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Swiss International Scientific School Dubai – [About, Curriculum Type, Activities, Fee Structure, Parent Reviews and Much More]

Swiss International Scientific School Dubai – [About, Curriculum Type, Activities, Fee Structure, Parent Reviews and Much More]

Whether you are looking for International and Bilingual Programmes for your kid or a boarding school for your 11-18 years old child, Swiss International School in Dubai offers it all. It’s a perfect place for your child to build connections, learn and unlearn, celebrate successes, grow mentally and physically, and have fun. The student body of this school is made up of more than 70 different nationalities, and the international faculty team teaches them all.

To discover everything about Swiss International Scientific School (SISD) and determine if they serve your child’s interests or fulfill your demands, give this review blog a read. We will discuss the following points in detail:

  • School Overview
  • Curriculum Type
  • Boarding House
  • External & Internal After-School Activities (ASAs)
  • SISD Transportation Service
  • Fee Structure of Swiss International Scientific School Dubai
  • Parent Testimonials
  • Swiss International Scientific School vs. other schools of Dubai
  • Contact Details

School Overview

Swiss International Scientific School follows four religious values at its BEST to nurture students. Here BEST stands for Bilingualism, Excellence, Sustainability, and Together. It is the first and only school offering excellent boarding school services and French and English, bi-lingual English, German International Baccalaureate (IB), PYP, and MYP Programmes in Dubai.

From early ages to teen years, SISD offers dynamic education focused on personal and academic excellence. They believe in having high standards and providing inclusive, inspiring, and challenging learning, a comfortable and healthier environment. Being an international institute and community, they encourage their students to participate actively in local and global communities. By doing so, students become confident, global-minded, successful, inspiring, and enthusiastic lifelong learners.

Their defined principal speaks highly of their innovative system, multi-lingual approach, and the gold standard of education. SSID quality of education, classrooms, infrastructure, syllabus, environment, and other things collectively made to the good books of latest KHDA ratings.

Curriculum Type

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai follows the IB (International Baccalaureate) programme framework for Pre-KG – Grade 12 students. Moreover, from grade 9 onwards, they follow the Swiss Baccalaureate programme. The majority of bilingual students offer two bilingual streams: English/German and English/French. Everything is designed to encourage students to hone their skills, develop international mindedness, think and reflect in two different languages, and acquire knowledge to access other cultures. They have designed their educational programs with each student’s academic needs, age, transdisciplinary, and welfare in mind. Let’s dig into details of all:

Curriculum Type

Early Years

This programme is designed for young learners to enrich themselves with a wide range of academic, physical, social, cultural, and growth opportunities. IB Primary Year Programme (PYP) is taught to students within a multicultural and multilingual learning environment. Children are free to play, discover and explore their interests, and participate in their chosen activities. To provide real-life experiences and work on students’ independent thinking, creativity, and communication skills, SISD also conducts gaming, music, physical education, and art classes.
Early Years students attend only 40-minute lessons of the following throughout the week:

  • Mathematics
  • Arts
  • Arabic
  • German or French Language
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • Science
  • Physical education
  • Music

However, teachers provide French, English, and German support to learners. To get the details of the school’s language support, read their Language Support Policy and view the curriculum on the official website.

Primary School

SISD follows the concept-based, inquiry-driven, learner-centered, and transdisciplinary curriculum framework to meet the academic needs of Grade 1 to 5 students aged between 6 – 10. Learning with IB Primary Years Programme provides plenty of opportunities and builds communication, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Learners of Primary school can take lessons in certain languages to improve their mother-tongue. SSID offers 40 minutes language sessions in Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Russian. Below is the list of subjects all students have to read:

  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Arabic
  • Science
  • Islamic Studies
  • Art and Music
  • Moral Education
  • Technology Innovation
  • Personal, Social, Physical Education
  • UAE Social Studies
  • Library

Tap here to find out more about the Primary School PYP programme.

Secondary School

At Swiss International Scientific School Dubai, grade 6 to 12 students lie in Secondary School. They study the IB Middle Years Programme (MVP) and watch this video to learn everything about the MYP education system. Following is the list of subjects offered to Secondary School students of SISD:

  • Sciences
  • Language and Literature
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Mathematics
  • Arts
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Design
  • Moral Education
  • Language acquisition

SISD also offers the IB Careers-Related Programme, the IB Diploma Programme, and the IB Diploma Courses for Grades 11 and 12 students. Moreover, their College Counselling Team also supports and guides students for future decision-making. They provide structured information and guidance in English, German and French; students and parents are highly encouraged to contact them.

