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Top British Schools in Sharjah

Top British Schools in Sharjah
By the population graph, Sharjah is the third biggest city in the United Arab Emirates. It hosts more than 800,000 residents within itself. Amid the Persian gulf on the left side and Oman gulf on the east side, it is the hub of humanity, industry and contributes 7.4 % of the GDP of the United Arab Emirates. Due to its ethnic, religious and national diversity, it would not be wrong to call Sharjah the cultural capital of UAE. Naturally, as the cultural capital, Sharjah has some of the best schools catering to the needs of parents and students of various ethnicities and nationalities alike. Quite a number of the schools in Sharjah follow the British curriculum. Because of the increasing number of British people settling in Sharjah, expatriates, O level schools in Sharjah with British Curriculum are gaining more and more popularity there. Listed below are the best of these schools. This list is not limited to British curriculum schools in Sharjah but also lays down the perks and cons of each school. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in:

1. Providence English Private School

The first school on our list today is Providence English Private School. The school’s main goal is to give information on worldwide greatness through advancement to its students so that in future they become worldwide residents and pioneers. PEPS urges students to accumulate information through experience that endures long to support inventive abilities for the present and future. The school follows the British educational plan which stresses mostly on books and recommended text that it has arranged from driving world distributors. The students go through 4 month to month tests a few week after week tests throughout the entire year with the goal that they become mindful of their scholarly accreditations. PEPS is related with different games clubs as it accepts sports and games are just about as fundamental as scholastic training on the grounds that ‘Solid life is a well off life’ is its solid conviction. With a particularly by and large experience, students get the genuine picture around them. The Providence English Private School is considered as outstanding amongst other British schools in Sharjah in light of the fact that it vows to fabricate its students profoundly to regard different societies, truly to be beneficial to acknowledge demands, scholastically to be at standard with the worldwide norm of training and socially improve the world they live in. The contact details of the school are given below:

P.O. Box 25532. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

+971 06 5340443

2. International School Of Creative Sciences

The second school on our list today is International School Of Creative Sciences often cited as ISCS. The school aims to provide top notch education to the British expats residing in Sharjah. The teaching practices of the school converges its focus on cultivating creative and critical thinking in its students. To achieve that, the school incorporates British curriculum. The best thing about this school is that not only it is one of the best British Curriculum schools in Sharjah but it also provides the UAE National curriculum to its students as well which is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education.  ISCS is the only Promethean center of excellence in the Middle East and probably the only Promethean innovation hub in the world. The enormous grounds of the school involves scholastic offices like – library, ICT rooms, kitchen lab, brandishing offices like – jungle gyms, multi-reason corridors, pool with advanced learning labs, parent’s entryway, centers, bottle, and transport offices. Abilities like honesty, resistance, cooperation, boldness, and empathy are extraordinarily educated to the students of ISCS so that in future they change into responsible global citizens. The contact details of the school are given below:

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Road.
+971 6 513 6700

3. Scholars International Academy

Before we tell you about the third school on our list today, first, let us tell you that there are only two schools in Sharjah that are accredited by BSO (British Schools Overseas) and Scholars International Academy are one of them. This makes SIA much more trustworthy and credible than the rest of the schools on the list. Apart from that,  SIA is also a full member of BSME (British Schools Middle East). SIA follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales along with Cambridge Curriculum programs, the most prestigious standard for international British education. To open a student’s potential in the most powerful learning climate makes Scholars International Academy outstanding amongst other British schools in Sharjah. Intensive program direction is given by amazingly skilled educators from everywhere the world. Various students assemble here to look for their direction to turn out to be scholastically and delicately effective in their lives. The 7-section of land grounds of the school gives sufficient freedoms to the students to dominate in their mastery. It incorporates the house, container, library, semi-Olympic pools, jungle gyms for the KG kids, ICT labs, music room, show room, plan and innovation room, workmanship room, yoga studio to give some examples. Alongside schooling, sports, phonetic capacities, innovation, performing expressions, social communications and local area administrations are given equivalent consideration in SIA. The contact details for the school are given below:

Near Sharjah University City. Sharjah, UAE.

