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Gulf Model School Review

Gulf Model School Review

Everyone wants their child to be successful. We also believe that children must be nurtured and cherished with utmost understanding and gentleness because every child is a winner. 

The very first step to creating a childhood for kids in which they learn, enjoy, share, play, face, and fight their challenges with confidence as they transition to teenage and then adult years is schooling. Great schooling can make your kid’s future bright while mediocre schooling can negatively impact your kid’s true potential to shine and become a successful person in life. Hence, it is extremely important to choose the right educational platform for your kid. Schools are where children are given the knowledge and taught skills that they need to survive and excel in the 21st century and remain steady throughout their lives while they also stay in touch with their heritage, values, and cultural roots. 

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right School for Your Kids?

Schools are where education starts for children and it is a continuous process that prepares children for their future, so you have to make a sound decision. Schools are responsible for providing students with the right opportunities to develop all the aspects of their personalities. So, if you make the right decision, your kid will have a good future and personality. That is a win-win. 

The school does not only prepare students for their future academic endeavours but also transforms them to become good citizens in the future. The responsibilities of a school also include making its students patriotic, compassionate, and responsible individuals in the classroom and beyond the four walls of it. So, if you choose the right school for your kid, you indirectly ensure that your kid gets the education that ensures the attainment of his/her full potential.

Keeping the parameters that you need to check when you are looking for the right school for your kid, in mind, we have decided to do an in-depth review of Gulf Model School Dubai to see whether it is a good school for your kid or not. Our team studied various aspects, including organization, planning, communication skills, analytical skills, team-building, challenge-facing abilities, teaching, student-teacher ratio, and infrastructure before making its final decision about Gulf Model School. So without further ado let’s dive into our Gulf Model School review:

Gulf Model School

The Gulf Model School came into being in 1979. As of 2017, the school catered to more than 2,700 kids who were divided into 82 different classes. 12 students were grouped in Kindergarten, 33 students were found in the primary phase, 14 students were in Middle and 24 students were in the secondary phase. The last time KHDA performed the school’s inspection, it was able to identify only five different nationalities being represented in the student population; all of them were subcontinent based. In addition, Gulf Model School Dubai has 86 teachers (both full-time and part-time). 

Gulf Model School’s KHDA Inspection in a Nutshell

Let’s see where the school stands: 

Rating and Inspection Report

Gulf Model School underwent a detailed inspection by DSIB during 17-20 October in 2016. The overall quality of education provided by the school was rated Weak. It has been getting the same rating for eight years as of the 2019-2020 KHDA inspection. It is the only Indian curriculum following school in Dubai with the lowest rating. Here is a summary of KHDA’s inspection report:

  • The primary phase and Kindergarten (KG) progress and attainment are quite weak in Science, Maths, and English. The level of attainment is acceptable in Islamic education across all phases while Arabic attainment is acceptable only in the primary phase. 
  • The social and personal development of students is good in Kindergarten (KG), middle, and secondary phases. Student’s sense of social responsibility, understanding of Islamic values, and concepts of other world cultures are acceptable.
  • Gulf model school’s teaching is weak in Kindergarten KG and primary phase. Teachers don’t consider the way kids learn and assessment across the school is pretty weak. 
  • Students do not have a lot of curriculum options. They can choose from commerce and science that does not provide them with any chance to engage in rich learning.
  • Performing and creative arts subjects are at low priority at Gulf Model School Dubai. There is insufficient emphasis on students’ problem solving and enquiry skills in Kindergarten (KG). Moreover, the school does not follow any systematic process to review and update its curriculum.
  • Students’ health and safety’s provision is acceptable. Some issues have been recognized and taken to the school managers. There is weak support for kids with disabilities and special education needs.
  • School’s leadership is weak. Self-evaluation, governance, resources, staffing, improvements, and management are also very weak. There are insufficient teachers, technology, and resources for younger children.
  • The school has an acceptable partnership with parents.

What About the Curriculum of the Gulf Model School?

Gulf Model School works according to the curriculum of The Indian Kerala Board and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This leads to individual examinations. The core subjects are Science, English, Arabic, and Islamic Studies (for Muslims) as decided by the Ministry of Education, UAE.

What Do the Inspectors Say?

After getting the rating of Weak for years in a row, the school has still failed to improve its shortcomings even after Dubai’s education regulator, KHDA, has asked the school to do so. 

The inspectors have made many recommendations to improve the rating of Gulf Model School and turn its negative image into a positive one. Here are the recommendations that KHDA offered to the school:

  • Those recommendations included improving learning and teaching so that they could get rid of unsatisfactory lessons.
  • Increase the awareness and knowledge of all staff members on safety and health problems so that the school can follow a more proactive approach to get rid of potential hazards.
  • Work on the progress of students with disabilities and special educational needs by identifying their needs in a better way to offer them improved support.
  • Improve the quality of middle and senior leadership, while concentrating on the accurate evaluation of Gulf Model School’s current learning outcomes.
  • Work on their governance so that the school can also become capable of meeting all statutory requirements.
  • Get rid of overcrowding in the classrooms and arrange more resources to deal with a larger student body.

Update on Gulf Model School Review

Ever since its last reports, the school’s progress and attainment have only gone down in Science in the middle and primary phases. The school hasn’t made any sufficient progress to improve its weak rating.

Gulf Model School Fees

The fees at the school are quite affordable. The fees start at AED 3,563 and go up to AED 6,478 for Grade 12. 

The Gulf Model School vs Other Schools in Muhaisnah, Dubai

Here is a detailed comparison of Gulf Model School, Buds Public School, and The Indian Academy. All three schools are located in Muhaisnah, Dubai:

ParametersGulf Model SchoolBuds Public School The Indian Academy
Year of Origin197919872012
Grade RangeKG 1 – GRADE 12KG 1 – GRADE 12KG 1 – GRADE 10
Annual Fee RangeAED 3,563 – AED 6,478AED 7,907 – AED 14,118AED 9,000 – AED 16,880
Teacher – Student Ratio1:131:131:15
LevelsAll LevelsAll LevelsMiddle
Total Students2700425616
Sibling DiscountNoNoNo 
PrincipalDr. S. ReshmaMr. Joyeeta BhattacharyaMs. Susan Varghese
Inspection RatingWeak (KHDA)Acceptable (KHDA)Good (KHDA)


Here’s everything you need to know about Gulf Model School. We are hopeful that our review will help you make a sound decision about what school you want your kids to go to.

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