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How should I structure my essay?

The structure of an essay is one of the most important aspects of the text that tends to gain marks for the student; even in persuasive writing it serves as a plus point as readers are persuaded more if the essay is arranged well. So either way, the structure of an essay continues to be very significant for the good performance of a student on an exam.

The essays are divided into certain main and sub-parts. Main ones are primarily three altogether:

Introduction: The very first part of the text that the reader sees, so it has to be made interesting and catchy to persuade him/her to read on. It must also offer the background to the main title of the essay while guiding the reader toward the main academic question/problem that the writer would mainly be dealing with throughout the rest of the text. 

Body Paragraphs: These paragraphs exist to make sub-arguments to support the main argument put forward through the thesis statement/claim. Each paragraph should deal with a different aspect of the main argument. For instance, in the essay analyzing the question of euthanasia being morally right where the thesis statement argues against it, the body paragraphs could give reasons why it shouldn’t be administered:

  • Body Paragraph 1: Shouldn’t be allowed as it interferes in the work of nature. 

  • Body Paragraph 2: Shouldn’t be allowed as it’s cruel.

  • Body Paragraph 3: Shouldn’t be allowed as it is the same as suicide.

Further arguments, facts and figures could be given to support the sub-arguments, of course.

There also exists a particular way in which all these sub-arguments should be made. The body paragraphs should be structured in a very organized manner; following the PEEL structure should help in this regard.

P: Mention the point.

E: Add some evidence.

E: Add explanation.

L: Link it back to the main topic.

Conclusion: One should simply bring all the points together in this last point to reiterate the main point of the text in this part, without bringing in/introducing any new point.

The sub-parts of the essay are also essential. For instance, the introduction paragraph consists of the introductory note, background and the claim and the body paragraphs consist of the point, evidence, linking back etc. They ensure that the point gets across in a well-structured and coherent way and prevent the writer from digressing away from the main point. 

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