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Al Ansar International School Review

Al Ansar International School Review
The cultural center of the UAE, known as Sharjah, has more than 30 private schools. All the schools are rich in culture, international curriculum, history, customs, and many facilities for their students, making it an ideal education hub for all the kids living in Dubai. Today, we have written a detailed review of one of the best private international schools, named Al Ansar International School, for your kid. This school has everything that one parent could wish for an excellent education for their kids.
To know if Alansar International school is suitable for your child or not? And does it offer everything you are looking for in your children’s academic environment? Then stay around and find out all the detailed information and an honest review of this school.

About School

Al Ansar International School is a private school that offers innovative, interactive, and excellent round e-learning education within an Islamic ethos. This school has produced responsible leaders, lifelong learners, global and national citizens, intelligent and creative human beings since 2001. This private school of Sharjah offers all education standards like primary, secondary, and high by their highly professional teacher and learning environment. Other than providing excellent and ultra-modern education, this school has taken the responsibility of transportation too, promising the safety of its students.

Vision and Mission

This school claims to have a vision, mission, some strategic objectives, and values. They use most of the 21st-century skills and technology to provide the best education to meet the needs of the modern era and other school communities. It is an Islamic English school that respects all the cultural and religious differences of students studying here. Their effective distance learning program has proved that they will never compromise on their theoretical values: innovation, collaboration, accountability, excellence, and quality.

School Curriculum

Al Ansar international school is an Islamic English school that follows the advanced curriculums for specific grades. Like it follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) program for FS1 and FS2, UK National Curriculum for Year 1 to 9, and then Cambridge Curriculum for Year 10 to 13, including A-Levels, AS, and IGCSE with minimum 2, 3, and 6 subjects respectfully. Furthermore, they have invested a lot in e-learning to ensure the advanced learning of students.
Also, Al Ansar International Private School has completed its UK transition program for SPEA. They achieved it in 2021 and dedicated this success to all their teachers, staff members, parents, and kids.

Al Ansar international school also provides international AI online programs to the students. The best part about this school is that it has the hi-tech and ultra-modern infrastructure of the classrooms, ensuring that each student gets the chance to get the most from digital learning. Also, the air-conditioned classroom with projectors, WiFi access, multi-purpose activity, and learning areas has made understanding subjects more exciting for their students.

school curriculum

Indoor and outdoor facilities

If you visit the school or check its website, you will get to see so many facilities Al Ansar International School has to offer. This school has a safe, positive, motivating, holistic, and character-building environment for all its students starting from the indoor facilities. It has an auditorium with stages for presentation and school conferences, junior areas for art, computer, and sciences, large areas for indoor activities, a gym, indoor sports area with a separate football court. It also has an outdoor 300-meter race track and two more prominent areas for multi-purpose outdoor learning and adventure equipment.
Furthermore, Al Ansar international school has six upgraded and updated computer labs with hi-tech digital tools. It also has fully equipped laboratories for science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), AS, A-Levels, and IGCSE practical requirements. And, it has four libraries for students.

Fee structure

Students’ fees vary from their grades, and parents are allowed to pay the fees in installments. Also, school fees, books, and uniform fees are not refundable in case of withdrawal. The first installment of transportation fees should be submitted in cash at the beginning of the academic year. And the rest of the installments can be made by cheque. The fee refund policy is only applicable to transportation fees.

Moreover, Al Ansar International School has a 20%, 5%, and 2% discount policy for its students too. The school website has mentioned the terms and conditions and also the complete information related to other dues. Below is the table of annual charges.

Annual Fees
Pre KG / FS1
AED 14,900
KG 1/FS2
AED 14,900
KG 2/Year 1
AED 14,900
Grade 1/Year 2
AED 16,600
Grade 2/Year 3
AED 16,600
Grade 3/Year 4
AED 16,600
Grade 4/Year 5
AED 19,000
Grade 5/Year 6
AED 19,000
Grade 6/Year 7
AED 19,000
Grade 7/Year 8
AED 21,100
Grade 8/Year 9
AED 21,100
Grade 9/Year 10
AED 24,000
Grade 10/Year 11
AED 27,100
Grade 11/Year 12
AED 28,200

Parents Review

We have worked on getting the reviews of parents on Al Ansar international school from the parents. And almost every parent was satisfied with its schooling and teaching staff. Parents with more than one kid have shown their interest in admitting their other child to this school. They appreciated the hard work of school staff for providing the best distance learning in their area. Also, the parents whose children use the bus service were found quite happy and satisfied with the transportation system’s security, safety, and time management. People of Sharjah admired how their kids are getting the British, UK level education within Islamic ethos and all the other healthy activities.

Al Ansar International School vs other Private School in Sharjah

We picked another private school review from Sharjah and compared them with Al Ansar International School to make you all understand well and make the right decision.

Al Ansar International School
Al Amana Private School
Year of Origin
FS 1 to Year 12
FS 1 to Year 11
Student Body
Annual Fees
AED 14,900 to AED 28,200
AED 9,000 to AED 13,000
School Transportation

School contact details

Phone No:
+971 6 5459 441
Street-7, Al Qarayen-3, Sharjah, UAE
Open Hours:
Sun to Thu: 7AM — 2PM


Here we end our detailed review of Al Ansar International School. We hope you get to make the sound decision now because picking an exemplary school is the first step you have to make for your child’s better future. So please don’t take any risks; go to its website for further details or visit the school and choose one of the best schools for your kid.

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