What is The Source of Earth's Water?

What is The Source of Earth's Water
Water is undeniably an essential part of our lives. It works as a cure for everything; dehydration, scratchy throat, skin problems, dry throat, and much more. However, whenever you are having your perfect glass of water, have you ever thought, "Where did this water come from?" If yes, then don't worry; we all have at some point in our life.

Well, the answer to this question is simple, all the water in this world either originates from underground, rainwater harvesting, or surface water from the rivers. After collecting the water from these sources, it is then further purified to be drinkable. Only 0.3% of the water on this planet is consumable, and the rest is found in the atmosphere, ground, oceans, and ice caps.

But again, where did all that water come from? What is the source? Was it already there when Earth came into existence, or there is some other story?

Don't worry; we have the answer to all your questions! We will explain the source of Earth's water, and the story behind it. Keep Reading; it will get interesting!

Where did Earth's Water Come From?

Scientists and Researchers have been trying to figure out the answer to this question for decades now. I mean, obviously, more than 70% of our planet is covered in water, and it is kind of the main reason why we are still here. 

There are many possible explanations and answers to this question; for a long time, scientists have emphasized that some water-bearing asteroids collided with Earth, and that is how this planet got the water. Moreover, some theories also suggest that the collision responsible for creating the Earth and the Moon could be the reason for the planet to have water.

However, now we got a new study that shows all our previous theories about the source of Earth's water might be wrong. According to a recent study published by the National Academy of Sciences, maybe the Earth was formed with its water. Yes, the study suggests that either the Earth already had water, or maybe it was hit by something purely made of water or an H2O ball. This study was suggested by closely analyzing the moon rocks found in the Apollo Missions.

Therefore, all the previous understandable theories about asteroids were eliminated.

The Moon and Earth

Now you must be thinking, how can scientists come to a conclusion about something huge by just studying moon rocks? Well, the moon is a celestial body revolving around our planet, and you can learn a lot of credible information about Earth with the help of such objects. 

The moon and the Earth have always been linked with each other. Earlier, scientists found out that the moon and Earth were formed after a collision between two asteroids and celestial bodies. Hence, their histories are linked too. Unlike our planet Earth, the moon has no weather or atmosphere. That is why the moon is the most reliable object to learn about the history of Earth. 

A few years ago, a very popular and interesting theory came about how the moon came into being; the Big Splash. According to this theory, before the life and world came into being, our Earth had a collision with another planet called Theia. After that collision, there was some leftover debris in the space that gathered together to form the moon. This theory further explains that this collision also left some permanent changes on the Earth's Elemental Structure, and that is how the atmosphere and water were formed. 

However, when researchers studied and analyzed the moon rocks, they found that the elements they thought changed were not even there in the first place. Therefore, the changes in these elements are not responsible for the formation of water. Confusing, right? Moreover, this study also helped us to find the real age of the moon when researchers tried to identify the time frame of the collision that occurred; 4.5 billion years.

However, currently, the most logical and recent explanation of the source of Earth's water is pretty straightforward; researchers think the water came from water-rich elements and objects. All these objects got combined as building blocks and formed the water of the Earth.


Honestly, Earth's water's actual and real source is a mystery that can never be solved. Researchers have been trying their best to find out the answer, but all they can do is give theories, try to understand the possible reasons, and find new facts. What we can do is live, try to learn the phenomena, and see what else the researchers come up with. 

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