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How to Speak English Fluently? And learn it FAST!


Even after spending considerable time learning grammar and vocabulary – do you still find it hard to speak English fluently and confidently? If yes, then this post is for you. We will be discussing valuable tips on how to speak English fluently as it will help you learn in a comparatively shorter span of time.

What Makes English So Important?

Even though English is a weird language to learn, however, it’s considered a practical skill as it’s the most widely spoken language worldwide.

According to a recent survey done in 2021, 1.35 billion people speak English as their primary or secondary language. One cannot stress enough the importance of learning to speak this language.

Moreover, if you can overcome the language barrier, then you may open yourself to countless stunning career opportunities.

Have you ever thought about it? As a native speaker, how do you achieve fluency in your language? You have been living in an environment conquered by your native language since birth.

What Makes English So Important

It’s all around you.

You communicate with your family and friends in the same language; that is why you do not need to give it proper time in learning to speak it fluently. The social interaction with humans around you lets you know the language. The same goes for English.

However, as a non-native speaker, if you want to be able to speak English well, you need to dedicate some time to learn to speak English fluently every day.

In the end, it all depends on how passionate you are about learning this skill.

You have to make it a priority in order to learn to speak English fluently and confidently.

Great Tips on How to Speak English Fluently

Now we will be sharing a few valuable tips that will help you speak English fluently. So you can feel confident about yourself while participating in a conversation like a pro, especially if you stutter while you speak.

1. Learn it From the Scratch

First and foremost, you need to get to the basics of the English language if you want to be able to speak confidently. The correct way would be to work on the grammar and fix any sort of confusion that you have in your mind. Especially learn parts of speech and the tense verb system in English for better understanding and clarity. It is essential to build a solid foundation, after all.

Learn it From the Scratch

2. Practice Daily

It’s not something that you do once or twice a week and get the hang of it. You really need to dedicate a time slot of your day to save some time in your daily routine to learn to speak English well. It would be best if you practised every day and with patience, as it’s not something you can learn overnight. You need to understand that it’s a time-consuming process, and you will eventually get better at it with time. Just like you brush your teeth every day – it’s more like a habit. The same is with learning to speak English fluently. The more you practice, the better you get at it. You can also practice with your online home tutor.

Practice Daily

3. Come Out of the Learning Phase

You need to make a slight change and tell yourself that you are not in the learning phase. If you change your attitude a little towards things, you can expect to gain so much from this. Stop being afraid while speaking English, and start speaking it as you know it. It’s just the fear you need to overcome; you only need to convey your message instead of fearing to make mistakes while speaking.

Come Out of the Learning Phase

4. Spoken English in Everyday Life

The best way to speak English fluently is by communicating with your family and friends in English regularly. If you do not practice English in your everyday life, how can you expect to get a strong command over it? This is an essential part of speaking English well. Having conversations in English will certainly help you improve. So, get out there and communicate in ENGLISH!! Nothing else is as vital as this. If you only practice listening, it will only aid in enhancing your listening skill. But you need to do the listening side by side whereas more importance should be given to spoken.

Spoken English in Everyday Life

5. We all Make Mistakes

Just keep in mind that even native speakers make mistakes as they do not pay much attention to grammar. However, the most important thing is to be able to communicate and make the person understand what you are trying to say, and nothing else! So, do not hesitate while speaking, even if you think you are making a grammatical mistake. Just keep speaking. After all, we all learn from our mistakes.

We all Make Mistakes

6. Focus on Phrases – Speak like a Native

Native speakers mostly rely on phrases to express their thoughts and feelings. To be able to speak English well, you must study the most common phrases spoken by the Natives in their everyday life. It’s not just about the vocab and grammar. If you learn the phrases, you will have a strong command of the language. Just like when you speak your native language, there might be many phrases that do not make sense, yet you still use them in your daily life. Just keep a notebook handy at all times, or make notes on your phone about the expressions or phrases you learn and then try to implement them in your daily life.

Focus on Phrases  Speak like a Native

7. English – All Around You!

Just think of ways how this language can surround you. The more you practice, the better you get at it. If you are having your breakfast, you can read the latest article on google about trending. While on your way to work, maybe listen to an audiobook. Watch a short youtube video while munching on your lunch in your lunch break. Or listen to a podcast at night. However, if you consistently put your focus on learning English and love it as you own it. Nothing is complicated! Just make sure to put less stress on speaking your mother tongue.

English – All Around You!

8. You Cannot Learn a Language Overnight.

Just accept the fact that English is a language and you need to give it proper time. So stop looking for quick fixes and avoid all kinds of offers that say, ‘learn to speak English in 10 days!’ or ‘speak English fast!’ Instead, put your focus on personal investment. Stick to your goal and follow practical advice. Since English is not something that you can learn from a textbook, it’s like playing the piano or playing basketball, so the more you do it, the better you get at it.

