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Explain the cell cycle

All the cells that divide they have to pass through cell cycle that comprises of three major stages

  • Interphase

  • Mitotic phase

  • Cytokinesis

Interphase can be thought of as a resting phase during which there is no apparent cell division taking place; however this phase is very active and the cell is preparing itself for division. It is further divided into 3 phases

S phase

G1 phase

G2 phase

In s phase Dna is replicated so each daughter cell gets one copy of dna, G1 phase is growth phase during which cell increases in size and in G2 phase organelles are duplicated and huge amounts of energy is stored.

Mitotic phase is original cell division phase in which 2 daughter cells are formed it can be divided into 4 phases

  • Prophase

  • Metaphase 

  • Anaphase

  • Telophase

During prophase chromosomes condenses and the nuclear membrane disappears, during metaphase chromosomes are aligned on the equator of the cell, during anaphase chromosomes pairs breaks from centromere and each sister chromatid moves to opposite ends of the cell and lastly during telophase nuclear envelope is formed again and chromosomes are converted back to thread like structures.

Cytokinesis is the stage during which a cell membrane invaginates and two cells are completely separated from each other.

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