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List of Classroom Rules for Student Success

List of Classroom Rules for Student Success

Rules are made to maintain the discipline of a specific place for the long run. Rules and regulations of all institutions vary. A classroom is where students sit for quite a long time and are supposed to listen, learn and grow into intelligent and disciplined human beings. Basic classroom rules are mandatory for all. But some classroom rules and expectations vary from class to class and teacher to teacher. Each teacher has their teaching methods and strategies, and the same is the case with the type of subject taught in the class. However, the common goal of a disciplined classroom is to introduce new things to the students and help them understand the concepts. Today we have made a list of classroom rules for schools and online to help students practice discipline and learn better.

How to create classroom rules for students

If you are a teacher, you can assign a task to your students to create a list of rules that everyone should follow in the classroom or school. Doing so will give you a better understanding of students’ mindsets, like which type of rules they are willing to obey. Discuss the rules with all school teachers and build a similar vision or purpose of setting the rules. Most students follow the things that they see others doing. For example, if a teacher is strict about the ‘punctuality’ rule, he should always be on time, which is how rules remain valuable. If the teacher does not respect the rules, students will also not. Furthermore, announce the consequences of obeying or disobeying rules like a specific reward for the one who will abide by all the rules throughout the session and a punishment for the one who will cause trouble. Also, don’t force students to obey the rules; portray them creatively so that students ultimately follow them.

How to create classroom rules for students

List of classroom rules for schools

Before listing down all the classroom rules, it’s obligated to each teacher to share the importance of a disciplined class to their students and be aware of how following rules can be beneficial for them and their fellow mates. It is how an institute brings responsible beings to society. When a teacher asks their student to follow the rules strictly, they are teaching them the art of living a disciplined life.


Following is the list of classroom rules for students:

  • Be punctual
  • Have a friendly attitude
  • Stay in your seat
  • Keep the classroom tidy
  • Don’t be noisy
  • Follow teacher’s instructions carefully
  • Be a caring friend, don’t backbite
  • Don’t use smartphones or other technology during lectures
  • When a teacher enters the classroom, greet them
  • Share and cooperate with your class-fellows
  • Be respectful of each other’s ideas
  • Don’t use informal slangs
  • Show up with a complete dress code
  • Listen to your teachers carefully
  • Be organized
  • Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you more often
  • Keep your eyes and ears active
  • Note down all the essential points and finish your classwork on time
  • Keep your handwriting neat and readable
  • Keep your attitude positive even when you do not understand the lecture, be patient and ask questions.
  • Note down all the homework details
  • Be honest; don’t complaint
  • Encourage your mates to do better
  • Be proud of your work
  • Be creative and share your ideas respectfully
  • Be quiet when teachers are delivering the lecture
  • Don’t damage classroom materials
  • Keep your tone respectful
  • Don’t fight or hit anyone in the class
  • Don’t throw objects at each other
  • Be quiet when classmates are talking with the teacher
  • Don’t cut anybody off when they are talking
  • Throw your trash into the trash can
  • Don’t leave the classroom in between the lecture
  • Don’t eat anything during the lecture
  • Raise your hand to participate in class
  • Don’t laugh at others
  • Don’t make inappropriate jokes
  • Don’t call anyone by names
  • Ask for the teacher’s permission to go outside
  • Avoid smoking in the classroom
  • Don’t run in the classroom, walk
  • Always keep the necessary notebooks and textbooks
  • Be fully prepared for the lecture
  • Respect your teachers, mates, and yourself
  • Don’t shout or hit anyone in the classroom
  • Don’t cheat during assessments and exams
  • Use equipment safely and properly
  • Don’t bully or make fun of others
  • Leave the class one by one when the lecture is over, don’t rush
  • If you arrive late, ask for the teacher’s permission to get in. Enter quietly and politely
  • Prepare yourself for the following lecture silently
  • Clean off your desk before leaving; don’t leave your belongings in the classroom.
  • Participate in group discussions
  • In case of emergency, ask for permission and leave the class silently
  • When done with the exam, place your paper upside down and inform your instructor. Don’t disturb others.

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List of online classroom rules for students

In this era of online or private tutoring, teachers or tutors should inform students about the online classroom rules on the very first day of the session. Besides explaining, teachers should post the controls on the online portal to re-read, understand them better and pass them on to the students who missed them.

  • Keep a strong internet connection
  • Prepare for class almost 10 minutes early
  • Keep a necessary notebook, textbook, and pens ready
  • Choose a study space with no people or voices around
  • Don’t eat or drink anything during the lecture
  • Don’t use tobacco or such stuff during class time
  • Don’t use phones during online class
  • Don’t play with your class session on
  • Don’t switch to other internet tabs while taking a class
  • Wait for the teacher to call out your name for attendance
  • Keep your video on during class attendance
  • Don’t interrupt others and teachers during lecture
  • Don’t send unnecessary messages in the online class chat room
  • Use the virtual ‘raise your hand’ option to ask questions
  • Avoid playing music in the background
  • Keep your Mic mute when not needed
  • Make sure to keep the recording on during the lecture to listen to it later.
  • Don’t leave the class without permission.
  • Ask for a lecture’s recording from the teacher at the end
  • Note down all the essential points
  • In case of a bad internet connection, don’t disturb other class fellows. Inform your teachers privately.
  • To clear the concepts, write down your questions and ask at the end
  • Submit your assignment and online exams on time
  • In case of a technical issue, inform your instructor privately.

Final thoughts on classroom rules for student success

Teachers should educate their students about the classroom rules before starting the new session, and the ones who will violate the rule should be held accountable. Educating the students about the rules should be the first lesson of school because a positive environment and surroundings lead to positive and quick learning. An organized or disciplined lifestyle cannot be adopted without following rules or being fully independent. Before handling the list of classroom rules to students, teachers or instructors should mention two first rules: ‘Don’t give up!’ and ‘Don’t break the rules‘ and then explain each rule with examples and how positively it will impact their daily life.

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