The pass rate of the latest MYP and IBDP results of SSID students is 100%. Moreover, the percentage of Bilingual IB Certificates in IB MYP is 63% and 50% for IB DP Bilingual IB Diploma.

Boarding House

Swiss International School in Dubai’s boarding school makes its students feel home away from home. They have 200 beds in boarding houses available for camps and groups. It is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the heart of Dubai. If you want to prepare your child for life after school, SISD boarding school is for them. They create a uniquely multicultural environment for students to foster their development on different levels. They are also located in the middle of Dubai, letting you experience gyms, playing areas, sports halls, Olympic-sized swimming pools, and other places to use during and after school.

Boarding House

Watch this short video to have a virtual tour of boarding life at Swiss International Scientific School. Also, read the blog post: Advantages of attending International Boarding Schools to make a perfect decision for your child.

SISD provide boarding of 3 types such as:

  • Full Boarding
  • Weekly Boarding
  • Flexi Boarding

Please review this page for fees and further details of boarding.

External & Internal After-School Activities (ASAs)

“Accept your limits, then go beyond them” having said that, SISD provides a set of internal and external activities to students of all grades. Registration of external after-school activities is on a first-come and first-served basis, and charges are applied. On the other hand, mostly internal after-school activities are free of charge, and students are allowed to participate in any 2 per week.

Below are the tables of External and Internal ASAs, respectively:

External After-School Activities

Early YearsPrimary SchoolSecondary School
Baby FootballBarca FootballBarca Football
Baby TennisBasketballBeach Volleyball
Baby StepsChessItalian (as foreign language)
BasketballArtificial Intelligence – COZMO RobotA.I. Max Robot and Machine Learning
Chinese Cultural ClubChinese (as foreign language)Chinese (as foreign language)
Code 2 FunDramaKarate
CubettoFrench TheatreRoller Skating
Future ScientistsHip HopRussian (as mother-tongue & foreign language)
Learn to SwimItalian (as foreign language)Spanish (as foreign language)
RugbyJunior ScientistsSwimming Beginners/Development
Russian (as mother-tongue)KarateTennis
Mini-BalletMusical TheatreWall Climbing
Musical TheatreRhythmic Gymnastics (Girls)Minecraft Modding
Roller SkatingPiano (Group/Private)Piano (private)
Tots RugbySpanish (Beginners & as foreign language)
Wall ClimbingRussian (as mother tongue and foreign language)
Yoga KidsTennis
Wall Climbing

Internal After – School Activities

Early YearsPrimary SchoolSecondary School
Arabic A (as mother-tongue)Arab Reading ChallengeArabic Support
Book ClubArabic A & B Play-DancingArabic Drama Club
Building Books / ConstructionArabic A Play-ActingArt Club
Drama / Once Upon a TimeArabic (as foreign language & mother tongue)Art of Arabic Calligraphy
English ClubArts and CraftsCurrent Events
English Language Club (invitation only)Creative/Poetry WritingDigital Design Club
French Cultural ClubEnglish Reading ClubDiploma Science Support
French Support (invitation only)French DELF Prim Exam PrepEnglish Creative Writing
Games / Interests ClubFriends ResilienceEnglish Support
German Cultural ClubFrench Booster (E/F Bilingual only)English Cambridge Exam Prep
German Support (invitation only)Games ClubFrench Creative Writing
Just DanceGarden ClubFrench DELF Junior Exam Prep
Maths Challenge Club (invitation only)German Booster (E/G Bilingual only)French Support
Music and MovementGerman (as an additional language)German Student Radio
SewingPiano KeyboardsGerman Goethe Exam Prep
Quran ClubMaths Support
Sewing / KnittingMUN / Debate
Supervised Homework: EnglishPop & Rock Band
Supervised Homework: F / EMathletes
Supervised Homework: G / EScience Support
TED Club – Public SpeakingTheatre Company
Young Entrepreneurs

Find out the important information, timetable, and schedule related to the activities of SISD.

SISD Transportation Service

Swiss International Scientific School Dubai provides a transport facility to its students with many opportunities and facilities. They share a contract with Maverick Passenger Transport LLC – known for its brand-new buses, safety, and efficient service. The SISD transportation department ensures that the travel time is limited to one hour for each student and everyone experiences a safe, secure, and enjoyable ride to school and back home.

SISD has assigned transport ID cards to each student. Attendants, supervisors, and drivers are responsible for swiping each student’s card at the end of the ride to strictly follow the ‘No child left behind policy. However, certain school bus rules need to be followed to keep the ride disciplined and organized.

