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Facts About English Speaking Countries and English Language

Facts About English Speaking Countries and English Language
The United States, Australia, and England are always the first ones that come to your mind when you talk about English-speaking countries. Undoubtedly, English is the most spoken language (after Mandarin) also; some term it as an international language because no matter where you travel in the world, if you know how to speak and understand it, you are good to go.

Let me share an interesting fact with you: the significant countries I have mentioned at the very start of this blog are not in the list of countries that use English as their official language. However, more than 60 country’s official language is English, even though their first language is different. Know that, my dear readers, if you know how to speak English fluently or have a great understanding of reading content in English, then this thing counts as a skill.
Speaking and understanding English in today’s world is very important as it opens doors for new opportunities for you. Whether in which area of the world you live in or seeking a job, writing your CV/Resume in English is often considered necessary. Other than this, to develop your own online business or work as a freelancer, you need to command this language as more than 80% of the data you interact with on the internet is in English. So to have access to unlimited opportunities, you have to learn English. Learning English in today’s era is a privilege because it is said that if you are lost in the world, you know nothing but the English language, you can easily handle any situation, meet or greet new people, order food in any food café/restaurant and make money. 

 List of English speaking countries:

After the UK and US, Canada is the third-largest place globally where people speak English fluently, but this doesn’t count as their only official language. Other than this, some countries have English as their official language, where more than 13 million speak English (men and women). Together more than 840 million in the world speak English as their first or second language. This shows that knowing English is just like knowing any other skill, and this mastery can make you a strong pillar of any international employment sector.
Below are the tables of top English-speaking countries and countries and their territories that use English as their official language.
Know that these are the countries whose native language is English, but all of them differ in their accent and the usage of certain words. Their style or the way of expressing ideas is what makes them unique.

English Speaking Countries






North America

United Kingdom, Malta, Republic of Ireland 

South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Botswana

Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa, Micronesia, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and Micronesia

Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and India

Bahamas, Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, and Tobago

Canada and United States

You are acknowledged that moving to a whole new country without knowing their native language, but English only can make ways for you to grow financially and also helps in gaining self-confidence. And this is the beauty of having a command of the English language. Here are the places that use the English language in the offices only, which is why people from different parts of the world can play a part in their economic growth.

Countries/Territories with English as official language


Antigua and Barbuda

Cayman Islands



The Gambia



Papua New Guinea

South Africa


Tirinidad & Tobago







St. Kitts and Nevis











Sierra Leone

The British Virgin Islands

The Turks & Caicos Island






St. Lucia

Facts about native English speaking countries:

Some people count it as privileged to be born in a native English-speaking country and think of them as superior. Without any doubts, I can state that many of us have once in our lifetime came across the thought of ‘why we were not born in certain countries or maybe you have heard something like this from others. And why is it so? Because the top English speaking countries and others too demand their employee’s command of English. worst communicators in English. Other than this, people who speak English as their second language efficiently are more competent and thriving in the run. 
Undoubtedly, natives are always better at fluency and pronouncing words correctly. Still, when it comes to sharing your point of view or making people understand the big point, clarity of words is what matters the most than fluency or accent. Moreover, this globally used nature of the English language makes it superior, grasp that its the language that is superior not the English speaking countries. 

Facts about the English Language:

Over 1.6 billion people understand or speak the English language quickly and make it one of the world’s most spoken languages. It is an international language because it is straightforward to understand for almost every region’s clients. The flexible nature of this language makes global entertainment dubbed their popular movies/dramas or series in English to get the audience.
The English language contains more than 750,000 words, and over 4000 words are added to the dictionary every year, making it a more interesting language to learn and gives more ideas to express what one is trying to say.
Other than visiting English-speaking countries, if you plan to visit a country with a different language but you know the English language only, don’t be afraid. This developed language will take you anywhere in the world and help you make new memories and friends. The more you know English, the more you will feel secure.
Although the English language has the same alphabets, it is spoken differently in every country or region of the world. Everyone has their accent, own way of using certain words, and the choice of sentences they make while talking also differs. It depends on the native and nonnative background of the person.
The fun part is, the words ‘I’ or ‘YOU’ are the most frequently used. Also, the most commonly used noun and adjective is ‘time’ and ‘good,’ respectively.
In 1755 the first English dictionary was completed and printed, and ‘town’ is the oldest word that is still in use and a part of modern dictionaries. See, this language comes with exciting and fun facts.


Some of the safest English speaking countries to live in:

If you belong to a country whose native language is not English, but you are skilled enough to efficiently read, understand, and speak it, moving to one of the English-speaking countries will surely be rewarding. But to choose the safest English-speaking countries to live in is a big decision.  A few countries are viewed as safest to start a new life or get settled in like, Singapore, Australia,  New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Malta, Islands of Malaysia, Fiji, and Belize, and the list goes on.
Undoubtedly, when a person goes through the list of English countries to move to, London, NY, or maybe Sydney will be on the top of the list. These are pretty good options to go and avail opportunities. Still, many other countries or islands could be a better place to live. It will give a newer experience to you and a very much welcoming environment and healthy lifestyle.

Tips to learn/improve English:

What if English is your second language and you want to work or move to English-speaking countries, but the poor command of this demanding language stops you? Then do not worry; you are just a step away from speaking English fluently in this global village. There is always room to grow; all you have to do is take a painful decision to dedicate a part of your time or daily routine to learn this language; it will be worth the time, make you feel versatile, and boost your self-esteem ultimately. Try to learn all the basics of English from the information given on the internet or hire an online tutor. If you want to get all the benefits this language offers, know that you are just one click away from being an expert in the English language and building a career in English-speaking countries.

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