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The Screen Time Diet for Teens: Help them to find the Balance!

The Screen Time Diet for Teens: Help them to find the Balance!

Teens these days are stuck in the constant loop of screen time; from Video Games to TikTok, Instagram to other social applications – they just can’t stop. While this is concerning for parents, have you ever thought it is essential for their children too?

No, here we are not saying that you allow the teens to spend as much time on screens they want and stop studying or socialising. However, we are asking you to create a screen time diet for teens. This means creating a balance between their screen time and other life.

Why? Well, because technology can help them be creative, resourceful, and knowledgeable. Moreover, the world is going more digital and tech-centric day by day, and teens need to be prepared for that.

In this post, we are going to tell you about how to help your teens find the balance between tech/screen time and other things. But first, let us go through a few benefits of screen time for teens. Keep Reading!

Benefits of Screen Time for Teens

As we have briefly mentioned above, screen time is not bad for teens; just its excess is wrong. Here are some healthy benefits of screen time if consumed in a balanced and appropriate way:

  1. It helps teens to stay connected with their friends and maintain an active social life. From staying in touch with old friends to making new ones, tech helps in all.
  2. Internet and tech also help teens by being an information resource. They can find all the valuable and additional information related to their assignments, homework, and research papers.
  3. Let’s be honest; students and teens are constantly stressed with the constant workload and academic pressure. So, tech and gaming can be a breath of fresh air for them. Mainly video games can help them relieve stress if they are playing the right ones.
  4. Internet and social media channels are also excellent platforms for teens to express and showcase their talents and qualities. Whether it is photography, art, singing, acting, or makeup artistry, the internet will help them to portray themselves with a higher reach.

Ways to Help Teens Maintain a Balanced Screen Time Diet

As promised, we are sharing some practical ways below to help your teens maintain a healthy and balanced screen time diet. Just keep one thing in mind; your kids will need an example to follow this diet, and you need to set that example. If you are going to make your teens stick to the below-mentioned screen time diet routine, you need to follow it too!

Let’s dive into the ways now.

The Dinner Table Rule:

First of all, there should be a dinner table in every family: no one will use any sort of tech gadget at the dinner table, whether it is a laptop, tablet, or cell phone. This way, the whole family will have the time to bond together and talk about their day and what is happening in their lives.

Talk about the adverse effects of Screen Time:

Next, talk to your teens about the serious and adverse effects of excessive screen time. You can watch documentaries together, read case studies, and even interview expert psychologists. This way, the teens will know when to stop with the never-ending scrolling and gaming.

Making a Routine Instead of Banning:

Instead of banning their cell phones and play stations altogether, design a practical and balanced screen time routine for your teens. You can give proper and equal time to socialising, house chores, studying, and screen time in this routine. It would be better to discuss with your teens when they want to do what before making the routine. They will feel good if you prioritise their thoughts first.

Plan Outdoor and Amusing Activities:

If you want your teens to cut down their screen time and get up from the couch, you need to give them something for motivation, right? Plan fun trips to the museum, amusement parks, zoo, or any other amusing outdoor activity. Doing this will eventually make their time relaxed from the school stress while preventing them from using screens as well.

Don’t Scold Them:

The more you scold and stop the teens from something, the more they will do it. So, never stop and discourage them from playing video games if they love it, let’s suppose. Instead, encourage their passion, and you will notice they will keep it balanced on their own.

No Screens at BedTime:

Trust me; screens and sleep are worst enemies. You can not have a peaceful and sound sleep if you take your cell phone to bed. The same is the case with teens too. Therefore, make a rule that they can’t take their screens to bed, no matter what. They should only be allowed to use them during the daytime or according to their routine.

Final Words

The fact that you should deprive teens of screen time entirely is a myth. Doing this will only make them more frustrated and stressed. Instead, help them maintain a balance between their studies, social life, and screen time. Trust me; this will be the best decision you will ever make for teens as their parent, teacher, or tutor.

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