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15 Student Life Hacks You Need to Know

15 Student Life Hacks You Need to Know

Life is not easy, but your life hacks can make it! Yes, you read it right. If you are a student of the school, college, or university, living in a hostel or not, we have some quick, clever ideas for you that will make your daily tasks easier. And such creative ideas are called ‘Life Hacks.’ Kindly stick with us till the end and know all the amazing student life hacks. Once you start using them in your daily life, I am sure you will wonder how you have lived your whole life without them.

Student life hacks are that knowledge that you will not learn in school, colleges, or books. It is something that comes from finding a quick solution and experiencing new things. So, come along and try some of these amazing life hacks and tell your friends about them. It will surely blow their minds.

Learn them all and let us know which one of the following you will try first.

1. Keep your budget

Starting from the very basic and essential student life hack, and that is money. If one learns how to manage the money till the very end of the month, they will never go out. And if you are more into the digital tool then make use of this budget calculator. There are so many other apps too that can help you with your finances. Other than this, make a list of your daily or monthly finances, let go of the stuff that costs a lot and is of no use. Save the money that goes on junk food; it will keep your bank account filled and health fit, I bet!


2. Schedule your tasks

Making a timetable or scheduling the tasks is known chiefly as a homework hack. To keep yourself away from any trouble or exam tension, make a study plan that helps you learn and finish the whole syllabus on time. It is a student life hack for achieving good grades and performing better.


3. Quick kitchen hacks

Knowing how to cook from scratch and quick kitchen tips are the ultimate college life hacks for you all. If you live in a hostel, start batch cooking as it will save money and time. And if the queue of microwaving is long and you have two bowls to the oven, try this game-changing campus life hack. Put a coffee mug upside down next to one bowl in the microwave. Now put the other bowl on the top of a mug, and heat your two meals at once.


Multi-tasking is the way to an easy life. So, if you are running out of kitchen shelf space. Don’t worry! Open the drawer, put a cutting board over it and make use of your new space.

4. Make your own money

Suppose society or the system has made your mind that you cannot earn while studying or living in your home, then you are wrong. So, please change this mindset and make your own money while learning. It is a real-life hack that every university or college student needs to know. There are numerous online jobs you can do and arrange your own pocket money. All you have to do is learn a skill and get paid for it.


5. Wake up on time

If you struggle waking up on time even after setting many alarms, then try our most favorite student life hack. Before going to sleep, set the alarm and put your phone in an empty glass or cup. Place it a little far from you. Doing so will make the alarm sound louder, and the distance will make you get up from bed and turn off the alarm. This hack will surely wake others up around you.

And if you feel tired after having a sound sleep or nap, drink a glass of water. You are not tired but just dehydrated.


6. Learn a skill & make friends

Learning just one thing throughout your academic life can be nerve-racking sometimes. Make sure to learn new skills and be a part of different societies. Learning new skills has enormous benefits, and it lets you meet new people and make friends. Learning new skills makes you an exciting person and helps your brain learn things faster, and it is the most helpful student life hack for all the school, college, and university students.

So start taking a short course and make friends who do the same things as you.


7. Set more alarms

Heavy procrastinator? Then set more alarms, rather than making excuses on starting a new task and leaving it for later. Start setting alarms for each job. For example, if you have to complete two home works within half an hour, then divide the time and set alarms accordingly. This trick will stop you from checking your phone again and again for the time and help you beat distractions. Also, you will adopt the habit of doing tasks within time.

It is not the homework hack only, and you can break down each work time into intervals and set the alarm like cleaning, cooking, sleeping, gym, or Netflix time.


8. Keep your wardrobe organised

Running out of your wardrobe space and unable to find anything in the mess of things, then make these life hacks a part of your life. Collect the tabs of cold drink cans and use them to double or triple the hangers in your wardrobe without spending money on a new wardrobe. Other than hanging your clothes, keep your tees or jeans vertically in the drawers.


