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Al-Amana Private School Review

Al-Amana Private School Review
Al-Amana Private School is based in Sharjah, UAE. It is one of the best schools in Al Qusais committed to delivering a memorable learning experience to students of all nationalities. With an inspection rating of ‘Good’, the school enables its students to think creatively by establishing a solid foundation in academics and non-academics. This is what every parent looks for in a school when searching for an institute for their child.
But does the Al Amana School Sharjah offer everything it claims? To find out whether the school does what it says, we decided to do an in-depth review of the Al Amana School. Our team studied different aspects of the schools to see where it stands. So, if you want to know whether the Al Amana Private School is a good choice for your child or not, stick with us till the very end where you will also find a detailed comparison. 

Let’s get started:

Overview of the School

Al Amana was founded in 2004 in Sharjah with the distinctive underlying philosophy of providing global education to children while steeping in the rich Islamic values and culture of the UAE. The school works on the mission to discover the students’ true potential and transform them into wise and responsible citizens.

Student Body

The majority of Al Amana’s student body consists of Pakistani students. However, you can also find 46 other nationalities being represented via staff and students. The school is governed by Roshan Ahsan who believes that the students aren’t the only individuals to learn at the school, but the parents, staff, and teachers also undergo a continuous learning process.

The Curriculum of the School

The school follows the Cambridge International curriculum. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) program is used to teach the students of FS2 and Y1, then the Cambridge Primary program is used to teach the students of Years 2 to 7. When students enter secondary school, they are taught with the Cambridge Secondary program throughout Years 8 and 9. Moreover, the school offers IGCSEs for Year 10 and Year 11.

The EYFS program focuses on:

  • Emotional, Personal, and Social Development
  • Language
  • Communication
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy 
  • Problem Solving
  • Reasoning
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World


The Cambridge Primary program identifies the core strengths and weaknesses of the students. By doing so, the school hopes to create a seamless journey for the students through their middle years and secondary education. Students can take a variety of subjects, including Tajweed, Art, Islamic Studies, Physical Education (PE), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Arabic, National Studies, Science, English, and Mathematics. Besides, students also have the option to choose French and Urdu from Year 4 onwards.
After the primary phase, the Cambridge Secondary phase starts. During this stage, students can choose from a variety of subjects, such as French (or Urdu), Tajweed, Science, Physical Education (PE), Information and Communication Technology, Arabic, Islamic Studies, English, National Studies, Mathematics, and Science. From Year 9 onwards, students can also take Environmental Management (EM).

Assessment Process for Students 

You can find some information about how the school assesses its students on its official website. 
For instance, for students who are enrolled in the EYFS curriculum, the school maintains a record of their progress and attainment in the key areas by using an ongoing system of regularly spaced written and oral activities. The school then appraises the parents of their child’s progress at the end of every term.
For students enrolled in The Cambridge Primary and Secondary programs, the school uses a range of assessment techniques, which include:

  • Homework 
  • Baseline tests
  • Class Tests
  • Class participation
  • Terminal Examinations
  • Character and behaviour
  • Ongoing projects and assignments


Facilities at the Al Amana School Sharjah 

You can only find minimal information about the facilities that the Al Amana School offers on its official website. The website mentions that the school has a clinic, IT labs, science labs, a canteen, and a well-stocked library.

The Fees for the Al-Amana Private School

Al Amana School is considered fairly affordable for parents. Its fees start at AED 9,000 for FS2 and go up to AED 13,000 for Year 11. Parents pay the fees in three installments over the course of three terms. The fees do not cover the books and uniforms.
You also need to pay a reservation fee of AED 500. Plus, you can avail 5% siblings discount if one of your kids already studies at the school. The transportation services are pretty impressive. You can avail two-way transportation for several areas, including Dubai (AED 3,500), Sharjah (AED 2,650), and Ajman (AED 2,750). Parents can pay the bus fees in three installments.

Entrance Procedure

Al Amana School Sharjah is a selective school and students have to sit in an entrance exam to get admission in FS2 to Year 9. You can access detailed exam syllabi for every year on the school’s website. The final decision for admission is made according to the child’s performance in the interview and the entrance exam.

Al-Amana Private School Inspection Report

  • The inspection report noted that the students of Al Amana Private School are good at engaging enthusiastically in various learning activities and their respectful behaviour makes them capable of learning new information and skills. The well-organised curriculum of the school was also commended by the inspectors as they noticed that it makes sure that there is a balance between the non-academic and academic subjects.
  • Another positive aspect mentioned in the school’s inspection report was the way of planning and utilization of resources by the teaching staff. Inspectors noted that the teachers assess their students’ work consistently, and give them and their parents helpful feedback on how they can do well and what areas they need to improve.
  • The inspection also noted that Al Amana School Sharjah uses short-term and medium-term planning to deal with the changing and emerging requirements of its stakeholders. Its planning is based on detailed analyses of the results of an array of evaluation and monitoring approaches.
  • As far as the ongoing pandemic Covid-19 and its impact are concerned, the inspectors were confident that the school’s long-term planning considered a list of possible future scenarios and outcomes, including the use of distance learning and continuing it till the foreseeable future.
  • The inspection report noted that Al-Amana Private School needs to reinforce to students and their parents at regular intervals the important techniques to keep the students secure online and develop their IT skills, especially of the younger students.
  • On one hand, the inspection reports applauded the teaching of the curriculum. On the other hand, the inspectors, however, suggested that teachers should plan and implement a diverse array of teaching approaches and methods that consider students’ wellbeing and their needs. For instance, the teachers should involve the students more in activities that allow them to interact with their fellows.
  • Inspectors also noted and suggested that the Al Amana Private School should work on the development of further communication with the parents of its students. The report said that the school should provide more to parents, for instance, a parent support network other than just offering them the standard academic feedback.

Al Amana Private School vs Other Schools in Sharjah

Here is a comparison of Al Amana Private School with two other schools, including Our Own English High School Sharjah, Boys and International School of Creative Science. All three schools are located in Sharjah. So, this comparison will give you a good understanding of how Al Amanah differs from other schools in the same.

Al-Amana Private School
Our Own English High School Sharjah, Boys
International School of Creative Science
Grades or Year Groups
FS 1 to Year 11
Grade 1 to Grade 12
FS 1 to Year 13
Annual Fees
AED 9,000 to AED 13,000
AED 8,290 to AED 12,980
AED 21,000 to AED 37,800
Sibling Discount
Student Body
Mixed (Co-Education)
Mrs. Roshan Ahsan
Mr. Srivalsan Murugan
Ms. Samar Khalid Murad


Al-Amana Private School is one of the good schools in Sharjah. It is a good choice for your kid. We have added a comparison with two other schools for you, so you can choose which school would be a good fit for your kid. If you want to access more information about other schools just like this one about Al Amana School Sharjah, feel free to browse through our reviews.

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