13 – Best Planner Applications for Students

13 – Best Planner Applications for Students

Students mostly found complaining about never having enough time. Are you that student? If so, it is probably because you don’t have any planner application on your phone or other personal devices. Using a planner is not always about scheduling stuff or making a to-do list. Sometimes, it is about planning stuff, so you don’t run out of time or manage to have some me-time after a long hectic day or week. It gives students the freedom to organize, plan, keep track of work, and have maximum time to spend with family or focus on hobbies.

Having a planner is a self-care activity. Regardless of how well you manage your time, some chores or learning materials are often left behind. Know every day has the same hours of a day, whether it’s a leader, learner, teacher, kid, or a failure. How one stays productive or utilizes 24 hours of a day is essential. Therefore, in this article, we have enlisted the 13 best planners for students. The following application will help you keep track, focus on work, and succeed to the best of your ability.

Go through them all and pick the one you find handy, and get ready to be organized and productive!

1. Trello: organize anything!

Trello is a user-friendly, flexible, and good planner app for Android, iOS, and desktop students. It is a free app, but some of its upgrades are paid for. Whether you have organized your stuff, to-do list, or managed a group or team for projects – Trello is a great resource. Everything here is synced, saved, and up to date. Designed with cards and whiteboards, Trello is perfect for improving your organizational, communication, productivity skills and being top of it all. Students aged between 11 and 18 are highly recommended to use Trello to plan and organize their thoughts.

2. School Planner

With more than 5 million downloads and 4.6 ratings on Google Play, School Planner is one of the best and top planners of students so far. Whether you are a high school, college, or elementary school student, the School Planner application is a must to have. Its beautiful, modern, and colorful themes are enough to boost productivity.

School Planner lets you plan everything related to school, such as daily homework tasks, events, reminders, exams, lectures, records, and manage subjects and grades. It has a built-in calendar and timetable. School Planner is for you if you are looking for a fast, simple, user-friendly, institutive, and highly customizable planner app!

It is available in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Korean, and a few more languages. However, the price of the application is the same.

3. Awesome Calendar

No matter what you are, student, teacher, or an employee – open up this amazing planner and schedule everything in a second or two. Awesome Calendar planner is for all. It gives you the confidence and pride of making things happen fast, noting all information, and organizing events remotely. Its elegant, user-friendly planner works best with all iPhone-supported calendars, for instance, Google Calendar, iCloud, CalDAV, Exchange, Yahoo, and MobileMe.

An excellent app to keep you organized with combined notes and a view and edit schedule option. Furthermore, you can create notes with stickers and photos. Here are a few key features offered in the Awesome Calendar planner app:

  • Multiple calendar control
  • Timezone support
  • Natural Language Input
  • iCloud support for diary
  • Multiple holiday selection
  • Rolling to-do and to-do carry over
  • Unlimited alarms
  • Four apps in 1 (notepad, weather forecast, stickers, calendar & task manager)
  • Synchronization with Google task
  • Quick popup
  • Style change and Font size options
  • Lots of stickers
  • Passcode/Lock option
  • Today’s wise saying
  • Colored themes
  • Current and 10-day weather information display

4. Todoist

Todoist is a comprehensive app for all, whether an individual or a team. It lets you list down routine tasks with due dates and a check-off option, even when you are offline. It keeps a track or backup of everything and is well-loved by Disney and Amazon for years. You can turn off its notifications, label priority tasks, get a graphical presentation, and use the ‘next action’ button to keep yourself updated.

Todoist is a free app for Android, iPhone, Website, and iPad users. However, yearly charges are applied to upgrade the application. Students aged between 14 and 18 are highly recommended to give this app a try to hone their productivity and organizational skills. Get your tasks and thoughts onto your Todoist to-do list now!

5. Sectograph. Planner & Time manager on clock widget

Sectograph is another time planner that lets you sharpen your sense of time management. Its 1 million downloads on Google Play speak volumes. The pro and premium version of Sectograph is paid; otherwise, it is free of cost. This application is helpful to keep track of time, plan daily tasks, schedule medicines, chores, meals, and other activities. With Getting Things Done (GTD), technology monitors working or studying hours and gives a countdown of scheduled events.

One of the flexible, customizable, and user-friendly planner apps to self-organize yourself, achieve goals, keep track of your performance or progress. Turn your android wear smartwatch into an efficient planner with Sectograph.

