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A Comprehensive Summer Season Essay [500+ Words]

A Comprehensive Summer Season Essay [500+ Words]
Do you have an assignment that is due tomorrow or has your teacher asked you to write an essay on the summer season but you are going through a serious writer’s block? Well, you need not to worry anymore because we have got you covered. Our team has come up with the best essay on the summer season to not only get you the highest grade in your class but also earn the title of the local Shakespeare. Okay, not the latter maybe! But without further ado, let’s get started with an award-worthy summer season essay:

Summer Season Essay for Kids

The summer season is the hottest time of the year in the northern hemisphere. It starts at the summer solstice and ends at the autumnal equinox. Throughout the season, the temperature rises to the point that water starts evaporating very quickly, and with the vapors entering the atmosphere and turning into clouds, we also get a lot of rain during the four months of summer. Though some might dislike the sticky, rainy summer environment, children, in particular, find it the most entertaining season because they get to live life to the fullest as the schools get off in the summer. The hottest season of the year usually lasts from March to June but it can expand up to July because of Monsoon’s delay.
Summer is super-hot because of the position of the earth in regard to the sun during that time of the year. With the earth being directly under the sun, it gets all the rays of the Sun in one part which leads to not only the extremely high temperature but also the ponds and lakes drying up. Despite the scarcity of water, summer is linked with fun activities as kids are on holiday and offices are not fully active.

But what happens in summer season that makes it so exciting? Well, summer comes with a lot of outdoor activities that are otherwise impossible to do in the freezing cold winter. People go to beaches and parks and enjoy picnics to unwind under clear blue skies. For the party animals, summer is the best time of the year to hold parties under the sky with the bright Moon showering ethereal moonlight.
Moreover, you can also find a lot of interesting information of summer season. For starters, it occurs when the earth tilts to the Sun, and when the northern hemisphere enjoys the heat, the southern hemisphere relishes in the cold. The days get warm and long, and the nights get cool and short in the summer. Also, it is the perfect season to prepare agricultural land for cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Expect to see the beauty of nature, blooming flowers, green grasses, and birds and animals returning to the fields. And as far as delicious food is concerned, summer lets you enjoy the best fruits, such as pineapples and mangoes because they ripen in the season.
For some, summer isn’t their cup of tea, because the high heat level causes discomfort and decreases the usual business activity during this time. So, the people who are not too big on summers stay indoors and enjoy cold beverages. This helps them cope with the loss of liquids from their bodies due to constant perspiration. Excessive heat can be dangerous for older people. Scientists believe that the increasing heat levels are due to global warming and if nothing is done about it in the future, we can have summers that may be way too hot to even survive in. And true to their admonition, the heat levels in summer have become too high and caused deaths during emergencies that people were unprepared for.
On the bright side, summer is linked to birth, rebirth, and life. It is always teeming with cheerful sounds of nature and vibrant colours. It gives life, birth, and rebirth to life surrounding us and if that doesn’t bring a smile to everyone’s face, then nothing else can do so! So, celebrate life to the fullest with summer, and don’t forget to have the time of your lives.


And there you have the best summer season essay that not only entails the exciting things you can do during the season but also talks about important information about the summer season. You can use this essay as an inspiration to write an even better essay of your own. Or you can use some of the paragraphs about summer and build your essay around them. Whichever way you decide to go, we are sure that you’ll smash it!

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