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6 Best Schools in Al Qusais [Our top picks]

6 Best Schools in Al Qusais [Our top picks]
Al Qusais is a large community located in the Deira area of east Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is quite different from the glamorous side of Dubai. You can maintain a good standard of life with a low budget in Al Qusais. This area consists of many good-quality educational institutes and nurseries. Al Qusais is a praiseworthy place for living with a family and as an educational point of view with easy access to public transport such as buses and metro. It is considered as an idyllic place to live in with numerous advantages and a good environment.
If you have shifted to Al Qusais and are searching for a good school for your children, this article is all you need!

Al Qusais entails the greatest school worth sending your child to. The top-rated, best schools are enlisted below.

1. The West Minister School, Dubai.

So far, The West Minister School located in Dubai is rated as the superior regarding health and safety of the children as well as delivering promising quality education. The principal of this school is well experienced and has appointed staff with diverse cultures for providing a comfortable environment for every community. It follows the UK curriculum including AS and A levels and takes in students from the foundation stage to the 13th standard. The school offers extra-curricular activities such as sports, well-maintained laboratories, multimedia amenities, playgrounds, and activity rooms for students. It also consists of a library and a cafeteria.
The academic year of The West Minister school starts in September while the registration processes can be managed online through the registered website of the school depending on available seats.

west minister school

Curriculum: UK
Location: School Zone – Baghdad Street – 10TH St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Fees: AED 8,200 – AED 15,900
Timings: 8 AM – 4 PM
Contact: +971 4 298 8333

2. Amity School, AL Qusais, Dubai.

According to a public survey conducted, The Amity School, AL Qusais, Dubai is numbered as the #92 Best Schools in the UAE by the parents. Amity School Dubai is a vast learning institute offering an augmented CBSE curriculum. The students can take admission from pre-KG to 6th standard open to education for both girls and boys. It is constructed on over 14 acres of land in Al Qusais, Dubai. The school is designed to create an atmosphere of never-ending educational opportunities, enabling, and encouraging the students to work effortlessly and make the society better to live in. The students are prepared to withstand the challenges they face and pursue their hobbies and skills. The school has clubs and societies of different interests to bring out the best in every student and providing an aura to explore their interest. Their vision includes building the personalities of students in such a way that they contribute to the betterment of our society, and evolve to be respectable, generous, and care about humanity. The Amity school provides an ambiance for flexible growth of the students and encourages Co-curricular activities to enable dynamic learning. The school consists of a library, music studios, art studios, scientific labs, and a range of sports activities.

amity school

Curriculum: CBSE
Location: School Zone – Al Qusais 1 – 13TH Street – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Fees: AED 15,000 – AED 29,000
Timings: 7 AM – 4 PM
Contact: +971 4 204 1000

3. The Millennium School, Dubai.

The Millennium School, Dubai was inaugurated in September 2000 and has set a consistent standard over the past years and attaining a good rating from Dubai’s educational regulator. Numerous International and National examinations are introduced to the students. The school has a faculty of around 162 teachers, each highly qualified and responsible. The student-to-teacher ratio is good enough for giving proper attention to all the students equally with around 35 students averagely in each class. The teachers are selected very carefully keeping in mind the quality educational opportunities and deliverance to students. The students progress highly in all subjects depending on their creativity and hard work. Millennium schools encourage the students to indulge in creating outstanding projects that provide a positive impact globally and on the reputation of the school. The principal and faculty of the school are thoughtful enough to provide career counselors to their students at different levels of education for better understanding and learning of what they want to opt for. The students and evaluate their strengths and interests and cross all the challenging situations that come in their way. The teachers provide a learning and fun environment for hard subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and English to make it fun for the students to improvise.

the millennium school

The school has limited seats that need to be booked long before getting in on time. It is also one of the best-ranked schools according to surveys. The school takes in students of both genders and provides a safe and comfortable environment for students to grow in. The students can be admitted from KG 1 to 12th grade.