Below are the contact details of the bus coordinator. You can contact directly or tap here to find out the complete list of communities or areas they covered:

NameMs. Joyce Licayo
Contact Numbers+971 529 118831
+971 437 50624

Fee Structure of Swiss International Scientific School Dubai

The admission fee of SISD is AED 525, and below is the fee structure of both IB and IB bilingual curriculum. Note that the tuition fees include:

  • Internal after-school activities.
  • Early Year student’s childcare.
  • Exam fees.
  • Inclusion measures as per guidance.

However, transportation fees, school trips charges, external after-school costs, food, and beverages are not included.

GradesTuition Fees
2021 – 2022
Tuition Fees
2021 – 2022
International Baccalaureate BilingualInternational Baccalaureate
Pre KGAED 62,484AED 53,000
KG 1AED 69,774AED 59,000
KG 2AED 69,774AED 59,000
Grade 1AED 80,000AED 68,000
Grade 2AED 80,000AED 68,000
Grade 3AED 80,000AED 68,000
Grade 4AED 80,000AED 68,000
Grade 5AED 82,500AED 70,000
Grade 6AED 88,000AED 88,000
Grade 7AED 88,000AED 88,000
Grade 8AED 88,000AED 88,000
Grade 9AED 95,000AED 95,000
Grade 10AED 95,000AED 95,000
Grade 11AED 99,000AED 99,000
Grade12AED 99,000AED 99,000

Parent Testimonials

We collected the reviews of parents of early years, primary and secondary students. They seemed quite satisfied with the teaching curriculum, safe and diverse environment, leadership team, and front desk staff. During the pandemic, SISD implemented and maintained the online setup in a very good way – their distance learning procedure was well-organized, probably the best online system offered compared to any other school in Dubai. Parents found learning of languages quite interesting and as they are proud of seeing their child speaking two languages fluently. Furthermore, the parents of former SISD students shared that their children learn something that no other school could teach them.

Parents of boarding school students shared that the care, secure environment, and attention their children received were overwhelming. It’s fortunate enough to have the bilingual system at the heart of Dubai. It was a pleasure to meet with the highly qualified professionals, vibrant faculty, and warm community of parents. Most importantly, their children have always been very happy with going to school regularly, friendships, meeting people from all over the world, and coming back home with a wide smile and tons of learning and other experiences. In a nutshell, parents seem quite impressed and grateful of the Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai.

For easy access and to know important information, parents must read their handbooks. Moreover, check out their Parent Guide to IT at SISD to have a quick guide to software used by teachers and the students of SISD.

Swiss International Scientific School vs other schools of Dubai

Dubai is filled with numerous great schools with a holistic environment and updated teaching curriculum. Picking the best school is an overwhelming experience, and to make your school hunting a bit easy, we have designed a comparison chart for you. Give it a look! We aim to help you find a school with a high spirit of mutual understanding and minimize conflicts.

Note that the below-compared school has nothing to do with the ranking.

ParametersSwiss International Scientific School DubaiGrammar School DubaiDeira International School
GradesPre-KG to Grade 12FS 2 to Year 13FS 1 to Year 13
CurriculumIB, BoardingA Level, UK National Curriculum, IGCSE, AS LevelGCSE, IB, UK National Curriculum, IB DP, IGCSE, IB CP, EYFS, BTEC, IBDP Courses
Total Staff Members250167153
Student BodyCo-educationCo-educationCo-education
Annual FeesAED 53,000 – 99,000AED 4,733 – 6,509AED 39,938 – 80,465
KHDA RatingGoodAcceptableVery Good
Principal NameMr. Norbert FoersterMs. Nikke AlleyMr. Simon O’Connor

Contact Details

Get in touch with Swiss International Scientific School Dubai

AddressDubai Healthcare City, Phase 2, Al Jaddaf, Dubai, PO Box 505002 UAE
Main Number+971 4 375 0600
Admission Contact Number+971 4 375 0600
Admission Contact
HR Contact Number+971 4 375 0600
HR Contact
Virtual Tour of School
Book a Tour


We are delighted that you have made it here to our blog. Their seats get filled as soon as they announce that admissions are open. Therefore, contact the Swiss International Scientific School admission team now. We highly appreciate your efforts in choosing the right school for your child. And to discover more schools in Dubai, read our blogs. We have reviewed almost every good school based in the UAE. Give them all a read, take virtual school tours, discuss with your child’s private tutors, and choose the best school for your kid.

We look forward to seeing your child moving on to a new stage of life!

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