+971 06 519 7000

4. Sharjah English School

Sharjah English school was established in the year of 1974. This esteemed school is located near the University city of Sharjah. It is the best choice for British expats and students who want the best British education for their offsprings. A lot of students come to SES from Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Mirdiff, and Dubai too. Despite the fact that Sharjah English School is a nonprofit institute, the quality of the education it provides is of excellent level. Owing to its dedication and uncompromising attitude towards quality, Sharjah English School is definitely one of the best British schools in Sharjah. Alongside academic excellence, SES takes particular consideration with the goal that the students go through self-awareness, acquiring trust in them to become energetic and innovative students. SES offers its students the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Any student can take an interest who is over 14 years of age. The honor underlines neighborhood local area administration, rehearsing an exceptional ability and actual entertainment. SES accepts that its students can adjust to any circumstance around them later on as a result of the school’s extraordinary educational plan, esteem administration to the general public, support to be inventive and imaginative, and direction to rouse through commitment. The contact details of the school are given below:

Meliha Road (Near National Paints, opposite University City).

+971 06 558 9304

5. Al Mawahib British Private School

Al Mawahib British Private School is perhaps the best choice for parents who want a fine blend between British and Islamic Education. This private school provides a curriculum that balances the British way of education with Islamic education. This dual mode of education makes the student aware of the international mode of Education as well as the traditional religious education of his or her family. The campus is a home to enhance the kids artistic and academic capabilities. AMBPS believes that education is the greatest responsibility for any society as nurturing the young generation is a must for the upliftment of any civilization. The details of the school is given below:

Halwan, Sharjah. Landmark: Behind Sharjah Television. Zip code : 24777.

+971 06 567 0077

6. Victoria English School

Throughout the previous 20 years, Victoria English school has been giving excellent academic and creative freedom to the students of Sharjah. The adoption of British Curriculum and its acceptance to diversity makes it one of the best British Schools in Sharjah. The curriculum of the school includes the primary (FS, KS1, and KS2), the secondary, the Arabic and Islamic, and the learning development sections. Alongside the academic learning, VES also focuses on creative and critical thinking, area-specific learning (sense of the world, expressive art and design), language, mathematics, science, computing, geography, history, music, and physical education as well. The school aims to reach the highest of academic values. But, at the same time spends equal time nurturing intrinsic qualities like creativity, culture and the well -being of others. Details of the school is given below:

P.O Box 25549. Sharjah, UAE.

+971 06 522 7770

7. Rosary School, Muweilah

The thing that makes Rosary School the most credible is that it has an accreditation from the University of Cambridge to conduct IGCSE (The International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exam. This school was established in 1976. It follows the British curriculum preparing the students for IGCSE and AS levels. The school aims to make its students the most responsible, learned and creative global citizens. Social responsibility and commitment to peace and volunteerism are the two key elements of the school’s focus.

Sharjah-Industrial-No. 16/Sharjah-Maliha Street School.

+971 06 534 4118

8. School Of Knowledge

School of Knowledge was set up in 1990 and gives quality training from KG to class 6. The school accepts 3 ascribes ought to be mentored to understudies from the very adolescence, that are scholastic greatness, character building, and initiative preparing. The vision of the school is to take a stab at greatness, walking towards progress, looking for new skylines for self-improvement and worth. The school rehearses movement based learning through different co-curricular exercises like karate, music, oration, sports and games, workmanship and specialty, and swimming. SOK considers every baby entering the school as a hold of ability and the school vows to enable that person to the fullest substance. Contact details of the school are given below:

AL-Nuiamiya Street, Ajman Road. AL-Azra Area, School zone.P.O.BOX 4926, SHARJAH, U.A.E.

+971 06 524 9797

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