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What is Vedic Mathematics?

What is Vedic Mathematics?
Are you someone wondering about what is Vedic maths, its advantages, and how do you ace the trick? If yes, then you are at the right place!
Vedic mathematics is the troupe of sutras and operating techniques to solve mathematical computations easier and faster. There are a total of 16 formulas and 13 sub formulas that can be implemented to solve algebraic problems in a simpler and less complicated manner.
By applying the Vedic math formulas, one can enhance their intelligence and solve the equations 10 to 15 times faster than the usual methods. The Vedic Maths is divided into Junior and Senior, which are both additionally divided.
In this post, we will elaborate on everything you need to know about Vedic maths, its tricks, and all the additional information you might need. Keep Reading!

What does Vedic Math Means?

The word Vedic math is derived from the Sanskriti word ‘Veda’ meaning ‘knowledge’ and ‘Ved’ means sacred knowledge.

Father of Vedic Math:

The father of Vedic Math is Krishna Tirtha was born on 14th March 1884 in Purk Village, Orissa, which is a state in India. He was also excellent in Science, Sanskriti, and Humanities as a student. He learned the knowledge of Vedic Sutras while he was meditating in a forest near Singeri for 8 years.

Krishna Tirtha wrote the initial 16 Vedic tricks in 1957 but later developed Cataracts in both eyes and passed away on 2nd February 1960. It was discovered to obtain a legitimate, short, and to-the-point answer instead of requiring several steps.

According to Krishna, he learned the knowledge of Sutras from the Vedas, more precisely from the Atharva Veda. That is why they were named ‘Vedic Math Tricks.’ Using Vedic math tricks, we can easily solve the most challenging problems by using our minds a bit.
Some of the Vedic maths tricks for faster calculations are mentioned below:

  • Multiplication of a two-digit number by 11:

By using this method, it takes only a few seconds to solve the multiplication sum.
To multiply any two-digit number with 11, let’s take 27. Suppose there is a space between 27.

Put a Fictional space between:

27* 11= 2_7

Now add both the numbers 2 and 7 and put the answer in the fictional space. So,

27* 11= 295

Now try any number yourself, and you will see the results.

  • Multiplying any number by 5:

Most of the students learn the 5 times table effortlessly, but it gets intricate if we jump into larger numbers.

While dealing with larger figures, take any number and divide it by 2 or half the number. If the result is a whole number, just put a 0 at its end. Ignore the remainder and add a 5 at the end if it has a remainder.
For example:

2624/2 = 1312

As 1312 is a whole number, so add 0.

The answer will be:

2642 x 5 = 13120

Let’s try another number:

6757 / 2 = 3378.5

Here .5 is the remainder so just ignore it and add 5.

The answer will be:

6757 x 5 = 33785

  • Dividing a large number by 5:

By applying this trick, you will get the desired result in a few seconds, no matter how big the value is.
All you have to do is to multiply the number by 2 in the first step, whereas in the second step, move the decimal point.

For example:

435 / 5 = ?


435 * 2 = 870


Move the decimal to 87.0 or simply 87

Let’s try it again.

3524 / 5 = ?


3524 * 2 = 7048


Move the decimal just like before.

704.8 or just 704

Take several numbers yourself and give them a try to divide with the easiest method!

  • Multiplying any large number with 12:

To multiply a number with 12, double the last digit and subsequently double each digit and add up to its neighbor.

For example.

24312 * 12 = ?

Break it down into simpler steps


24312 * 12 = _ _ _ _ _ 4 (double of the last digit 2 = 4)


24312 * 12 = _ _ _ _ 4 4 (double 1 = 2 and add it to 2, 2 + 2 = 4)


24312* 12 = _ _ _ 7 4 4 (double 3 = 6 and add it to 1, 6 + 1 = 7)


24312* 12 = _ _ 1 7 4 4(now double 4 = 8 and add it to 3, 8+3=11, 1 will get carry over)


24312* 12 = _9 1 7 4 4 (now double 2 = 4, and add it to 4 with the carry, 4 + 4 + 1 = 9)

STEP 6. 

24312* 12 = 291744 (double the 0=0, and add it to 2, 0 + 2 = 2)

The final answer of 24312* 12 = 291744.

  • Converting kilograms into pounds:

Conversion of Kilograms into Pounds can be done in your head in a few seconds!

For example, you have to convert 122 kg into pounds.


The kg amount will b multiplied by 2 

122 x 2 = 244


Divide the answer by 10.

244/ 10 = 24.4


Add both the results.

244 + 24.4 = 268.4 pounds.

  • Multiplication of any three-digit numbers:

Pick any two numbers such as

204 and 208


Subtract the number at unit place:

204 – 4 = 200

208 – 8 = 200


Select any number now and add the unit digit of another

208+4 = 212


Now multiply both the numbers:

212 x 200 = 42400


Multiply the unit digits of both numbers:

4 x 8 = 32


Now add 42400 + 32 = 42432

The product of  204 and 208 is 42432.

  • Trying to find a square:

Finding a square of any number by using a medic maths trick is the easiest. 


A base should be chosen closer to the number whose square is to be found.


A difference in the number from its base should be found.


Add the difference with the number.


The result will be multiplied by the base.


The product of the square of the difference will be added with the results of the upper step.

For example:

  • Let’s take (69)2 =?
  • Choose 70 as a base.
  • Difference = 69 – 70 = -1 
  • Difference + number = 69 + (-1) = 68
  • Multiply result with base = 68 x 70 = 4760
  • Add result with square of difference = 4760 + (-1)2 = 4761

  • Squaring a number ending by 5:

This trick will teach you the quickest way to square a Two-digit number ending by 5.

The trick is to multiply the digit on the left with itself + 1 and put 25 at the end.

Let us take an example of:

Find (65)2 = ?


65 x 65 = _ _ _ _ 25


6 x (6+1) = 6 x 7 = 30

Therefore, the answer will be 4225.

Now, if you check for any viable exam papers, you will see how quickly all those questions can be solved using these maths tricks for faster calculations.

Advantages of learning Vedic Math Tricks:

In today’s world, smartness wins. The students are too dependent on digital appliances effortlessly to solve simple mathematical questions and do not bring their minds into use. We should teach Vedic math tricks to students and encourage them to bring their minds into working. After that, their mind will work like a calculator.
Some of the benefits of using Vedic math formulas are as follows:

  • Proposes flexibility and surprising liking by using Vedic math formulas to solve questions without stressing.
  • Provides students with a better understanding of mathematics.
  • Most problems are solved within a few seconds by just a single or two steps which saves time and makes the student’s mind work effectively.
  • Vedic math improves the mental skills of a student.
  • A student can learn all the mathematics concepts in modern mathematics in about 10 to 12 years. However, the same student can only learn Vedic maths tricks in several months with precision.
  • Boost creativity, self-confidence, and thinking capacity.
  • Helps in precise guessing.
  • Learning becomes easier as you may apply one rule of Vedic Math to several situations.
  • Vedic Math promotes the students toward mental calculations.
  • It helps improve memory as most of the calculations take place without paper and pencil, so for great results, the student must focus and remember, which prolongs the pupil’s memory.
  • Allows faster calculation with no mistakes.
  • Saves the time of students in the processes.
  • Reduces the burden of memorizing complicated concepts.

Final Words

Vedic Math is more capable and cohesive as compared to standard Mathematics. It leads to amusement and fascination while solving mathematical problems. It provides the flexibility of the mind and sharpness. However, Vedic mathematics is not very popular as it is considered outdated and vintage.

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