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How to make algebra 2 easier to study

How to make algebra 2 easier to study

A lot of students come across a difficult experience when they start algebra II. It happens to those students as well who didn’t have any problem understanding math concepts previously, but now they start to feel like they have encountered a knowledge block that is hard to pass but even if it seems difficult now, understanding its concept now will prove to be very beneficial in the long run to understand other topics like calculus.

Our private math tutors have been helping students clear their concepts related to algebra II and other areas of math through conceptual learning so that they can have a strong grip over these subjects.

Here we have discussed how Algebra II is important for students during different stages of educational and practical life, how it might differ from Algebra I, and why it is that most students find it hard to understand at first.

Algebra II and SAT exam

The math section of the SAT exam has a major inclusion of your understanding of Algebra II concepts. If you are planning on taking the SAT exam to enter the college you like, you need to be prepared for the math section correctly to ace your exam.

In order to give your best on the math portion of your SAT exam, you need to clear your Algebra II concepts so that you will not have any difficulty in solving the other math problems as well.

SAT exam

How Algebra I differs from Algebra II

It might seem like algebra II is more difficult than Algebra I, but one thing to clear here is that algebra II doesn’t cover the areas that are not covered in Algebra II, making it difficult in this way. In fact, Algebra II has the concepts in a more detailed way that you have studied as basics in algebra I. You will find the detailed and more branched concepts of the fundamental topics like equations and variables etc. As we move forward to algebra II, we find more comprehensive aspects of these topics.

Students experience difficulty while learning algebra II because it contains a mixture of knowledge combined from the previous math classes and some new concepts associated with it. In this way, it seems like algebra got difficult.

Usually, it has been observed that students with a clear conceptual understanding of algebra I experience less difficulty while studying algebra II in contrast to the students who have problems understanding algebra I.

For this reason, it is essential that you clearly understand the concepts in algebra I to have ease in understanding the concepts in algebra II.

algebra 1 vs 2

Is algebra II really hard for students?

is algebra really hard

The main reason behind algebra II being considered a hard subject for students is its combination of concepts. As the previous math class knowledge plays a major role in algebra II, it requires students to bring up their previous knowledge to use when studying algebra II. in this way, if there are some cracks in the previously learned concepts, the students will not be able to fully grasp the concepts in algebra II. As a result of this, they come to believe that algebra II is hard for them to understand. Suppose a student is struggling with the basic math concepts in their early math classes or while studying algebra. I like working with basic linear equations or applying the order of operations; the students will not be able to use these fundamental concepts to solve the problems in algebra II like polynomial functions since they lack the basic knowledge of algebra.

If we are studying math, it is essential to know that the knowledge of this subject is interlinked on different levels. The knowledge gained on a basic level will have a major impact on the knowledge you will gain in the future. This is why it is emphasized to clear your concepts in math. Otherwise, you will face difficulties in learning math on a higher level.

If we look from the career point of view for students, Algebra II is considered as the first step into the math-related career they will be opting for in the future. This choice is impacted by their knowledge of this subject because topics get complex from here. This understanding of the complexity will determine how they will be performing in their opted career ahead. This does not mean that lack of knowledge will lead you to have a bad career line. The solution to this is practice. With the right knowledge of basic concepts and their practice, you will be able to cover the parts that become the cause of difficulties.

What to focus on before starting Algebra II?

If you are planning on starting algebra II or if you are having trouble understanding the concepts of algebra II, we recommend that you start with two fundamental aspects of math that are geometry and algebra I. if you start by learning the concepts in these two, learning the concepts of algebra II will be rather easy for you.

Our Recommendation

If you think that algebra II is hard and it will create a hard wall between you and your learning ability, here is our recommendation on the matter.

Firstly try to make sure that your basic math concepts from the previous classes are clear. It could be the fundamental concepts that you might not even consider important. They all should be clear to you if you are having trouble with clearing the concepts; practice and keep on practicing until you are sure that you have a strong grip over your conceptual knowledge.

After this, move towards learning geometry and algebra I from the basics. Since your previous concepts are clear, it will not be very difficult for you to learn thoroughly about geometry and algebra I concepts. This is your bridge between you and the concepts of algebra II. once you have crossed the bridge of knowledge related to these two subjects, you will be able to grasp the knowledge related to algebra II with rather ease.

