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30 Alternative Ways to Say “Hope You Are Doing Well.”

30 Alternative Ways to Say “Hope You Are Doing Well.”

Are you the one whose task is to send in emails or messages at your workplace but are bored of repeating ‘hope this email finds you well, ‘hope you are doing well, ‘hope everything is going well’ or ‘hope all is well with you’ and many more similar phrases? Not only at the workplace, sometimes connecting to a friend after so long left you short with words and after thinking hard, you also type the message with the same ‘Hi, hope you are doing well. You all must have encountered this phrase so many times that now you skip this line and continue reading the other content.

Such phrases like hope you are doing well are mainly used as opening sentences in formal and informal ways by all of us. But it is considered traditional more often. To sound less generic and different, you should change this phrase with its alternatives. Below we have mentioned 30 alternative ways to say hope you are doing well in 3 certain cases:

  • 10 Ways to Say “Hope You Are Doing Well” in a work-related Email.
  • 10 Ways To Say “Hope You Are Doing Well” to a family member or friend.
  • 10 Ways To Say “Hope You Are Doing Well” in a condolence email after a loss.

10 Ways to Say “Hope You’re Doing Well” in a work-related email

10 Ways to Say “Hope You’re Doing Well” in a work-related email

”Hope you are doing well and safe.”

Adding ‘and safe’ in the primary phrase makes it more caring and should be used for standard text and personal ones. You might have heard a lot of this nowadays because of the world pandemic. So, if you don’t want to change the whole phrase but meanwhile want to sound a bit warmer and show your company or your concern, then you can start your email with “hope you are doing well and safe’.

“I hope you are having a productive day.”

If you want to ask your employee about their day and health, you can ask by using this phrase; I hope you are having a productive day. Of course, you cannot ask the personal health-related question directly, so to keep it professional and formal, use this phrase as an opening line of your work-related email.

What’s the latest in your world?”

To sound friendly in your mail to the other employee of your company or others, use this opening phrase in your email. It will surely enlighten the receiver’s mood and make them think of all the possible answers in a similarly exciting and formal manner. ‘What’s the latest in your world?’ lets the reader know what you are talking about or want to know.

“How’s life in (Office name).”

This phrase is an exciting way to start a business email because it is an open-ended question. Recipients can answer it with their work and life updates from a particular place. Also, adding the workplace name will make the recipient appreciate that you have taken the time to write their details. Such a little phrase makes the connection more potent, and its friendly tone is not too informal for the business world. If you are not writing to the recipient for the first time, you can use this simple phrase without any hesitation.

“I hope you’re having an A+ (day, week or month).”

Want to send the official instructions and know about your new employee’s first month, week, or day experience of working with you, then dropping them an email with an unexpected opener will be a great idea. Start with ‘I hope you are having an A+ (day, week, month)’ and provide the instructions below. Although this phrase has the same meaning as I hope you are doing well, it sounds more appealing. I recommend this phrase to use on your new employees.

“I hope everything’s groovy at (workplace name).”

It is quite an exciting opening line that you can use instead of hoping everything is going well. To know from a friend or close colleague how everything is at their new workplace, you can use the word ‘groovy.’ This word sounds friendly and informal, and adding the details of the place shows your concern to them too. But using this opening line to a senior is not a good idea.

I wanted to start by telling you how impressed I am with (work or project done).”

Your coworker has done something great at work. Jump into their email box with ‘I want to start by telling you how impressed I am with the project presentation you have delivered today.” The opening line makes the reader keep reading, so instead of being basic all the time, like I hope this email finds you well or anything, learn this line for the next time.

“I hope your weekend was relaxing.”

If you are writing an email right after the weekend, then using this opening line is way more warming than saying hope all is well with you or anything. This phrase is to make sure that the transition into working days is not too rough or tiring.

Is there anything worse than coming back from a long weekend?”

When you reconnect with coworkers or others after a long weekend off or vacation, you should use this opening line. Best way to appoint an enormous task after saying, is there anything worse than coming back from a long weekend? Because there is not anything! So, slide into your recipient’s email box with this opener after a holiday.

“I hope your spirits are high and your churn rates are low.”

Here churn rates can be refund, defects or cancellation rate, and marketing or customer acquisition costs. So, if you are writing an email to a seller or a marketplace, this opening line will work well for you. I recommend using it on the people you have a close work relationship with, or the salesperson is not rude.

10 Ways To Say “Hope You’re Doing Well” to a family member or friend

10 Ways To Say “Hope You’re Doing Well” to a family member or friend

“I have been thinking about you. How are you doing?”

Start your email or text message using this phrase if you are writing an email or a text message to your close friend or a relative. This alternative phrase is a polite and sweet gesture to tell them that you are missing them and want to know about their health and what they are up to nowadays, the best opening line to use on the people who live far away.

“Any good plans for the weekend?”

In the middle of a hectic week, you can email this opener to make plans for the weekend. Instead of going into formalities, start your conversation with ‘any good plans for the weekend?’ sending such an email will make the recipient look forward to the fun weekend plan.

I hope you are staying healthy.”

It is a thoughtful phrase to use when your friend or a relative is recovering from an illness or just recovered. Stop using the common term ‘hope you are doing well every time you talk to them. Start using such alternatives which show more care and concern.

“Hope you are hanging in there. This is to send good vibes your way!”

