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Apply as a tutor to teach students online from anywhere in the world.


How to Speak English Fluently? And learn it FAST!


Even after spending considerable time learning grammar and vocabulary – do you still find it hard to speak English fluently and confidently? If yes, then this post is for you. We will be discussing valuable tips on how to speak English fluently as it will help you learn in a comparatively shorter span of time.

What Makes English So Important?

Even though English is a weird language to learn, however, it’s considered a practical skill as it’s the most widely spoken language worldwide.

According to a recent survey done in 2021, 1.35 billion people speak English as their primary or secondary language. One cannot stress enough the importance of learning to speak this language.

Moreover, if you can overcome the language barrier, then you may open yourself to countless stunning career opportunities.

Have you ever thought about it? As a native speaker, how do you achieve fluency in your language? You have been living in an environment conquered by your native language since birth.


It’s all around you.

You communicate with your family and friends in the same language; that is why you do not need to give it proper time in learning to speak it fluently. The social interaction with humans around you lets you know the language. The same goes for English.

However, as a non-native speaker, if you want to be able to speak English well, you need to dedicate some time to learn to speak English fluently every day.

In the end, it all depends on how passionate you are about learning this skill.

You have to make it a priority in order to learn to speak English fluently and confidently.

Great Tips on How to Speak English Fluently

Now we will be sharing a few valuable tips that will help you speak English fluently. So you can feel confident about yourself while participating in a conversation like a pro, especially if you stutter while you speak.

1. Learn it From the Scratch

First and foremost, you need to get to the basics of the English language if you want to be able to speak confidently. The correct way would be to work on the grammar and fix any sort of confusion that you have in your mind. Especially learn parts of speech and the tense verb system in English for better understanding and clarity. It is essential to build a solid foundation, after all.


2. Practice Daily

It’s not something that you do once or twice a week and get the hang of it. You really need to dedicate a time slot of your day to save some time in your daily routine to learn to speak English well. It would be best if you practised every day and with patience, as it’s not something you can learn overnight. You need to understand that it’s a time-consuming process, and you will eventually get better at it with time. Just like you brush your teeth every day – it’s more like a habit. The same is with learning to speak English fluently. The more you practice, the better you get at it. You can also practice with your online home tutor.