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The Best Pakistani Schools in Dubai

The Best Pakistani Schools in Dubai
We are sure you have heard of the expression “fish out of water”. Well that is what most expats experience while residing in UAE. Because of its cultural, lingual and ethnic differences, it is extremely difficult to decide on a school for their children. The initial years of school greatly impact the child’s psychology. Therefore, it is extremely important for your child to be surrounded by a similar culture and environment at school and home alike. In order to avoid any dilemma or identity crisis in your child, as a parent, you must choose a school that best fits your and your child’s needs alike. According to research, Pakistanis make up for the second largest expat population in the UAE. Pakistanis make up one of the largest communities in UAE and with over 1.6 Million Pakistani nationals in UAE, they are the second-largest expat community. Dubai has 194 private schools following 16 curriculums and Abu Dhabi has 185, but what is the best fit for your child is the main area of concern.

UAE and especially Dubai is a heterogeneous city. It is a home to diverse cultures, languages, communities and ethnicities. Therefore, the education sector of the city is also designed to cater to the needs of multiple communities. The fish in the water experience multiplies when expats in UAE start school hunting for their children. Many expat families often prefer schools that feature curriculums from their home country. There are many advantages that follow this choice as incase of a sudden transfer, students find it easy to adjust to their home countries. However, for Pakistani expats in the city, because these schools are not as commonly found as the British or American schools in Dubai, it might be challenging to select schools with Pakistani curriculum in Dubai. There are only a few schools in Dubai with Pakistani curriculum. They adopt a unique approach to inculcate Islamic teachings and Pakistani cultural values through academic and non-academic activities. Read on to find out what these schools offer. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best Pakistani schools in Dubai. This list will aid you in your hunt for the best school for your child’s future. Look no further!


Often shortened as SRAMPS, this Pakistani school in Dubai is like a home to many Pakistani children. It aids the student in their attempts to connect with their roots and instil Pakistani values in students through academic and co curricular activities. The experienced and qualified teaching faculty ensures continuous development with latest pedagogical advancements at SRAMPS. Through its activities and messages, this school aims to instil Pakistani social, cultural and moral values in the young minds while they are still fertile and accepting. The student body of SRAMPS is also kept in touch with the present day events in Pakistan with a focus on current affairs. The school celebrates national holidays and events such as 14th August, Republic Day, Foundation Day, Takbir Day and many more. Another salient feature of SRAMPS is that the curriculum is designed with an innovative approach to better serve the needs of students and parents both alike. This Pakistani school in Dubai not only incorporates the Pakistani curriculum but also fosters knowledge of local culture, events and current affairs in Pakistan.

While it is important to stay in touch with your national values through Pakistani curriculum, it is absolutely vital that the students stay in touch with the local roots of UAE. SRAMPS caters to that very well. Therefore, apart from following the National Curriculum of Pakistan, it adheres to the local curriculum with focus on Arabic language and the knowledge of Arabic and UAE history and culture. The curriculum also encourages students to develop a sense for cultural, communal and social responsibilities.

KHDA rating for this Pakistani school has improved according to the new assessment by the public authority. Pakistani school expenses in Dubai for SRAMPS start at AED 325 and go up to AED 650 every month relying upon the evaluation levels. The day in the school begins with an uplifting moral location that prompts understudies to rehearse energy and virtues. For the general improvement of understudies, there are test rivalries and brandishing rivalries in the school. Painting and calligraphy rivalries likewise occur to advance serious soul among the understudies. The school has various wings for female and male understudies in the optional and higher tutoring classes. Understudies are urged to partake in less than 19 football and cricket competitions. The grounds likewise obliges tutoring occasions and social occasions like rivalries, classes and public day festivities. The contact information for the school is given below:

Founded: 1995

Fees: AED 325 (KG – Grade V), AED 375 (Grade VI-X), AED 650 (Grade XI-XII) monthly

Location: Baghdad Street, Al-Qusais 1, Dubai

Contact: +971-4-298-8303


As the saying goes, old is gold. Pakistan Education Academy is undoubtedly one of the best Pakistani schools in Dubai. Apart from its undeniable legacy in the academic field, it is also one of the oldest and hence most experienced Pakistani schools in Dubai. We all know how important KHDA ratings are for concerned parents. Therefore, we have good news for you. Pakistan Education Academy has an acceptable KHDA rating (2012-18) in Dubai. It is one of the most sought after Pakistani schools in Dubai due to its modern facilities.