This judgment is not limited to the aesthetic design and decor but the place rather than the entire learning environment. The nursery includes a STEM lab, kitchen, sprinkle cushion, a natural nursery, and tremendous, exceptional indoor and outside play regions. Our favorite thing about this particular nursery is that it entwines Islamic learning with the educational program and the Arabic arrangement of the curriculum. The nursery have everything to keep children engaged and teach them about almost everything.

7. Little Land Nursery, Umm Suqeim

Little Land Nursery Umm Suqeim

Offering both the English EYFS and Montessori arrangement (in separate rooms), Little Land Nursery is one of the longest-standing nurseries in the UAE. Run by the hands-on and energetic proprietor, Siog Moore, the nursery has extraordinary warmth and a guarantee to its standards and ethos that some fresher foundations may need. Study halls are huge, light, and brilliant, and the external territories are remarkable. Also, it is an affordable option for people looking for something less expensive.

8. Kids Island Nursery, Jumeirah

Kids Island Nursery Jumeirah

If you are looking for a wholesome nursery, which provides a homelike environment for your kid, you should not look further than Kids Island Nursery. Kids Island Nursery is a family affair run by a mother/daughter team. The nursery was initially established in 1981. It is without a doubt, one of the most long-standing nurseries in Dubai, which just celebrated its 40th year in business. The attention to detail in the outdoor areas, in particular, is quite incredible. Furniture, resources, and interesting items are collected and curated rather than designed and installed here, creating very special spaces for young children to play and explore. Do you know what is the best part? The Kids Island Nursery also operated after hours, which is a plus point for parents with long working hours and super stressful routines.

9. The Aga Khan Early Learning Centre