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Learning Algebraic Formula | The Formula of (a-b)²

Algebra Foruma

The algebra formula, (a-b)^2, is used to calculate the square of a binomial. It is also called the formula used to calculate the square of the difference of 2 identities or terms. We have covered the formula and a solved example for your better understanding of the formula of (a-b)². So, let’s dive in: 

Algebra Formula: (a-b)^2 Proof

Now, the formula is:


But if you are not sure about it, here is how you can prove it:


⇒ a(a-b)-b(a-b)

⇒ a²-ab-ab+b²

⇒ a²-2ab+b²

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Other Formulae That You Should Know Of

  • (a+b)^2

𝑎+ 2𝑎𝑏 + 𝑏2  


A Solved Example

Find out the value of  (2a – 3b)2


(2a – 3b)2 = (2a)2 + (3b)– 2(2a)(3b)

= 4a2 + 9b2 – 2(2a)(3b)

= 4a2 + 9b2 – 12ab


(3a – 2b)2 = 4a2 + 9b2 – 12ab

And that’s the formula of (a-b)², explained and solved, for you.

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