Apply as a tutor to teach students online from anywhere in the world.


Apply as a tutor to teach students online from anywhere in the world.


Choose the Right Math Tutor for Your Child

Right Math Tutor

Is your child struggling with calculus or gets anxious when the word “math” comes up? 

No need to worry. 

Math has always been infamous for its difficulty level. Most people drop out of math classes, and many do not even dare to enroll in one.

With all its complexity, Math is still the most needed and relevant subject today. It sharpens the mind and boosts brain skills.

Not only in high school, it is equally important in business, research, jobs, and almost every relevant field today. 

So, to improve your child’s math skills, finding the right tutor is a hell of a task. Let’s walk you through the process of finding the right Math tutor.

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Steps to Choose the Right Math Tutor

Steps to choose the right math tutor

Step 1. Be Informed About What You Need

The first step to finding something is knowing what you want. If you are getting a math tutor, you should be mindful of your child’s needs and requirements. 

Make a list of their strengths and weaknesses in different areas of Math. Be it in calculus, algebra, trigonometry, or geometry, write it down. Read through your list, and you will understand what kind of tutor will best fit your kid according to their requirements.

Step 2. Search for the Right Tutoring Agency

The next step is to look for the right tutoring agency. Search for the best tutoring services near your area and choose one. 

One such private tutoring agency that provides expert guidance in all areas of math is My Tutor Source. MTS has been providing personalized lesson plans and tutors worldwide for students of all levels. 

You can look for their tutors and get assigned the one best suited to your requirements. Browse through the website and find a tutor.

Step 3. Choose the Type of Tutoring Service

After selecting the agency, you need to look for the type of tutoring services they provide. Decide early if you want in-person or online tutoring sessions.

If the agency you selected matches your criteria, move on with them. Look for their tutors and find the one providing the services you need.

Why Choose an MTS Tutor?

=> A MTS tutor will help your child in the following areas:

=> Get personalized lessons customized to your needs.

=> Curriculum specialists are available.

=> Subject experts for Math, Add Math, or Calculus.

=> Flexible tutoring hours.

=> Improved numerical skills.

Step 4. Compare and Skim Through the Results

A number of tutor profiles will be shown to you if you select a tutoring service. Also, if you’re searching for independent tutors on the internet, you will still get multiple options to choose from. 

Looking for your match is hard when there are various options available online. Skim through the results to shorten your search.

Step 5. Look for These Qualities

So, what do you need to look for in a tutor? The answer is simple. There are a number of must-haves a tutor should possess in order to be selected for the position. Some of them are given below.

  • Qualification

The first and foremost thing in a tutor is his/her qualification. There are multiple freelance tutors available online who are still studying. The best is to look for a well-qualified tutor. 

To hire a tutor, a bachelor's degree in Math, Additional Math, or Further Math is necessary. If your budget allows, look for a highly qualified and experienced tutor in the field. A Master’s or Ph.D. teacher has more grip on the subject than a graduate. 

Another thing to look for in a qualified tutor is their experience. An experienced tutor will understand your requirements and make progress accordingly. Whereas a relatively new tutor will take time to proceed with things.

  • Engagement and Teaching Methods

The one thing that sets an exceptional tutor apart from average tutors is their ability to engage with their students. The teaching methods also play an important role in defining whether they fit the role. Cross-check the curriculum they usually provide classes in and make sure to choose the tutor of your specific curriculum.

An expert will make sure that you understand every bit of the concept. They will break down complex topics into manageable chunks for kids to understand properly. 

A good tutor will also make tricky concepts easy and accelerate your child’s progress in Math. If you see your child stagnant with their progress, just quit the lectures because it is only a waste of time.

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  • Reviews on Their Profile

Check other students’ reviews on the tutor’s profile. They will show what you are getting yourself into. Look for other students’ experiences and testimonials from parents to see if they got results after taking classes from that particular tutor.

However, most websites contain fake testimonials as well. So, how do you distinguish between them? Look for specific reviews about how a tutor helped someone get their desired grade. Extremely positive and ambiguous reviews are a big red flag!

  • Your Budget

Always consider your budget when you look out for a tutor. A one-on-one maths teacher can boost the confidence and self-esteem of your child by giving personalized help and lessons according to your needs, but it comes with a price.

Your kids can work on their maths skills and feel better about themselves without the stress of a classroom by getting a tutor. However, one-on-one tutoring is slightly more costly than group sessions because it involves individualized support. Invest in a reliable and qualified professional.

  • Soft Skills in Tutor 

A proficient math tutor excels in communication and delivers top-notch learning resources and methods to help students understand concepts and realize their full potential. Equally important is the ability to actively listen, building strong relationships with students and, when applicable, parents.

1. Patience: Another important virtue for tutors is patience–when faced with challenging situations and students with special learning needs. He should provide constructive feedback to students to make them learn better and get parents in the loop about their child’s progress.

2. Time Management Skills: Tutors must also possess strong time management skills. Recognizing that students have varying needs and requirements, they must adeptly incorporate teaching materials within allotted lesson times. This ensures that students acquire the necessary information to meet their academic goals.

3. Enjoyable Personality: No one likes a grumpy tutor. If you or your child needs extra help studying Math, you might need to look for another important skill– an enjoyable personality. An easygoing tutor will get you hooked on the subject while making you succeed.

  • Availability and Flexibility

Popular tutors may not have flexible schedules because other students and parents already take up their time. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the frequency with which they are available. 

In addition, make sure that you are aware of the times your child is productive and choose the time slot accordingly.

Step 6. Make an Informed Decision

After doing thorough research, having interviews, and carefully checking everything, now is the time to decide. You must pick the math tutor to help your child learn best. Choose based on the tutor's qualifications, how they teach, the skills they possess, and if they fit into your schedule and budget.

Once you decide, talk to the tutor to set up the first session that fits your routine. Use this chance to tell the tutor about your goals and expectations. Also, discuss how you plan to achieve these goals.

Step 7. Take a Trial Session

Now is the time for the decision. Set up a class with the tutor for your child to see if they really are up to your expectations. Merely watching the profile of the tutor might not give you an idea of how they teach in reality. 

You may take more than one trial class. MTS provides free trial classes with expert tutors. If you do not like one tutor, you can easily switch to another without additional trouble.

This way, you will make a better decision and understand which tutor better connects with your kid. 

Is the Fuss Worth It?

Hiring a math tutor is important due to the essential nature of mathematical skills. Math tutors offer one-on-one lessons, a personalized approach important for understanding the subject. Through customized guidance, students experience improved skills at a faster pace—this sharpens student understanding and confidence in tackling mathematical challenges. 

What makes this approach even more beneficial is the convenience it brings. There's no need to send your child away to attend a class; instead, lessons can occur in the comfort of one's home or a preferred location. This not only ensures a relaxed learning environment but also eliminates commuting hassles. 

So, investing in a math tutor not only enhances the academic performance of the student but also makes the learning process more accessible and convenient.

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Concluding Thoughts

We have provided a detailed guide for you to understand the importance of finding the right tutor. It can be tricky, but worth it. 

Math has always been difficult for school kids and university-level students alike. But with a little help, your child can improve their scores. The right tutor will not only guide you but also make sure you progress in your understanding and get good grades. 

If you’re struggling with finding the right fit for your child, simply contact MTS. They will arrange a highly qualified tutor for maths tuition in Dubai to meet your needs and requirements.

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