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What are some differences between RNA and DNA?

Human body is made up of multiple polymers such as carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids.
There are two distinct types of nucleic acids 
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid
RNA ribonucleic acid
Both of them are more or less similar and are  made up of similar monomers known as nucleotides
Nucleotides consist of nitrogenous base, pentose sugar and phosphate group.
Phosphate group is the same in both DNA and RNA however there are few differences in other components.
Nitrogenous base
There are two types of nitrogenous bases: purines and pyrimidines.
Purines are the same for RNA and DNA i.e. Adenine and guanine 
Pyrimidines include Cytosine and thymine in the case of RNA  instead of thymine as uracil.
Adenine pairs with thymine in DNA but pairs with Uracil in RNA

DNA is double stranded however RNA is single stranded.

Pentose sugar
DNA and RNA both has pentose sugar however in DNA sugar is deoxyribose and in RNA is Ribose

DNA is more stable as compared to RNA.therefore RNA is more prone to damage as compared to DNA.

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