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Best IELTS Preparation Books – 2023

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Best IELTS Preparation Books

IELTS is a famous English proficiency test, and millions of people give this test each year. English language experts take the International English Language Test System (IELTS), and non – native English speakers candidates give this test to get admissions or work abroad. And the candidate has to score evenly well in all assessments. It has four major parts; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Understanding the test format and knowing how the overall score gets your desired bands are mandatory before preparing for an IELTS exam. Secondly, choosing suitable material and skill-building books. Because it is not like any other general knowledge-based academic test, it tests one’s English communication skills.

Learning how to speak in English takes time, willingness, a lot of practice and patience. Nobody turns into a fluent native speaker in one day, so to kick start your English proficiency test preparation, we have made a list of the best IELTS preparation books, courses and material. You can purchase any of our recommended books that suit your needs and get ready to score high bands.

Let’s get started!

Book: Barron’s IELTS Superpack

It is not a single book; it’s a complete package with everything you need to learn and score super high in IELTS exams. Even if you are not preparing for an exam, completing this whole pack will enhance your English writing, listening and speaking skills. Barron’s comprehensive IELTS Superpack has audio CDs, around six practice exam tests and a list of essential vocabulary words up to 600, always used in IELTS exams. If you are a beginner, first work on your English speaking and other skills and then buy it. It is a bit costly as compared to other IELTS preparation books but worth the money.

barrons IELTS Super pack

Book: The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

Nothing is better than learning from an experienced person, and this book works as an expert guide for IELTS candidates. Its authors have added the suggestions and hints to pass the test with flying colours, and they highlighted the tips and advice that made them achieve high scores in all parts of exams. This book comes with one DVD that prepares for general English speaking and listening skills and academics modules. Its eight official practise tests, and a complete guide from previous test takers help readers polish their skills and sound like native English speakers. So, no need to look for other resources if you prepare for your IELTS exam from The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS book.

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

Book: Target Band 7 by Simone Braveman

If you plan to prepare for the IELTS exam with your school studies, then this book is best for you, primarily the third version, as it is written by a person who has given the IELTS exam and scored incredibly good. Learning from this book feels nothing less than studying from a tutor, as the author has given the complete step by step guide from how to use the book to exam tips and practice tests. If you have a good command of English and want to pass your IELTS exam with a flying score like Simone Braveman? Then start preparing from his Target Band 7 book today and get admission to your desired college abroad.

Target Band 7 by Simone Braveman

Book: IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 with Key and CD Pack

Are you looking for test strategies and tips? Get this book without giving it a second thought because it comes with many tips, strategies, ideas, test practice, audio scripts and other helpful material. It gives you sample answers and constructive feedback telling what is correct or incorrect. It enhances the written skills and vocabulary of the learner. Furthermore, if you are determined to stand out from the crowd and obtain the highest score, then prepare from IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 with Key and CD Pack along with other helping material or books.

IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 with Key and CD Pack

Online Course: Road to IELTS

If you are into books or an obedient self-learner, then Road to IELTS is designed for you. It’s not a book but a complete online course to help you attain a high score on this English proficiency test. All you have to do is register yourself into it and start preparing for your exam at home and if you want to get free access to its practice videos, exercises and papers, then make sure to register through the British Council. However, the cost of the full version is not too much, and it lets you practice 300 activities and up to 9 test papers.

Road to IELTS course comes with many features like videos created by experts to give you an entire classroom environment. And valuation of test results gives you room to improve and prepare for the final exam. While choosing this course, be very clear about your productive learning style first because some people perform better after preparing from books and some need a classroom environment to learn and make notes. Overall the Road to IELTS is truly a road to attain a tremendous score in this famous English proficiency test.

Road to IELTS

Tips for IELTS exam day:

In this part of the blog post, we have a few IELTS exam day tips for you. It’s a long 3 hours test of your English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills so prepare well. Don’t rush to the examination hall without taking the essential things like your ID card, stationery, water bottle and wear comfy clothes. Also, don’t go for your exam with an empty stomach and a phone or other digital device.

During the IELTS listening test, be mentally alert and check your headphones. If you find anything wrong, inform them immediately because you only get one chance to listen to the recording. Keep making notes while listening. Once the recording is finished, write your answer in capital letters and within the word limit. Don’t forget to proofread your answer before submitting it. And while giving the IELTS speaking test, stay calm. Don’t speak too fast or slow; keep your tone polite and avoid taking a long pause. Be very confident throughout the exam and ask the examiner to repeat the question if required.

Tips for IELTS exam day

While giving the IELTS reading exam, give all questions a read and if you cannot understand anything, leave it for later, solve the other question, and again, don’t forget to check the grammar and other mistakes. Now coming to the IELTS written exam, be prepared and manage your question’s time wisely. Don’t use passive voice sentences, long sentences or paragraphs and avoid the repetition of vocabulary, phrases or ideas. Again, re-read your answers twice or thrice and correct the mistakes. Each exam section of IELTS has their tips and rules, so make sure to follow most of them and perform well in all.


IELTS exam preparation comes with many tips and tricks; it is not like any other school exam. It tests the candidate’s ability and skill. Before buying books, hiring specific tutors or joining online courses, one needs to understand the test format, how much score they need to get admission or work abroad and how they can prepare for it. Make sure to choose the learning method or preparation guide that suits you and then practice your English writing, reading, speaking and listening daily and a lot. Because it’s the practice that makes you perfect, so keep practising and break a leg!

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