Curriculum: CBSE
Location: Al Baghdad Street, behind Lulu Hypermarket, Al Qusais – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Fees: AED 16,898 – AED 24,849
Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM
Contact: +971 4 298 8567

4. Bilva Indian School, Dubai.

The Bilva Indian School, Dubai was opened in 2014 in Al Qusais. In 2021, the school’s name was changed to Woodlem Park School Dubai. The school delivers quality education from pre-KG to 10th grade. All the standards have a fixed number of students allowed to keep; the total number of students ranges between 600 – 700. This school works under the Indian National Curriculum and is continuing to develop custom-made curriculums. The students are given a choice as a second language between French, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, or Kannada. The students can also select the third language anytime from the given options between grade 3 to grade 8. The staff is appointed on professional educational and skilled characteristics. The school possesses different strategies for the healthy growth and development of each student in studies as well as Co-curricular activities. Different clubs are introduced for students, and they can select according to their personal preferences. Indoor and outdoor sports are provided, and students are encouraged to take part.

bilva indian school

The faculty members work towards the betterment of students and evolving them into such beings that are helpful towards our society and successful. The students are guided for critical analysis and thoughtful learning. Creativity is highly appreciated. The Bilva Indian School consists of students of various communities other than Indian too and treats everyone equally no matter to what religion they belong.

Curriculum: Indian, CBSE
Location: Street no. 10, AL Qusais School Zone, near Lulu Hypermarket, Al Qusais, Dubai.
Fees: AED 1,020 – AED 1,800
Timings: 8 AM – 4 PM
Contact: +971 4 204 0900

5. Dubai Scholars Private School.

The Dubai Scholars Private School was established back in 1976 and is one of the oldest yet famous schools in Dubai. It was started as a small-scale school and now has expanded to a large area of space. There are over 1800 students admitted to the school and 115 faculty members each with a remarkable amount of professionalism and knowledge. The school administration is designing a new building for the Senior Secondary School and free up space in the primary building. They encourage the children to explore their interests and help them grow professionally. The teachers provide students with such an environment for critical thinking processes and enhancing their abilities. Professional teachers for Mathematics, literature, and applied subjects are appointed for better learning. Subjects such as Music, Arts, Dance, physical education are also encouraged.
Dubai Scholars private school is known and categorized amongst the best educational institutes in Dubai. It has evolved into one of the most influential and praiseworthy institutes. The teachers focus immensely on the educational standards and the learning of the students as well as provide passion for further better learning and building their personalities with enhanced capacities to understand things. The students score remarkably making the faculty and administration as well as their parents proud of their hard work and success. Physical, social, emotional, and personal development is given equal attention. The school facilitates students with wide playgrounds, enormous laboratories, Basketball courts, swimming pool, library, and much more. The students can be admitted to FS1 in Year 13.

dubai scholor private school

Curriculum: British, IGCSE
Location: Lulu Hypermarket – Al Qusais, behind Stadium Metro Station – Dubai Opposite – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Fees: AED 14,640 – AED 29,500
Timings: 7:15 AM – 2:30 PM
Contact: +971 4 706 9000

5. Apple International School, Dubai.

The Apple International School was established in 1994 and offers education for both girls and boys. This school consists of two campuses, one primary and the other secondary. The Apple International school has around 2,750 students in total on both campuses and 269 well-equipped faculty members. Most of the population in the school is of the Philipino community while most of the teachers are Indians. Students can be admitted from grades 1 to 11th. The school aims to build students into skillful humans and healthy development of the children. The school provides quality education with several skills such as creativity and speech. The children are evolved to be their best selves and proper understanding of personal, social, emotional, and physical growth. A wide range of subjects is taught which includes Geography, Literature, Urdu, History, arts, ICT, Personal, Social and Health education too.

apple international school

Students are encouraged to participate actively in co-curricular activities such as sports, debates, different parties, societies, organizations regularly.
Music, dancing, arts and crafts, audiovisual studios, and library are also provided for students with respected interests. They are taught to be multitasking as well as growing into well-maintained and balanced personalities.
The teachers provide students with such circumstances to research individually as well as in teams, so they get ready for any such tasks in their future life. The school offers several educational workshops and trips to make it a bit more fun and interesting for the children to learn about new things and gain a better understanding.

Curriculum: UK
Location: Doha Road, Behind Emirates Driving Institute – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Fees: AED 8,455 – AED 23,966
Timings: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Contact: +971 4 263 8989

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