12 Educational Twitter Accounts That Are Worth Following!

educational twitter accounts

Are you tired of scrolling your Twitter feed for educational inspiration but couldn’t find something interesting?

If yes, then you’re on the right page! In this blog, I’ve sought down 12 amazing educational Twitter accounts that you should follow this year.

Whether you want to discover the top educational trends, secrets to bolster academic success, or thought-provoking posts that can change your opinions, the amazing list of accounts given below has everything you need!

So, without wasting another minute, let’s jump in…

Top 12 Educational Twitter Accounts For Healthy Scrolling!

Twitter is no longer just a photo-sharing website. It is now becoming an educational platform where most successful scholars, teachers, and talented students share their valuable feedback and educational tips. Besides that, many educational pages also upload informative posts featuring the latest educational News, inventions, etc.

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Here are some of the inspirational Twitter educational accounts and pages that deserve to be on your following list:

1. ISTE @iste

Technology is impacting everything. From daily habits to communications and from traveling to teaching, literally everything!

Now, we can see projectors, computers, and other gadgets in traditional face-to-face classrooms. However, teaching with technology isn’t as easy as it sounds. Teachers have got to pick the right software, hardware, and apps for the classroom environment. And this step is indeed daunting.

But ISTE has got everyone covered!


This educational Twitter account is committed to providing tips for improving technology-based education. One could find a plethora of informative posts on this page for learning:

  • The process of choosing the right technology in traditional/virtual classrooms.
  • Tips for effectively using software and hardware during lectures.
  • Recommendations on how to tackle technical failure in classes and so much more.

It's not only for teachers. Students can also follow ISTE News highlights. This Twitter account lets you stay updated on all the latest “Computer Assisted Language Learning” (CALL) trends.

2. My tutor Source @Mytutorsource


Not only Math teachers, but you can also find French, English, Chemistry, and so many other teachers there. (Sorry for the shameless plug!)

This education Twitter account shares tips for improving the academic world. Also, it can connect you with experts for guidance. There you’ll find content that talks about:

Calling this educational twitter platform an all-in-one academic magazine won’t be wrong! It lets the teachers and students know what’s happening in different fields of education, ultimately helping the users stay on top of the trends.

3. EdSurge @EdSurge


This one is a popular Twitter verified account. EdSurge is an all-in-one platform where educators, learners, administrators, students, and researchers can find useful information.

The post that hooked my attention was the one that featured the importance of gathering students’ relationship data for effective school learning. It was after reading this particular post that I realized how important it is to study students’ relationships.

EdSurge has got amazing tips for managing time, beating procrastination, etc., for students.  What’s more amazing is that EdSurge has launched training programs for black students to inspire them to become teachers. The administrators of this platform are unbiased and are truly working to improve the academic world.

4. BBC Learning English @bbcle


This one is my favorite!

BBC Learning English page is enriched with quizzes, facts, and amazing tips for improving English. Its posts have the potential to grab users’ attention when they suddenly pop up on the screen.

One of my favorite posts is here:

bbc tweet

Well, if you’re being curious, here’re the answers;

  • A piece of cake
  • It’s raining cats and dogs
  • To go cold turkey
  • To cost an alarm and a leg

Don’t you think such posts are healthier for you than those useless memes?

The good News is that numerous such quizzes are available on this platform. With their visually appealing and thought-provoking posts, you’ll never get bored!

Important Note: BBC Learning English is for learners who want to improve their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. If you’re looking for Math inspiration, the next Twitter account discussed below is for you.

5. MAA @maanow


This online community has thousands of followers. You’ll find informative posts here that just talk about math, math, and math! MAA gathers the top blogs from the internet and shares them on their pages.

If you’re an enthusiastic student or a teacher who wants to learn incredible facts about Math, this platform is the answer for you!

Following this platform will revive your Twitter feed and fill it with posts featuring arithmetic digits, trigonometric shapes, and much more. However, if you consider following this platform just to discover a Math teacher, it's best to follow another page.

Because Maanow isn’t an online teaching platform, it just shares information, News, and facts with the audience.

6. Brian @ieducator


Brain ieducator claims to be a Google-certified educator. Once you dive into their page, you’ll end up with informative posts, mind-blowing educational News, and funny caricatures.

One of the posts that I loved was titled “Machu Picchu: ‘has gone by the wrong name for over 100 years". And… it blew my mind!

Whether you’re a teacher or a student, following this account will save a lot of your time finding interesting educational News. This platform is a kind of magazine that features all the worth reading blogs and News.

7. Edutopia @edutopia


The next educational Twitter account on our list is Edutopia.

Not following this platform means missing the opportunity to learn tips for beating procrastination, tricks for creating perfect virtual field trips, etc. This platform also has its own website where the administrators post blogs featuring super-informative content.

Whether you’re an online physics teacher, or a full-time Linguistic instructor, following this account will really help you learn some secrets to improve learning and teaching.

8. Tes @tes


TesMagazine is a verified Twitter educational account, and it's super-active on social media. I’ve been following this Twitter educational account since last year, and believe me, it never sleeps! I mean, their administrators are relentlessly posting content on Twitter.

The best part of TesMagazine is that its posts match the trends going around the world. During a pandemic, they shared tips about how to study online effectively. After the pandemic, they told us how to revive learning. They’ve got solutions for almost every educational problem.

To help you get an idea of what kind of tweets they are posting, here are the highlights of their content:

  • “What’s it really like to join a MAT?”
  • “Nick Gibb takes up academy role.”
  • “Covid inquiry will look at school closure impact.”
  • “How we can teach students to behave well in school.” etc.

9. MindShift @MindShiftKQED


Here is another verified Twitter account that should be on your Twitter feed. The one post that grabbed my attention and inspired me to follow MindShift was a caricature depicting 4 different types of learning zones.

Users who open this educational Twitter account find many enlightening blogs. Like most of the accounts discussed above, this account also shares the best News and blogs on its platform. MindShift filters out the not-so-informative blogs and shares the top ones only.

10. About World Language @aboutworldlangs

About World Language

As the name suggests, this Twitter account’s posts revolve around the topic of worldwide languages. To be precise, About World Language posts content about the importance of learning different languages. It is a perfect platform for people who want to discover facts about multiple languages and new cultures.

Here is a really amazing tweet:

aboutworldlangs tweet

Well, About World Languages is tweeting posts that are far beyond a normal human’s imagination. Posts like these can increase your knowledge.

11. Chemistry World @ChemistryWorld

Chemistry world

This one is for enthusiastic chemists.

The administrators of this account are dedicated to spreading Chemistry News and facts to the entire world. It has got blogs, News, and the latest information.

The students who want to impress their Chemistry teacher with an extra dose of knowledge or the teachers who want to add heavy-hitting facts to their lectures, this account has something for every chemistry lover!

12. WeAreTeachers @WeAreTeachers


This platform is solely devoted to the teachers. So, students reading this blog are free to skip this section. Moving back to the point, WeAreTeachers is filled with funny memes and entertaining posts that can change your mood! It's hard to find anything better than this tweet on the internet:

Tweets like these empower teachers and make them feel like superhumans. Apart from this, you can also discover interesting stories narrated by teachers on this platform.

Final Thoughts

It's time to revive your Twitter feed!

Remember, creating a positive social media environment is important to improve learning.

Why? It eliminates negativity, beats down procrastination, and boosts productivity. So, follow the above educational Twitter accounts and surround yourself with amazing tweets to become a better teacher or student.

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