Why are Earth and Other Planets Round in Shape?

Why are Earth and Other Planets Round in Shape?

Our solar system is one of the most complex yet interesting parts of the universe. Whether adults or children, all are confused about one thing; Why are Earth and other planets round in shape? Do they have a problem with other shapes or what? As funny as this question may sound, it is legitimate, though.

So, are you a student worried about the same innocent question in your mind? Don’t worry. We are always here to solve all your confusion! In this post, we will answer the most complex question: Why are all the planets in our universe round?

But before that, let’s find out if Earth is really round or not? Keep reading!

Is Earth Round?

Before diving into the ‘why,’ we first need to figure out if Earth is really round or not? What? You have not heard about the Earth is flat debate? We bet you have!

However, no matter how much people say it is flat, one thing is for sure; Earth is Round. Also, we have known this fact for the past 2000 years or more. Everything is round and spherical, from the sun to the moon to all the planets!

But before we explain why they are round, we want to make sure you know that Earth is round and not flat!

Is Earth Round

Earth is Round and not Flat? Prove!

Yes, we understand that, like every other thing, you need proof to accept this point too. Don’t worry; we have the proof for you! The only way to check if Earth is round and not flat is to look at it from a distance. And by distance, we mean a very, very distant perspective!

Different astronauts and satellites have helped us to achieve that perspective. There are countless pictures available that clearly show that the blue part of the Earth has a curve. However, we have a problem here too. People who believe that Earth is flat also believe that those pictures are fake.

However, a 2000-year-old Greek ideology gave us enough proof. A few Greeks experimented with something with the help of 2 sticks. They fixed those sticks on the Earth’s surface, with a 500 miles distance in between. Also, the sticks were in 2 different cities.

The sticks were right under the sunlight, and guess what? The Greeks noticed that one stick was casting a shadow and the other one was not. If the Earth were flat, there would be no shadows. This is only possible because the Earth had a curve somewhere, right?

Similarly, the Greek Philosopher Aristotle gave us another proof a few years ago! The Earth always throws a shadow at the moon every lunar year. Aristotle focused and observed that the shadow is always in an arc shape. Now obviously, an arc shadow is only formed when the main object is round or spherical, right?

Earth is Round and not Flat_ Prove!

If Earth is Round, why isn’t this Visible?

I am sure now you wonder if Earth is round, why can’t we see the curve? Well, because the curve can’t be seen like this. You have to climb 35,000 feet above the sea level to see the curvature finally, that too with the help of a broad angle view.

You can’t see the curve even if you are flying on an airplane because its maximum flying capacity is 28,000 above sea level. If you really want to see the curvature, you will have to climb up the space.

Now that we are sure Earth is round let’s explain why it is so!

Why are Earth and all the Planets Round?

Now, here comes the most-asked question, “Why is everything round in this universe? Why are they not cubes or a triangle?” Well, this is because of gravity. We all know what gravity is, right? It is a force that pulls on things and objects. From random objects to human beings to trees, everything in this world and universe contains gravity. Why? Let us explain.

This is because everything has mass, and where there is mass, there is gravity. Mass is basically the count of material, and things present inside something. It can be people, rock, gasses, water, etc.

Why are Earth and all the Planets Round

Issac Newton is the scientist who discovered this concept, and according to his, one of many rules of gravity, it pulls on everything to the center of the mass.

When Earth and all the other planets were forming, they were made of a hot liquid. Now, since all the planets and Earth contain mass, the gravity pulled on from the center when they were formed, squeezed everything together, and formed a ball shape. When the planets cooled down, they formed a solid ball shape.

That is how we have everything round in this universe!

Final Words

I hope that you found the answer to your question, and that too clearly! Also, let’s take a minute out to thank God for making all the planets sphere. Imagine if it were pentagons or hexagons; making the solar system model would be a dreadful task!

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