6. myHomework

Anytime, anywhere myHomework student planner app keeps you organized and helps students attain desired grades. You can either sign up for free or pay 4.99$ per year for the premium version. Whether it’s assignments, tests, reminders, quizzes, syncing between devices, tracking classes, or anything, myHomework application system covers it all.

Schools and private tutors usually use the premium version of myHomework to improve students’ organizational skills and be the best. People with iPad, iPhones, Android Phones/ Tablets/ Kindle, Mac & Chromebook, and Windows are just a click away to schedule their tasks on myHomework. Moreover, they also have a coaching account, so if you are an educator – that’s for you!

Browse through the table below to discover features of basic and premium myHomework planner:

myHomework Basic (Free)myHomework Premium (yearly 4.99)
Track classesImport homework
Track assignments, tests, projects, etc.Share homework or planner
Sync between devicesFile attachments
Due date remindersAccess to external calendar
Widgets of upcoming homeworkFile attachments
With addsAds Free

7. Microsoft To Do: Lists & Tasks

It is new in the market, free to use, and lets users make a well-maintained and effective to-do list. Microsoft To-Do planner makes sharing easy and helps students connect with fellows, teachers, friends, and others. Create a Microsoft Account now and get this digital planner for free. It offers customized backgrounds and lets users perform tasks in categories. Moreover, it allows you to move your previous unfinished tasks from ‘yesterday box’ to ‘my day’ or any other day ahead. Get this easy-to-use application now and turn dark mode on to schedule tasks during the night.

8. iStudiez

Another high-rated planner application for Android, Apple, and Windows users. It is free of cost and works best for students aged between 11 and 18. Students can manage tasks, assignments, and homework of all courses and sync data to computers and other tablets. iStudiez is well-loved by students because of its GPA and grades calculator – this feature calculates everything.

Below is the overview of iStudiez features, which makes it the best choice for students of all grades or years:

  • Live tiles and alarms
  • Overview of daily tasks and schedule
  • Planner
  • Assignments
  • Grades
  • Cloud sync
  • Two – way integration with Google calendar
  • GPA calculator

9. Power Planner

Power Planner has almost the same features as myHomework and iStudiez planners. For instance, it calculates GPA, notifies, keeps track of daily tasks and schedules, and lets users view assignments and exams. The app is so responsible that it keeps reminding of a particular task until it’s done. In a nutshell, if you value your time, don’t wait anymore. Download the Power Planner app now—a cost-free digital planner with a $1.99 premium version cost.

10. My Study Life – Digital School Planner You Need

My Study Life is another free digital platform for students to manage their student life tasks in an efficient manner. For years this planner has been the perfect replacement for paper planners. It saves everything, even on offline mode, and keeps notifying users about their incomplete tasks. You can easily sync it with your device’s calendar and all other devices. Moreover, both iOS and Android users can download it.

The interface of My Study Life is designed with students in mind. After all, it has come from the top makers of planning tools in the market. It covers all the scheduling needs of students and plays an essential role during revision periods. The amazing app so far, you must give it a try.

11. Wunderlist – To-do & Task List

Wunderlist – To-do & Task List is the most popular planner application among primary school students as it has a fun and simple interface. It helps students organize tasks, set goals, share lists, set reminders, save notes, and schedule a task in just a few minutes. Academic life is much easier with the Wunderlist app on your devices.

Students of primary and secondary schools and even college have improved their productivity, engagement, organizational, usability, time, and task management skills.

12. is the most user-friendly app that runs smoothly on desktop, laptop, tablet, and even smartwatches. Its features include dual view, app widgets, and a day-to-day list. This app is not only for academic tasks but also the best way to organize routine tasks. Its smart reminders and calendar are something everybody needs in their life. basic is free of cost, but it’s premium version costs $4.99 per month.

13. TimeTune – Schedule Planner

TimeTune planner app offers statistics, templates, and many customizations that increase everyday productivity. One of the popular apps among parents, workers, students, influencers, educators, and many more. It lets its users create widgets, tags, and other cool stuff in just minutes. Its users have claimed that analyzing daily working hours and scheduling was never easy or flexible before TimeTune. With each update, you will get to experience new features. A perfect digital planner for doers and achievers. Its premium costs $4 and the basic one is free.

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