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What is a Pacinian corpuscle and how does it work?

There are different types of receptors in the body for sensing different signals from the external environment. Pacinian corpuscles are a type of mechanoreceptors responsible for sensing any mechanical stimulus like touch, vibration  and pressure . These receptors are present in bones , joints, viscera and in the walls of many organs like pancreas, urinanr bladder where they sense deep pressure signals. 
 These are basically encapsulated endings of sensory neurons, oval shaped, embedded deep in the skin dermis and hypodermis.they are surrounded by connective tissues. Any sort of damage to the tissues created as a result of the pressure is detected as the signal by the corpuscles and impulses are sent to the brain through the nerve endings and dendrites they have in their central core. The signal causes the initiation of an action potential causing ion channels to open . positively charged sodium ions diffuse into the axons causing depolarization. The action potential spreads throughout the length of the nerve fibre and travels through nodes of ranvier along the sensory neuron. This way the stimulus travels and initiates a response through the motor neuron .

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