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"During large heart attacks the chordae tendineae can be damaged. Use your knowledge of the heart’s structure and the diagram below to to explain how damage to these structures may lead to backflow of blood from the right ventricle to the right atrium."

Heart is the pumping organ and one of the most important parts of the circulatory system. It can be divided into four chambers: right and left ventricles and right and left atrium. Blood flows from the atrium to the ventricle through small openings known as valves that make sure that blood flow is unidirectional and there is no backflow of blood. Right atrium and right ventricles are separated by tricuspid valves that consist of 3 cusps which are supported with the help of tendinous cords. 
Due to large heart attacks these cordes have to work harder to prevent backflow of blood into the atrium. But due to high pressure of blood these cords can be damaged hence the tricuspid valve is left unsupported which leads to back flow of the blood.

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