When you know your close one is going through some tough times, you want to remind them of your help or support. Use this phrase instead. Because you already know they are not doing fine, write a motivational email or text message and use this phrase as a part of it.

“How’s life in your world?”

If you are writing to a person you know very well, use this opener for a spin. Depending on your relationship with the recipient, they will respond to everything happening in their world. You can also use this phrase when you want to continue the last talk.

“What’s up, buttercup?”

If your recipient knows your style of speaking what’s up, buttercup, then this is the classic opener you will ever use on them. This phrase will surely make them read it in your tone of voice. This phrase is informal. You can’t use it on people twice your age or at your workplace.

“Traveled anywhere fun lately?”

Thinking of making a plan with your travel buddy after so long, use this phrase alternative of hope everything is going well. This alternative phrase is a great way to make a plan or to know about your prospective intention of traveling. It is a very friendly phrase; make sure to use it on the people you have a close relation with and a travel plan or history.

I hope you are having a great week.”

Instead of using all the primary lines, one of the best and informal opening lines is ‘I hope you are having a great week.’ instead of using all the preceding lines. When you say so casually, the other person is supposed to reply with their current situation. You can use this opening line for informal emails too.

“How are you holding up in the (weather name)?”

A new season is around the corner, and you want to know if your friend or family member’s health or how they are doing in the current weather, do they need anything, or are they enjoying most of it? Use this direct and conversational opener in your email or text messages as ‘Hi, How are you holding up in this scorching summer heat?’

I miss you! Are you doing okay?”

While sending a personal greeting to the close one, start from ‘I miss you! Are you doing okay?’ instead of using the most used old phrases. Such kind gestures mean a lot in this fast-moving world, where nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. Writing to your friends or family members with such an opener might make their day.

10 Ways To Say “Hope You’re Doing Well” in a condolence email after a loss

10 Ways To Say “Hope You’re Doing Well” in a condolence email after a loss

“I am so saddened to hear about your relative’s passing. I hope you have many family members and friends to gather around you during this difficult time. Please accept the deepest condolences from us.”

These phrases would be at the beginning of an email or text message to a coworker who has lost a dear family member. And this is how you console them on behalf of the company and other workers.

“I am so sorry that you are going through this. Please know that you have been continuously in my thoughts and prayers.”

When a person you know is going through some loss or challenging time. Remind them by saying; I’m so sorry that you are going through this. Please know that you have been continuously in my thoughts and prayers. And when you are done writing this all to them, keep your promise of praying for their ease.

“I am thinking of you; we are praying for you; you and your family are in our hearts.”

Does your friend or a relative live far away and go through some hard days of their life? And you cannot meet them then write this message to them. If you tell someone that you are thinking of them and the whole family is concerned and praying for them, this will lessen their pain somehow.

“I recently heard about your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences.”

Suppose you want to show your concern and sympathy to a coworker, then use this opening line in your email or text messages. These lines should be used when you were not present on the spot or heard about the loss or tragedy late. Be a kind coworker.

“Despite all the troubles in the world, I hope you are doing well.”

This world is full of troubles and risks, and there is no doubt in it. When a person faces hardships, make sure to be realistic with them in a soft tone. Start writing to them with an opener; despite all the troubles in the world, I hope you are doing well. It is the right way to ensure that you wish for their well-being even with all the problems around.

“You are important to me. Let me know what I can do to help.”

Sometimes people feel valued and better when someone offers them a helping hand. They might not need the favor or take one but reminding your important relations that you are always there for them to help and how important they are to you is everything. Because people mostly remember what you made them feel in hard times.

“My heart is breaking for you. I hope you are doing okay.”

If the people you are very close to have lost someone and you can feel the pain. Use this phrase in your text message or email to show your concern and sympathy. This alternative phrase shows informal behavior, and you cannot use this phrase for official mails.

“Always here for you if you need anything.”

Please send this to them when you know that the recipient is in crisis or sad and needs anything. Nothing gives people comfort more than such words coming from a sincere friend or a family member. These words might be something you need. But don’t forget to help when they ask for it.

“I hope you find comfort in good memories during this difficult time. Please accept my heartfelt condolences during this time.”

While consoling a friend or anyone about their loss, use such phrases to make them think of the excellent time spent with the departed soul. And this is how they will find comfort and get back to their routine.

“I am so sorry I could not be there in person to convey my condolences. Though I may be far away, know that my spirit and prayers are with you. I will give you a call next week to talk.”

When your friend or relative faces a tragedy, you are not at their place to comfort them because of the different state or city. Then you can use these lines to tell them you care and will call soon.

What to keep in mind

There always comes a time when we are at a loss for words or cannot find the right words. You must have seen some email with a bad or an inappropriate opening line. And you have to learn from such content instead of repeating the same mistake.

What you have to keep in mind while writing an email or text message to your friends, family, or workplace is what you will say if the person will be in front of you or on call. Avoid starting an email with a complaint, direct work call, or rude opening line like it looks like you are not seeing my last emails, as per my previous email, or checking to see if you have done any work or anything like that.


Hope you are doing well is the most used opening line of an email, and this phrase does not demand a reply from a recipient. If you give it the generic thought, this is the most polite way to start a conversation or greet someone in person. But if you use the ’30 ways to say hope, you are doing well’ mentioned above, which will make the recipient get more into the conversation and make them think of the same classic and unusual response. So, feel free to think of more alternative phrases and introduce ways to convey the most straightforward messages in a unique and thought-provoking way.

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