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14 Best Resources to Find Arabic Lessons for Beginners

14 Best Resources to Find Arabic Lessons for Beginners
Do you find yourself interested in the Arabic language? Or do you have an Arabic-speaking friend and you want to know about Arabic learning online to impress them? Or maybe you just want to learn Arabic in Dubai to try your luck at getting a discount at your go-to falafel place? Trust us, you are not alone. We all have been there. After all, Arabic is one of the most culturally diverse and widely-spoken languages in the world. There is a huge demand for people who can speak Arabic. Fortunately, it has never been easier to access Arabic speaking classes to learn the language from the comfort of your couch.
But how to learn Arabic speaking from home when you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry about that. From learning the basic alphabets and numbers to introducing yourself without a mistake, here are some of the best Arabic lessons for beginners to start your Arabic learning online:

Talk In Arabic

Talk in Arabic is dedicated to delivering dynamic, fresh learning study material for all of the major Arabic varieties including Algerian, Sudanese, Egyptian, Iraqi, Tunisian, Saudi, and Moroccan, etc. This Arabic course offers pdf transcripts, modular lessons, HD videos, and downloadable audio recordings by native Arabic speakers from across North Africa and the Middle East, and North Africa.


MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses and they can be found in every language. If you are looking for Arabic speaking classes online, MOOCs are a great way to start. Here are two of the best resources for MOOCs in Arabic.


Coursera offers more than four courses in Arabic and has up to 40 courses with subtitles in Arabic. 


EdX also has courses in Arabic language. You can find a course on Human Rights in Arabic at the moment, but they may add more in the future. 

My Tutor Source (MTS)

My Tutor Source is one of the most reliable sources for people looking for Arabic speaking classes taught by experienced professionals. You can mind multiple tutors that specialize in just teaching Arabic to beginners. The process is not relatively easy but their tutors also see to it that you understand every concept clearly. 

Try YouTube Teachers and Channels

There are plenty of teachers on Youtube who offer Arabic speaking classes:

Learn Arabic with Maha

Maha is a famous Youtuber with videos that teach people Arabic. You can find dozens of fun, interactive videos on her channel.

Learn Arabic with Zakaria

Zakaria is another teacher on Youtube whose videos are primarily aimed at kids, but if you are a newbie, you will find them perfect as Arabic lessons for beginners. Plus, the small, animated cartoons are a fun way to learn a difficult language. 

Learn Lebanese Arabic with Hiba Najem

If you are looking for an Arabic course in the Lebanese dialect of Arabic, Hiba Najem’s channel will suit you the best. She has more than 75 lessons on her channel. 

Noor Stars

Noor Stars is a well-known Arabic-speaking vlogger who posts videos on YouTube. Her videos are focused on makeup, lifestyle, and fashion themes. 

Shady Srour

Shady Srour is a popular Arabic-speaking Youtuber who is famous for his relatable and comedic videos.


EyshElly is a Youtube channel with a Peninsular Arabic-speaking host. This channel consists of comedy skits, and reviews of viral videos. 

Laila Mourad

Laila Mourad is another channel for learners who want to learn the language but are also interested in travel or fitness. The host, Laila, documents her travelling, workout routines, and daily life. 


ArabicPod101 is an amazing Arabic course in podcast-style downloadable lesions. Other than the audio, they also have a dictionary, a vocabulary database, grammar explanations, and videos, etc., which you can get as downloadable lessons or audio podcasts. You can learn Modern Standard, Moroccan, and Egyptian dialects.


Who doesn’t know about this popular language learning app? Duolingo is a gamified platform that teaches people both Arabic grammar and vocabulary. Plus it feels fun to maintain the daily streaks while learning.

Rocket Arabic

If you are looking for some help regarding Arabic dialogue, then this online course is for you. The Rocket Arabic online course does not have a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to learning Arabic like other courses such as Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone. You can find a variety of audio content for all levels of skills from beginner to advanced.

Arabic Verb Packs

Arabic Verb Packs teach you all the necessary verbs required to hold a conversation in spoken Arabic. These packs are ideal for every person who is serious about learning Arabic. These learning supplements are currently available in Saudi, Levantine, Egyptian, and Moroccan Arabic. 

Memrise and Anki

These are flashcard systems available for Android, iOS, and everyone else. You can use them to make your own custom Arabic vocabulary decks or you can just save flashcard decks made by other learners. The basic version of Memrise is free and the desktop version of Anki is also free to download. 


If you come across an Arabic expression or word but you don’t know how to correctly pronounce it, then you need Forvo. All you have to do is search that phrase or word on Forvo and you’ll find a native speaker pronouncing it for you. How convenient is that!

Easy Arabic

This Easy Languages channel is one of the peoples’ favourites because it offers an array of context and local culture. In Easy Arabic, there is a host who visits the streets of Cairo in Egypt and interviews the people he meets. It is a great way to learn Arabic because you hear people speak the language. And before you even know it, you will be picking up common phrases used in conversational Arabic. Plus, it also improves listening comprehension.

Fuzzy Arabic Dictionary

Do you ever hear or see a word in Arabic but you are not sure how to correctly spell it? Well, you do not have to be scared of new words, what you need is the Fuzzy Arabic Dictionary. This is a catch-all for beginners who want to learn Arabic in Dubai as they can find any Arabic word translated into English. 


This is another excellent dictionary that lets you find real-life example sentences and translations for Arabic words. So, if you are a beginner who finds new vocabulary words tricky, Lughatuna is the perfect resource for you to learn how to say the word in different Arabic dialects!


Use Wikipedia to test your knowledge and improve your understanding of the language by reading short articles in Arabic. Then switch back to the language you speak to check your understanding and comprehension.


No matter which one of the above resources you choose to get Arabic lessons for beginners, you can be sure that you will find a welcoming community of like-minded learners and native speakers who will help you and support you in your journey of Arabic learning online. Yalla! Let’s go!

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