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Help your teen after a disheartening result

Help your teen after a disheartening result
Sometimes your children try their best with the preparation and the way they attempt their exams but somehow they end up scoring low. The reason could be anything but that time can be very difficult for them. Accepting the results and then working on them to make them better for the next time, all this can be a bit overwhelming and at that time, you should make sure to be there for your child. There are several ways through which you can do that. Here we have listed down and discussed the ways through which you can help your children after they just had a bad exam result.

Hear them out

If they are standing at this point, there must be some reason for it. Hear them out and let them express what they are feeling and what they believe could be the possible reason behind the bad grades. There might be something you can help them with. Also talking about the failure will also help them to come back to the normal learning phase where they can once again be productive with their learning sessions. At this time, make sure that you are not pouring in suggestions and advice because right now you just want to listen to them talk. Just hear everything they have to say so that they can talk out the demotivation.

Don’t make them talk if they don’t feel like it

You need to make sure if your child is ready to talk about it or not. If you feel like they don’t want to talk about it as of now then you don’t have to force them to do so. They need time and some space to make sense of things? Provide it to them and meanwhile just let them know through your affection that you are there for them and you will be right there whenever they are ready to get it out. It might take some time, but eventually, there will come a time when your child will want to talk about this. At that point, make yourself available to listen to them.

Boost up their confidence 

You need to make them feel good about their effort and at all times they tried hard to perform well in their academics and extracurricular activities. At this point, they really need some praise, motivation, and a ray of positive energy to be able to get back on their feet again. For this, you can remind them of the previous times when they made effort and it was fruitful.
Do this in such a way that it not only sounds motivational but also sounds like praise. They need to be reminded that one setback does not necessarily mean this it ends here or this defines their whole journey. So help them gain their strength back with a push of praise.

Bring up relevant motivational stories

When they are listening to you, your children actually look up to you. Usually when disappointed teens feel like they are better than no one. So at this point, you need to remind them that setbacks are real and they are a part of life. Everyone faces them but the important part is to learn from them and come back stronger. The best to make them believe this is by telling them relevant stories from your own life where you faced a certain setback. Even if there is not much of a motivational ending to the story, telling it would make them believe that their parents have also faced setbacks and that life did not stop there for them. The relevant stories can be from your own life, any friends or family, or any influential person that they might look up to. 
During teenage, students usually look up to people like a certain celebrity, sports player, politician, or someone from history. Use this point well and tell them a motivational story from their preferred person’s life. 

At the end - offer your help

After you have had all the discussions about the situation, now make yourself available for any help they might be needing from your side. Not just tell them that you are here for help. Ask them as well and ask in a friendly way how you can help them and how they can make themselves helpful during this time. If they open up about that and tell them you can help them, try to work on it. 


Conclusively, getting bad grades can be a difficult time for teens. They are aspiring for a dream career and a situation like this can feel like a setback to them. You need to make sure that you prove to be three for them in any way you can so that they know that this point is not the end for them and they will get up to work on the future they dreamt of. We have certified tutors to help your child prepare for the next exams with sheer determination to enable them to come back stronger.

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