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TOP 100+ types and levels of Essay Topics

TOP 100+ types and levels of Essay Topics
When it comes to essay writing, every student can vouch for it when I say, “How hard it can be to come up with a good essay topic”. One of the most essential things in essay writing is how good and unique the topic is and how well it is explained and defended/negated. Since, brainstorming essay topics can be a hassle, we will provide you top best types and levels of essay topics that you can use for your essays and thank us later for. Here is the list of different types of essay topics that you can write and explain your essays on, and the levels of essay topics. For example, if you are a student from grade 5 looking for another type of essay then you can find everything here. 

Argumentative Essay Topics:

  • Should the death sentence be implemented globally?
  • Should the government do more to improve accessibility for people with physical disabilities?
  • Do people learn the art of becoming a politician, or are they born with it?
  • Does Technology makes people feel more isolated?
  • Do teenagers get into trouble because they are bored?
  • Has Covid-19 vaccination more cons than pros?
  • Is the real cause of teenage depression Social Media?.
  • Is the American education system perfect for society?
  • Recycling should be made compulsory.
  • Does our tax system benefit everyone fairly?
  • Is vaping as harmful as smoking cigarettes?
  • Should abortion be banned?

Persuasive Essay Topics:

  • Cell phones should not be allowed in schools.
  • Teachers should pass a professional exam, just like students.
  • Schools should reduce the workload on students.
  • Sex education should be mandatory in high schools.
  • Violent video games should be banned.
  • Parents with mental disabilities should not be allowed to adopt children.
  • Alcohol consumption should be legalized in Muslim countries.
  • How the tax system benefits the already wealthy
  • Euthanasia should be legalized
  • Human trafficking must be severely prosecuted
  • Is online or homeschool an effective way to learn?
  • Should college be free?

Descriptive Essay Topics:

  • A day in the life of an ER doctor.
  • A trip to the museum.
  • The most interesting movie I watched during my summer vacations.
  • My favorite childhood memory.
  • An incident that changed my life.
  • An incident that restored my faith in humanity.
  • What will life be like in 2050?
  • An experience that changed my life forever.
  • The most memorable day of school
  • Describe a smartphone and its benefits to someone from the ‘60s.
  • The most interesting piece of art I have ever seen.
  • My first trip abroad.

Research Essay Topics:

  • Effects of violent cartoons on children.
  • Should universities provide accommodations to disabled students?
  • How technology and gadgets affect the studies of children?
  • Do children who attend preschool do better in school?
  • Does college debt affect the future lives of the students?
  • Why has the divorce rate changed in the past decade?
  • Effective ways to decrease depression among our youth.
  • Why did the UK decide to leave the EU?
  • Is it true that students learn better in a same-sex school?
  • How have Covid-19 influenced the education system of the world?
  • Individual acts that lead to Global Warming.
  • Effectiveness of the policies made to control Covid-19.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

  • Extroverts and introverts.
  • Generation Y vs Generation Z.
  • Unemployed students vs. students with a part-time job.
  • SAT and TOEFL.
  • Persuasive and argumentative essays – How are they similar?
  • How were the causes of World War I different from the causes of World War II?
  • Consequences of earthquake and tsunami: what is worse worse?
  • Part-time work or studying for a higher degree?
  • Fashion today vs. twenty years ago.
  • Democracy vs. Dictatorship
  • Benefits of drinking coffee vs drinking soft drinks.
  • Traditional vs online learning

Cause and Effect Essay Topics:

  • What are the causes of eating disorders?
  • Effects of climate change and global warming.
  • The effects of the Feminism movement.
  • What are the causes of increasing depression among teenagers?
  • What are the causes of suicidal thoughts?
  • Is keeping a pet effective in calming your mind?
  • How divorce affects children?
  • Has social media affected relationships among families?
  • Discuss the effects of online learning.
  • How abusive parents influence the mental stability of a child?
  • Causes and effects of bullying.
  • Causes and effects of insomnia

Essay Topics for Grade 5:

  • A memorable trip with family.
  • Importance of discipline.
  • A city that you like to visit.
  • Write about your best friend.
  • Importance of recycling. 

Essay Topics for Grade 6:

  • Freedom of the press.
  • Vehicle pollution.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Life on Mars.
  • Causes of racism.

Essay Topics for Grade 7:

  • Why learning history is important.
  • Benefits of ebooks.
  • How to prevent global warming.
  • Importance of Morning walk.
  • Child labor.

Essay Topics for Grade 8:

  • Problems faced by working women.
  • Consequences of global warming.
  • Alcohol and nervous system.
  • Social networking sites.
  • Culture and tradition.

Essay Topics for Middle School Students:

  • Ways to deal with insomnia and other sleeping disorders.
  • Ways to help you get rid of bad habits.
  • Do schools do enough to prevent bullying?
  • Should we fear failure?
  • Is fast food to blame for the obesity problem?

Essay Topics for High School Students:

  • The reasons behind homelessness.
  • Does the fashion industry need to change the way they advertise?
  • Do beauty pageants carry any benefits for women?
  • Can constant use of drugs cause brain damage?
  • Can gun control help in regulating crime?

Essay Topics for College Students:

  • The reasons behind high unemployment rates.
  • Which countries have the most corruption?
  • Should there be a restriction on the sales and production of tobacco?
  • Is censorship on the internet necessary?
  • Will there be a 3rd World War?
  • The power of media in forming a narrative among civilians. 
Since, we have reached to the end of the blog, it should be pointed out that your topic would not be the only thing getting you a high score so you should practice and research topics thoroughly. However, if you still need help in practice, writing and any essay demanding courses you can definitely look out for our new blogs. Keep learning and don’t forget practice makes a man perfect!!!

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