Here are some basic tips for you to know about before you start learning algebra II. Focusing on these tips can help you understand the concepts in a better way:

  • You should be able to solve the basic equations and inequalities having a single variable, for instance, where a variable like X is given a value of Y or Y given a value of X.
  • You should be able to solve an equation that requires you to find the value of both given variables.
  • You need to get a better knowledge of the order of operations in regard to whole numbers and fractions.
  • You should know how to work around functions. If you are plotting a linear or quadratic function graph, you should have the knowledge of graphing the right slopes and intercepts.
  • The basic knowledge of geometry will enable you to understand how the functions of formulas work. If you know how to use different formulas, you will be able to easily solve different math problems, including finding areas of different given shapes, radius, perimeters, or circumferences. In this way, it is important for you to have basic geometry knowledge.
  • It might sound basic, but the knowledge of the correct use of a calculator is essential. You need to know how to solve basic or complex things on a calculator, like determining the minimum or maximum values or working on different features.

Why is Algebra II assumed to be hard?

By now, it has been made clear that algebra II itself is not that hard to understand only if the previously gained knowledge cleared your concepts related to algebra I. If you are still finding it difficult, we suggest that you look for the cracks and weak points in your previously gained knowledge and learned concepts. After you have identified the areas that are causing problems, work on them and practice till these areas are fixed with conceptual learning.

After you have covered these areas and your concepts are clear, you will be able to easily learn the concepts of algebra II without any doubts or confusion.

Since algebra II is simply an extension of algebra I and the core knowledge in algebra II are majorly associated with the previous math knowledge, it’s mainly a matter of practice. The more you practice, the more clear concepts you will have, and eventually, it will become very easy for you to solve the problems related to algebra II.

You can practice alone, with a private tutor, or through online learning platforms, but this practice should be done on a regular basis.

How to practice in the right way?

Practicing done with constant breaks and leaving where it goes wrong will not have a quite positive impact on your concepts clarification. There should be regular practice and analysis of this practice. If there comes a point where you get stuck, you should not leave it just like that. You should make sure to practice it out until it is all clear to you. Skipping that one thing can result in disruptions related to other concepts you are going to learn in the subject.

Here are some ways that can help you learn and focus better on your algebra related skills:

practice algebra

Practice on your Own

As a first step, you need to practice on your own. Analyze the areas where your knowledge grip might be a bit loose. Make a plan as to how you would work on it. It’s better to make a schedule and set up a time to work on your algebra skills and practice even the areas that you already have a grip on. This will help you know better about how you can learn better without any obstacles, and even if there are obstacles, you will know how to tackle them in a correct way.

Learn from other Sources

You can find a lot of information and learning material from different sources, including books and online platforms. There are many books or websites you can find where you can get help from relevant study material or even solved exercises and problems. This will help you to practice in a better way with more knowledge. In the current era, even if you are unable to find relevant information in books, you can always go to the internet and look for anything that you want. You are not limited to the knowledge you possess. Go beyond your learning boundaries and explore the different sources of it.

Get Guidance from a Tutor

While practicing on your own, there might be some areas where you can encounter a block and could be unable to know how to solve the issue. Here you can get help from a private tutor who will provide you individual attention and cater to your learning requirements to help you get a better grip on your concepts. You can receive guidance until you are sure that your concepts are clear, and now you can study algebra II with rather ease.

Even when you are learning from a tutor, we would suggest to keep on practicing on your own on your end as well. So that if you still encounter some problems, you can let your tutor know about them, and they can help you resolve them.


Algebra II is sometimes perceived as a rather hard subject by some students, and we agree that it is a bit difficult to understand, but only if you lack the area of knowledge related to previous math classes and some basic concepts, including geometry and algebra I.

If you are also encountering some problems related to learning about algebra II, we would suggest that you get a strong grip over your previous math knowledge, learn it by conceptual knowledge, and keep on practicing until you are sure that you can solve the problems easily.

Even if you are still experiencing problems while learning, our certified math tutors are here to help you clear away your concepts by offering you a learning experience based on your learning style and requirements.

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