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Why is a simile important?

Simile is a very important figure of speech. It’s not necessarily used in every text but employing it conveys the meaning in a very clear and rhythmic manner.

It’s employed for making the comparison between two things efficiently. It basically compares Thing X with Thing Y using connecting words such as ‘like’ or ‘as’ to make the comparison. For instance:

Her face was as white as snow.

The luggage was as light as a feather

Danish and Sophia fought like cats and dogs

The concept is as clear as mud.

She’s as fast as a cheetah in the races.

The wall was as black as coal.

We all must listen to her, she’s as wise as an owl.

Her lectures are as refreshing as a breath of fresh air.

The description of something could be offered in a detailed way without having to make the comparison necessarily; however, what’s the fun in that? Plus, too many passive descriptions could become boring and repetitive at times. So, in order to make the writing more fun and to ensure the reader exactly gets the point, the writer makes a resemblance with something most readers would be familiar with. 

Similes are used to not just get the point across but to do so in an interesting and attention-grasping manner. It’s so much better to demonstrate through comparison rather than just going and going with the simple details - that might still not do the job.The references tend to put to use the literary device named ‘imagery’ as well while forming active images in the mind of the reader, that makes him/her transfixed on the reading page!

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