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Find the Best Way to Learn English | 12 Amazing Ways

Find the Best Way to Learn English | 7 Amazing Ways

In this globalised time, English has become a need. You need to know how to speak English if you want to prosper in a workspace or an institute. Knowing how to speak English is extremely important for students in particular.

Learning English as a second language can be quite difficult and intimidating. However, being fluent in English brings a lot of opportunities with it. For example, you can travel anywhere in the world you want and you can enjoy a book or a movie without having to wait for translations or subtitles to come out, respectively. We have compiled some of the best ways to improve your English learning journey. With these amazing ideas, you do not need to search for the best way to learn English tenses, the best way to learn English grammar, the best way to learn English speaking, or the best way to learn English fast. With our awesome tips, you will not have to search for anything anymore and you will find yourself fluently speaking English in no time. Let’s dive straight into the article without wasting any time:

1. Read Everything Available to You

Read anything and everything in English that you can get your hands on from classic literature websites, and newspapers to emails, paperback, social media, and even the back of cereal boxes. This way you will be able to improve your reading and learn some new words.

Besides, you will see quick improvements because your re-exposure to the vocabulary that you have already learned will provide you with new examples in context, and, as a result, reinforce the words in your mind.

2. The More You Keep Practicing, The Better You Will Be

According to the famous author Malcolm Gladwell, if you want to become an expert on something, you have to practice it for at least 10,000 hours. If that sounds like a lot of time, that is because it is a lot of hours!

So, start practicing without wasting a minute. If you want to know the best way to learn English grammar, start with general grammar rules or do a review of the common mistakes you make when you speak, and then move from there.

If you are looking for the best way to learn English speaking, practice your speaking by listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and then practicing what you listen to. The best way to improve speaking is, however, by talking to a native speaker.

For the best way to learn English tenses, you need to work on your reading. Start with cookbooks or novels that have been made into films.

3. Actively Write Down New Vocabulary

This classic piece of advice works like magic. When you are learning something, like a language, everything seems so exciting that forgetting anything seems impossible. But the truth is that not every word that you learn sticks the first time.

In order to remember what you learn, develop the habit of writing down any word that you hear or see. So, carry a little notebook and write down new phrases in context with the meaning. This practice will not only save your time but also improve your memory. You can also use it as one of the fun activities for kids to learn English for your children or students.


4. Talk to Other Humans

A language is used to communicate i.e., to get your message across. Even though we can now communicate without using words, thanks to WhatsApp, speaking a language is still a better option when push comes to shove.

And there is no better way to learn English than speaking with native speakers and other people. Talking to other humans who also speak the language that you are trying to learn can teach you the rules and regulations of informal conversation.

5. Do Not Forget the Structure

The best way to learn English fast is by keeping the right structure in mind. Even though at the start of your journey to learn English, it is better to concentrate on speaking and becoming fluent, but once you get your speaking right, you then need to focus on structural elements like spelling, word choice, and grammar.

A language is just like a building, and the grammar is just like the structure of the said building. Now, if you do not get the structure right, the building (AKA your language) will collapse. So, do not forget to work on the structure.

6. Keep In Mind That Learning English Is Not a Straight Road

If you are a student who has attended a lot of classes and has followed a specific curriculum or a series of textbooks, you will have most likely noticed that the topics and grammar in the said resources are always in a certain order.

As a general rule of thumb, whenever you learn or study something, things always go from easier topics to more difficult topics as time goes on. However, that does not mean that you must follow the book.

When studying English and trying to master it, you will get bored at times. In such cases, instead of leaving your study sessions, try to find new information that is not a part of your study materials. And sometimes you will also have to go back to previous topics and revise what you learned because some topics did not make a lot of sense the first time around. That is totally normal and it is actually good.

So, keep in mind that sometimes you will feel like an undefeatable English-speaking superhero, and sometimes you will not be able to say a sentence correctly to save your life. Just remember that these ups and downs are normal.

7. Ask As Many Questions as You Can

We all have heard of the famous expression that curiosity killed the cat but not many of us know that curiosity also propelled the language learner to become fluent in it. As you start learning how to speak English, you soon have a list of questions bigger than a mountain. Do not sit on those questions, as soon as you get the chance to ask your teacher questions, ask away. And if you are learning on your own, search for your questions online on blogs and websites, etc.


8. Do Not Try to Translate Everything

Avoid the temptation of translating everything. If you translate every word of a sentence, it is going to sound so weird to a native English speaker. This is not just for English, it is true for every language. When you translate something word-for-word a lot of elements like prepositions, auxiliaries, and idioms get neglected and it becomes obvious that you are trying to translate every single word in a sentence.

However, in the case of reading something in English, translating everything into your native language can help you get a better understanding of the text. 

9. Try to Learn Some English From Your Favourite Stars

Listening to English celebrities' interviews and podcasts not only makes the learning process a lot more exciting but is also the best way to learn English fast. Decide which English-speaking singer or actor you want to listen to, then go online, and search for their interviews. Select a bunch of them and watch them or listen to them. Watch one time just to get the gist of it and take down notes of interesting words and expressions that you hear, including humorous expressions, anecdotes, stories, and slang, etc. Then you can rewatch the interviews to work on your speaking and your accent. 

10. Keep a Language Journal

Buying a notebook to dedicate to a language that you are learning is a great idea to learn it fast. So, every time you learn a new word that you think is important, you can add it to your English language journal, and then add a definition and several examples along with it.