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Compare and contrast the structure and properties of phospholipids with those of triglycerides.

The similarities and differences between phospholipids and triglycerides are explained below:






Both compounds have carbon, hydrogen and oxygen present


Both compounds have ester bonds that form by the condensation process


Both compounds have fatty acids due to which they have a hydrophobic character


Both compounds have glycerol molecule




They have two fatty acids and instead of the third one, they have a phosphate group

They have three fatty acid tails



Due to the phosphate group, they have a hydrophilic nature. So they are amphipathic in nature.

They don’t have a hydrophilic nature as no polar phosphate groups are present. They are not amphipathic in nature. 


When they form, they release 2 water molecules

When they form, they release 3 water molecules


They are found as the part of the lipid bilayer

They are used as stores of energy and are used in insulation and can surround organs

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