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Does Your Primary School Child Need Private Tutoring?

Primary School Child Need Private Tutoring

One of the key signs indicating that your child might require extra assistance is a significant drop in grades or a lack of improvement in their academic performance. 

So, instead of waiting for the situation to improve on its own or until the end of the grading period, it's essential to monitor their progress through regular assessments. 

Private tutoring can be beneficial in the long run because of the help it provides. Read on to identify if your child needs help or not. We’ve also penned down some important aspects where a private tutor can assist your child.

Primary School Children

Primary education provides a strong foundation for your child’s learning needs. It is designed for children aged 6 to 11 years. 

According to statistics, two-thirds of children in primary school develop anxiety in their school life due to multiple reasons. The reasons may include the coursework and their struggle to keep up with it. So, to help your child with their struggles in school, get them extra assistance.

Key Points to Note When Your Child Needs Assistance

If you want your child to achieve better grades, then taking a prompt action is a must. For that purpose, hiring a private tutor can provide the necessary support. School curricula are designed with concepts building upon each other, so delaying support can widen your child's learning gaps. 

If you look out for the following things in your child, then you must arrange a private tutor for them immediately:

1. Children Showing Signs of Frustration

Is your child showing signs of frustration while completing assignments or homework? 

Do they tend to avoid schoolwork or become overwhelmed by academic tasks? 

Regardless of their current grades, observing frustration signals the need for tutoring support.

Frustration at this age is caused when the child is not being able to match the work done by their peers, thinks the coursework is different or has a slower speed in class. If your child is lagging behind, it’s a signal that they need help.

A private tutor can alleviate this frustration by identifying their specific challenges and guiding them through overcoming them. 

2. Learning Disabilities or Differences

Learning disabilities and differences are some challenges that may hinder your child's academic progress. However, with the right support, they can still achieve their learning goals.

Educational therapists or highly skilled tutors specialize in assisting children with learning challenges. They offer tailored lessons to address individual needs and use a multi-sensory approach to learning, which engages students through various senses—sight, touch, hearing, and experience. 

Help is particularly effective in small group or one-on-one settings with specialized educational professionals.

3. Monitoring Changes in Academic Performance

It's a common misconception that tutoring is solely for students facing learning difficulties. In reality, private tutoring aims to meet students at their current level and propel them toward new learning objectives.

If you notice a decline in your child's grades or if their teacher identifies a lack of focus, it could signal the need for tutoring support. Engaging in dialogue with your child's teachers can provide valuable insights into specific areas requiring improvement. 

Just as students who struggle with learning require assistance, those who excel may also benefit from additional tutoring sessions. 

Without new academic challenges, high-achieving students can become disengaged and lose motivation. Tutoring provides opportunities for these students as well to remain stimulated and enthusiastic about learning.

4. Addressing Time Management Challenges

If your child consistently struggles to meet assignment deadlines or complete homework tasks, it may indicate underlying issues with time management. Even if they complete tasks accurately, difficulty managing time can impact their overall well-being and self-esteem.

Assessing how much time they allocate to homework completion and its effects on their schedule and emotional state can guide decisions about tutoring support. 

Engaging a private tutor can help in improving time management skills and addressing any hidden challenges affecting productivity.

5. Identifying Stagnation in Reading and Math Proficiency

Have you observed a lack of progress in your child's math and reading skills despite school tests? This stagnation indicates the need for personalized tutoring support. One-on-one tutoring is particularly effective for students with diverse educational needs, including those requiring special attention. The one-size-fits-all approach of school can worsen learning gaps.

Math or reading are two subjects in which students improve over time if provided with accurate help. Hire a math tutor online or get a English tutor if you see no progress in your child’s fluency and comprehension.

6. Organizational Challenges

Many young learners struggle with organization due to difficulties in utilizing executive functioning skills. Signs of organizational challenges include difficulty prioritizing tasks, disorganization, and a lack of planning skills. However, organizational skills significantly impact a child's academic performance.

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7. Low Confidence Levels

If you observe your child lacking confidence in their academic performance or struggling with specific skills repeatedly, considering a private tutor could be beneficial. 

Inadequate confidence in the classroom can lead to low self-esteem and further demotivation. A private tutor can work closely with your child to develop self-assurance and improve their knowledge and confidence in areas of weakness.

8. Difficulty in Understanding

Sometimes, underperformance in school results from difficulty in understanding the material. If your child consistently struggles with assignments or concepts, it may indicate a gap in comprehension. 

Open communication with your child about their struggles can help discern whether they find the work challenging or if they lack understanding altogether. This insight enables you to determine whether additional tutoring is necessary to reinforce their knowledge and bridge any gaps.

How Can a Private Tutor Help Your Child?

1. Tailored Pace of Learning

A significant advantage of private tutoring is that it allows children to learn at their own pace. In school, lessons may progress swiftly, leaving some students hesitant to seek clarification. Private tutors offer the flexibility for children to get into subjects more slowly and ask questions freely.

2. Personalized Attention

In crowded classrooms, teachers often struggle to provide individualized attention to each student. Private tutors address this gap by offering one-on-one instruction tailored to your child's specific needs, ensuring they receive the support and guidance they require.

3. Targeting Learning Challenges

Many children seek tutoring assistance because they encounter difficulties in certain areas of the curriculum. Whether it's enhancing essay writing, understanding math concepts, or improving language skills, private tutors help children overcome these obstacles at their own pace.

Traditional classroom teachers provide a broader and more generic outlook on every subject. Some students are weak in specific areas that dont get catered to in traditional classroom settings.

4. Beyond the Curriculum

While schools focus primarily on the prescribed curriculum, private tutors offer additional benefits by teaching study techniques, time management skills, and organizational strategies. These invaluable skills extend beyond academics and can positively impact children's everyday lives.

5. Flexibility and Convenience

Private tutoring offers flexibility to accommodate busy schedules. Parents can adapt the frequency and timing of tutoring sessions to suit their child's needs, whether it's adjusting sessions during exam periods or maintaining a regular schedule. 

Additionally, tutoring sessions can take place in the comfort of your home, adding convenience to the learning process.

6. Goal Setting and Achievement

Private tutors play a significant role in helping children set and achieve academic goals. Unlike traditional classroom settings, tutors prioritize individualized goal-setting, empowering children to strive for academic success and personal growth.

Usually, traditional classroom teacher do not have to talk about these things, they focus on completing the syllabus only. A private tutor can better understand your child and help them seek clarity about their future.

7. Understanding Individual Learning Styles

Private tutors take the time to understand your child's unique learning style, adapting teaching methods accordingly. With undivided attention, tutors can address questions promptly, review topics multiple times, and provide instruction to suit your child's preferred learning approach. 

Some children require special attention and lack normal levels of understanding abilities. You cannot achieve proper guidance for them in a classroom setting. Only a private tutor can help in this regard.

8. Investment in Future Success

Investing in private tutoring is an investment in your child's future. Beyond academic achievement, tutors support the development of essential skills and competencies, preparing children for academic milestones and future endeavors in higher education and the workforce. So, investing in a good private tutor goes a long way, and it is worth the cost.

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Now that you have identified the areas where your child needs help, and understand how private tutoring can be beneficial for them, here comes the next step.

Hiring a tutor!

Hiring a certified tutor is an easy task when you are contacting a well-known organization. So, invest in your child’s education for a brighter future before it’s too late.

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