Please make use of old plastic jars or boxes and fill them up with things separately. Organized stuff takes less time. It is one of the best life hacks for school or college students. They can keep their stationary this way too.

9. Keep binder clips

Keeping a pack of binder clips will perform your tasks so smartly that it will blow your mind. Binder clips come with a lot of daily life and student life hacks. You can use it in many ways, like fixing the broken keyboard feet, drying sponges faster, making a desktop phone stand, holding up the chords and other wires, organizing the accessories, or clipping packs in the refrigerator. Binder clips hacks make the daily life task easy.


10. Visit library

If you are a student with a part-time job and have a terrible habit of leaving your tasks on the next day, then following this student life hack will do all your assignments on time. All you have to do is visit more libraries, develop a habit of learning, and finish your academic tasks in the library. Studying in areas with limited distractions helps the student understand the concepts and perform in exams much better. Moreover, choosing a library with WiFi and research tools access will make the work easier. If you don’t have a habit of studying with a group of people and voices around, then pick your favorite seat in the library and schedule your study hours.


11. Work smartly

In this modern era, be a hard worker who works smartly. Step out of your traditional learning methods and follow the student life hacks that I am going to share with you while studying at home or school, like;

  • Use instead of for essays or research.
  • Keep a water bottle and a mini chocolate bar with you. In case you feel dehydrated or need to boost the concentration level.
  • Make neat notes during the lecture or while studying to avoid difficulty in revising or recalling the content.
  • Write essential points or information in the form of tables.
  • Before taking a break between learning, make a quick to-do list and write the essential points covered after the break.
  • ‘Unsubscribe,’ the marketing emails that you don’t like to receive.
  • Some of you must have a bad habit of checking your phones after a minute or so. To beat this distraction while studying, make use of the Keep Me Out website or app. It will lock apps like Snapchat, Instagram, youtube, or Facebook for the number of minutes you want.
  • Got a 2000+ word assignment for the coming week? Start writing 400 to 500 words daily instead of writing all in one day. It will make the task much more manageable.
  • Before submitting your essay assignment, copy-paste the complete essay on Google translate and listen to your writing.

Be a smart learner!


12. Use colored pens

Colors have a positive impact on memory; say goodbye to your boring colorless notes. Use your favorite colors to write note important information or formulae because colors grasp the attention. Don’t overdo one color. Use colored pens of different colors and assign each color a task. For example, a Pink color pen highlights the headings, or Orange color pens highlight the important dates and years. Color-coded notes are the homework hack to memorize the tasks quickly and gain better grades.

A tip to remember, keep your color palette limited!


13. Write on sticky notes

Sticky notes are the student’s best friends. The most used student life hack is writing essential points on sticky notes and pinning them on the wall, study table, or book. These are the great small to-do organizers every school student should know. You can also write motivational quotes or pain points on them and stick them around your desktop, study table, wall, or mirror, as a single glance on them will keep you motivated and organized.

Students can make tomorrow’s to-do list before bed, stick it around, and discard it once the tasks are done. It’s the quick student life hack that all need to use.


14. Hang your tennis ball

Don’t you have a keyholder or a mailbox in your hostel room? Let’s make one with your tennis ball without spending extra money. Take a tennis ball, cut a slit in it, and screw it onto the wall. Now place your keys, cards, and other belongings in it. There are many useful tennis ball student life hacks everyone should learn and try.


15. YOU

Lastly, taking care of your needs is the most significant life hack among all the student life hacks that a student should know and prioritize first. If you don’t know the answer, ask someone or Google it. If you want to speak up, reach out to your institute counseling service. Don’t waste your good health in your younger days; don’t lose your perspective of life. Because most of the stuff will not matter in the coming 10 or 20 years, learn all the simple student life hacks and other D.I.Y things and get better at everyday life.


Do share this list of student life hacks with your friends and family!

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