You Cannot Learn a Language Overnight

9. Do Not Study the News

Many students tend to study the newspaper when they are trying to learn the language. However, this approach is not so right after all. As the language used in the news is quite formal, and this will only confuse you more. If you want to be able to speak like a native, the better options to focus on would be through T.V shows or YouTube videos. Maybe you can watch a movie on Netflix with the subtitles on. It’s so worth spending your time on the correct type of content. Just try to ABSORB!

Watching English movies and T.V shows can be the best free resource that you will find easy to practice this skill.

Do Not Study the News

10. Talk to Foreigners in Your City

If you are lucky to find a foreigner around you, this will give you a chance to talk to them in English, eventually making you better at it. Speaking helps more than anything. You can politely request the foreigner to pinpoint any mistakes that he finds while you speak. Their feedback will definitely help you improve. Take it as a tremendous learning opportunity for you. You might be able to deliver your message to them but shouldn’t forget about your goal of learning to speak English fluently. If someone asks you to pronounce a word in your native language, how would you feel? You would be likely to help them learn. So, don’t be shy and go ahead.

Talk to Foreigners in Your City

11. Use the Internet

If you are unable to find someone in your locality with whom you can practice the skill. Do not worry! In this virtual world, nothing is impossible when you can easily connect with like-minded people. You can find a partner online or make a friend with whom you can communicate in English. So get up and find yourself a conversation partner online! Learning a foreign language is hard. There is nothing to be shy of till you reach a point when everything becomes comfortable. It can be intimidating, but the learning mustn’t STOP…

Memorize a few conversation starters to begin random conversations with them. It will help you start a conversation with them without getting to feel awkward. See what fascinates you. Exciting discussions will be beneficial in letting you speak fluently.

Use the Internet

12. Read Out Aloud

The most important practice of learning to speak English fluently is by reading it out loud! Find a piece of text from a blog, a textbook or a magazine and read it aloud and time yourself. After a minute, read it again, trying to beat your previous time. Do it at least thrice to record the fastest time you could read it. This will make you speak fluently and also help you overcome the fear of making mistakes while speaking. This way of practising with speed reading is proved quite beneficial, and you can do as much as you like.

Read Out Aloud

13. Sing a Song

Yes, you read it right. One of the most challenging ways to learn to speak English fluently is by searching a song’s lyrics online. Just type the name of the song in google and search for its lyrics. Now play the song and try to sing along. While singing, you have to cope up with speed, and with practice, you will get better at it. Do not choose a fast track in the beginning because it can be very challenging. However, to begin with, start with something nice and slow and when you get the knack of it. You can choose faster tracks and practice. This will help you feel the difference in no time. You can do one song a day, give it an hour of exercise and do it every day. It is proved great for physical fluency, and you will not find such a helpful trick in any book you read. Don’t make it boring. See what works for you. Explore your possibilities.

Sing a Song

14. The Role of Vocabulary while Speaking

Many students tend to write down the words and translate them into their language. But the question arises – is it imperative to learn vocabulary like this when you are learning how to speak English fluently? This way, students tend to translate each word into their own language. It does not have anything to do with fluency, does it? In this way, your brain is unusually working on multiple tasks. This way, you are not learning to speak English fluently and confidently; instead, you are just translating English vocabulary into your own language. While translating, you forget about the translation of a single word in your head, and you start feeling bad about how poor your English is. This makes you stop since you get demotivated. Since your brain is trying to achieve so many things all at once, this way of learning to speak English fluently is proving poor. Hence, this needs to stop. Learning two different languages at once can be too hard for anyone.

The Role of Vocabulary while Speaking

15. The Importance of Pronunciation

How much should I focus on learning to pronounce words? Pronunciation can be exciting and challenging at the same time since many students have fantastic grammar and vocabulary skills. Yet, they do not feel confident about pronouncing various words the right way. The trouble comes when they are not able to communicate due to their accent because, in the practical world, it matters more than vocabulary. If you practice pronunciation consistently daily, it will be incredibly useful, and results will be shown in a very short period. Also, read out aloud every day in order to get your mouth muscles accustomed to English sounds. All that matters is consistency. No more than 5 or 10 minutes are required to repeat this easy and helpful practice. The goal shouldn’t be to gain the accent fully, but if you are even 90% successful in learning the accent. That should be enough.

The Importance of Pronunciation

16. Do Not Fear the Grammar

When we focus too much on grammar, the fear of making mistakes while speaking stops us from speaking English at all. Even people who speak English as their primary language are not so perfect when it comes to grammar. You should look out for opportunities to practice the skill. You can even appoint an online teacher who is a native speaker to correct your errors. This will ensure speaking English fluently and confidently.

Do Not Fear the Grammar

Bottom Line

We hope these full-on tips will help you learn how to speak English fluently and make you understand the language fast. These tips will be proved beneficial in achieving your goal if you are genuinely passionate about it. However, consistency is the key, and you only need to practice these tips regularly, and you will notice a massive change in yourself within a very short span of time.

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