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What is 'critical analysis'?

Critical analysis is something so important that it forms an essential part of the curriculum of different exam boards. So, learning the skills to critically analyze would not just polish up your cognitive capacities but also directly help you to do well in your board exams!

The skill exists as against taking things for granted and understanding them on a surface level. It aims to understand passages/literature on a deeper level by dissecting it into different parts. By looking at several components, the reader can comment on the strength and weakness of the writer’s skill. The following areas could be considered while deciding to think about and comment on the different components of the passage:


General Structure

Well-intended Paragraph Breaks

Word Connotations

Literary Devices (like metaphor, allegory, imagery etc.)

Figures of speech (like personification, simile, hyperbole etc.)

The tone & Mood

The Syntax & Diction (etc.)

While the above list is not exhaustive, it does give away some of the main aspects that are mostly commented upon while engaging in a critical analysis.

So, either the reader can appreciate the writer's use of such devices or he/she can offer some constructive criticism. The act of dissecting and criticizing the passage is known as critical analysis

While doing critical analysis, it should be noted that the essay rules still apply. This means that the writer would still be bound by the rules of the essay while putting pen to paper. The best way to ensure a coherent structure in the passage you end up writing it would be clever to follow the PEEL Structure (Point, Evidence, Explanation and Linking Back). This would allow your writing to reflect your good brainstorming to the best of its ability!

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