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Technology Essay for Students

Technology Essay for Students

Technology is advancing day by day in this world, which is why people are willing to learn more about it. Most importantly, it is essential for students these days to know everything about technology and cope with the modern world.

Therefore, we are sharing this technology essay for students to help increase their knowledge. This technology essay contains all the detailed and essential information students might need.

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Essay on Technology


The term “technology” is basically a mixture of 2 Greek words: logos and techne. Logos means saying or expressing a thought, while techne implies a skill or an art. When we combine both, technology means to convey or portray a skill or art to the world. However, in the world today, the meaning of technology has changed a little bit.

Instead of thoughts, skills, and art, technology now revolves around machines, tools, techniques, and software system advancements. Now, it has become a way of utilizing scientific discoveries to better and advance human beings and their lives.

Now, technology refers to different tools, devices, equipment, and machines we use nowadays. In this long essay on technology, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of technology and all the technological advancements until now.

How Modern Technology Changed Our Lives?

When we say that technology has changed our lives, we mean it. Trust me; human beings use technological advancements from morning to evening. Honestly, technology has come a long way. It has progressed a lot from touching the moon to using traction engines and steam tractors for agriculture.

Not only this, but technology is a prominent and essential part of human life now. We start our day with an electric kettle and microwave and end it with air conditioners or water heaters. Whether it is nail cutters, cell phones, laptops, or television, they are a part of technological advancement.

Technological advancement also includes all the modes of transportation we use. From railways to metro trains to airplanes, all are a part of the new technology. In short, the importance of technology in our lives is undeniable, and it has definitely made our life easier.


We already know that technology plays an essential role in our lives, but still, here are a few more prominent examples of how different technologies have changed our lives:

  1. Nowadays, industries from all over the world are using robots to do chores. These chores mainly include cleaning and management. Also, these robots can even go to places that are harmful to human beings.
  2. Next, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the perfect example of technological advancement. Artificial Intelligence is a machine capable of thinking and doing things like humans. It can perform problem-solving, learning, and planning things. Today, AI is widely being used for security and warfare purposes. Also, this machine is helping a lot in medical technology too. The best part, AI is known to be more efficient than humans.

But the question is, is technology truly good for us or not? Do technological advancement, and digital technology has any negative effects? Let’s go ahead with our essay on technology and find out.

Advantages of Technology

Technology does have an important role in our lives, and it has helped us in many ways. Here is a detailed list of advantages of technology:

  1. Technology has made our lives easier and more comfortable by lowering the workload. We get a task done efficiently with minimum human effort and in comparatively less time.
  2. Technology has made communication super easy for us. We can communicate with our loved ones all around the work by simply clicking on our mobile phones. No matter what part of the world you are, communication will never be a problem.
  3. Technology has helped a lot for education purposes, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It made online education easy for students with the help of virtual classes. Moreover, teachers and students were able to communicate and share data efficiently.
  4. New technologies like 3D animation, visuals, and graphics have made it easier for students, especially kids, to under start complex concepts of different subjects.
  5. Technology has done wonders in the healthcare and medical field. There are new machines and equipment that help doctors to deal with certain health problems more efficiently. New technologies have helped humans to live longer life now.
  6. Technology has also made our daily life commute and transport easier. Now we have countless modes of transportation to choose from.
  7. Technology has made significant and beneficial changes in the banking sector as well by improvising their computer systems.

Disadvantages of Technology

Technology has so many advantages to offer, but like every other thing, technology also has some adverse effects and disadvantages. After all, nothing is perfect in this world, right? Here is a list of some drawbacks of technology:

  1. First of all, technology has made many jobs vanish. Why? Because robots, computers, and other devices have taken over the post. For example, if a person had a data handling job before, now that work is being taken care of by the software.
  2. Instead of bringing people together, technology makes them indulge in social isolation. The primary purpose of mobile phones and computers was to promote communication. Still, people now spend all their time playing games and social networking sites instead of interacting with each other.
  3. Technology is now spoon-feeding the students instead of making them use their brains and intellect. Now, they don’t use their thinking and analytical capabilities and just Google resources online.
  4. People are so addicted to using technology now that they have forgotten how to do things manually. This particular habit has made people lazy because they are not doing enough physical activity.
  5. Lastly, technology has compromised the privacy of a lot of people on the Internet. There are a lot of goons present online that loots people by using different online platforms. From bank details to pictures to personal data, everything is compromised.

Future of Technology

It is quite evident that technology will advance more and more in the future. However, this statement is exciting but scary as well. The term technology will take over a lot of natural resources in the near future. We will see significant development in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and nuclear energy.


Now that you have gone through the whole essay on technology, we are sure you know that technology can really help us in making this world a better place. It does have some disadvantages, but they surely outweigh the benefits. We, as human beings, need to ensure that we don’t abuse this gift and use it correctly!

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