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4 Proven Hacks to Help Students Beat Procrastination

4 Proven Hacks to Help Students Beat Procrastination

Calling procrastination the killer of students' productivity won't be wrong!

This fatal disease increases stress and fills students' hearts with anxiety when completing a task. As a result, the task is either done poorly or left incomplete! Procrastination never allows the students to perform well and give 100% of their output. Much Worse? They start missing deadlines which slowdowns their pace and keeps them away from success!

In this blog, we're going to highlight 4 tips with the help of which you can encourage your students not to procrastinate. So, without further ado, let’s start…

4 Effective Tips To Help You Get Procrastinators on Track!

4 Effective Tips To Help You Get Procrastinators on Track!

Dealing with procrastinators has never been an easy task! You've got to understand the students' nature and problems, plus draft attention-seeking tasks. With the hacks discussed below, you can help your pupils fight procrastination.

Here is the list…

1. Offer Clear Instructions

If you want your students to show interest in the activity, ensure that you've instructed them on every step of the project. Otherwise, they would be browsing on Google to figure out what to do next or keep visiting their friends/teachers for help.

As a result, their attention will be diverted to another direction and they will start wasting their time. Hence, be super-specific while instructing. Plus, ensure that when the students leave the classroom, they are ready to take action and start working on the project immediately!

2. Add a Touch of Creativity to The Tasks

Creativity allows the students to explore and learn things from a new perspective. It activates students' imagination, stimulates their problem-solving skills and encourages them to participate in the activities.

Let's take an example to clarify this point further…

For instance, you're an online tutor for English, and you want your students to write a 1000-word article on the political situation of your country. Instead of asking them to read lengthy books and draft a simple essay, you can ask them to pick a reality show and write a newspaper article on it. This way, they would actively participate and complete the task on time.

3. Implement a Reward System

A reward system can do wonders!

This simple tactic can elevate learning, reinforce active participation, and stimulate positive student behavior. Not only this, but the reward system can also boost students' self-esteem. When students start receiving prizes, they ultimately become more confident and start managing their poor time management skills just to get the rewards.

Here’re some reward ideas that you can implement in your classrooms:

Implement a Reward System

4. Don't Forget to Provide Feedback!

Just like instructions, Feedback is also very important. You can't deny the fact that students need guidance and support at different stages. Your Feedback can help them stay on track and focus more on the task they're about to accomplish.

Further, there is no way your students will procrastinate and delay their tasks if you keep providing Feedback to them.

Wondering how to provide constructive feedback to your students?

Here is an image to help you out…

Constructive FeedBack

Before implementing any of the tips discussed above, you've got to make a plan. Take out your pen and write down your goals plus the problems of your students. The best way of identifying your pupils' issues is to give them a questionnaire or conduct group discussions. You can also ask them to write a note highlighting their area of interest and how they would want to beat procrastination.

The clearer your plan would be, the more quickly you could help the students to fight procrastination. So, be precise while drafting your plan.

Wrapping Up!

Whether you're an English teacher with years of experience or a new online Physics Tutor, helping your pupils fight procrastination is necessary! Remember, procrastination can kill your students’ productivity and ruin their grades.

As a teacher, it's your duty to inspire and motivate your students toward their studies. If you just keep on teaching chapters over chapters without helping them beat procrastination, they will never succeed. So, keep all the above tips and tricks in front of your mind while conducting virtual or face-to-face classes.

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